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  1. Grimgrass

    Art For Death's Sake

    Palmu discharged.
  2. Grimgrass

    Art For Death's Sake

    Juhani Palmu improving and expected to be discharged today or tomorrow. He has also been diagnosed with heart failure.
  3. Grimgrass

    ABC Deadpool VII: 2023-24 Season

    My hits: A – Martti Ahtisaari (3 points) D – Derek Draper (5 points) G – Gaston Glock (3 points) H – Steve Halliwell (5 points) I – Jonnie Irwin (5 points) Z – Mario Zagallo (4 points) Oscar Quitak is most likely dead as well, but he hasn't gotten any obits.
  4. Grimgrass

    Art For Death's Sake

    In critical condition. His wife does not expect him to live much longer.
  5. Grimgrass

    King Charles III

    Diagnosed with cancer: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-68208157 EDIT: Self-Cliving.
  6. Grimgrass

    DeathList CorrectList 2023

    Congrats DoorSlammer!
  7. Grimgrass

    Inverse Dead Pool 2024

    Donald Trump Joe Biden Andy Taylor Billy Connolly Ozzy Osbourne William Shatner Clint Eastwood Janey Godley Robert Wagner Michael J. Fox Bruce Willis Prunella Scales Buzz Aldrin Tim Bilton Dick Van Dyke Phil Collins David Attenborough Willie Nelson Pope Francis Dennis Skinner Paul Spencer Erik Jensen Rupert Murdoch Mel Brooks Linda Nolan Sub: Cleo Laine
  8. Grimgrass


    Updated this for 2024. Derek Draper becomes the sixth name (since inaugural CSDL) to be a hit for DL and Drop 40 but not CSDL. There are currently 14 living names shared by all three: Jimmy Carter, Dick Van Dyke, Pope Francis, Noam Chomsky, Mel Brooks, Nigel Starmer-Smith, James Whale, Stanley Baxter, Joanne Woodward, Denis Law, Linda Nolan, Bob Newhart, Esther Rantzen and Roberta Flack.
  9. Grimgrass

    The 4th Death of 2024

    Sticking with Chomsky
  10. Grimgrass

    Shadow Lists

    2/50 Glynis Johns Franz Beckenbauer
  11. Grimgrass

    20/20 +3

    Vincent Ball
  12. Grimgrass

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    Congrats, Tracy!
  13. Grimgrass

    The 3rd Death of 2024

  14. Grimgrass

    The 2nd Death of 2024

    Noam Chomsky
  15. Grimgrass

    Shadow Lists

    1/50 Glynis Johns

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