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  1. Sly Ronnie

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    Considering he was a miss for the Deathlist and only picked by a few teams in the DDP, it was another tactical masterclass from the old schemer. RIP.
  2. Sly Ronnie


    That's the shittest of shit predictions even by your industrial-strength trolling standards.
  3. Sly Ronnie


    Well done Spain, probably the best team performance to win this competition since the Tika-Taka Spain of 2008.
  4. Edward Leigh is Father of the House, elected since 1983. You know you're getting old when you can remember the election when he was a new MP! I assume that means that there are no MPs that were elected in the 1970s?
  5. It's funny how the likes of Braverman and Truss make these egregious speeches in the US and not in Britain.
  6. Oh, Labour are centrists now all of a sudden? I thought in Telegraphland they were raving socialists!
  7. Protesting too much. The Tories were too too shit to risk running government again but you've got to keep up appearances and that.
  8. Sly Ronnie

    Khaleda Zia

  9. Sly Ronnie

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    Missed this death! Great scriptwriter - Chinatown was a classic. RIP.
  10. Sly Ronnie

    By Election Bingo 2024-2029

    My results. Still can't believe that cunt IDS hung on.
  11. Sly Ronnie

    Keir Starmer

    Rip it up and start again.
  12. Sly Ronnie

    General Election 2024?

    Labour's electoral strategy was spot on even though in football terms it didn't win many friends. Knowing through their own polling that the Tories vote would crater they spread their resources enough to capture as many seats as possible, figuring that all they had to do was to hold their vote up or for it to go up slightly and let Reform do the rest.
  13. Sly Ronnie

    General Election 2024?

    No among Labour folk he aint, the stinking traitor!
  14. Sly Ronnie

    General Election 2024?

    I'm sure I saw Ramsay McDonald mentioned somewhere, maybe not on this forum.

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