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  1. Superstar

    The Dead of 2024

    rocky creed guy, mc5 guy, mother springsteen, Johnnie Irwin, and that other actor... all dead within two days. It can't/how can it get any worse than this?
  2. Superstar

    Political Frailty

    The most recent photo of Wigberto Tañada posted on his Facebook was from 2022. He mysteriously became inactive at the end of September 2022. In the photo he looks frail and possibly cancer ridden.
  3. Superstar

    The Dead of 2024

    Star Trek actor Gary Graham has died at 73
  4. Superstar

    Political Frailty

    Guy Scott There's a recent picture of him taken on November 5, 2023 and uploaded to his Facebook account. Wrinkly and crinkly and frail, but not as advanced as I expected, as he can still hold a drink (albeit very strugglingly). One of the things I want to point out is that with some cases in Parkinson's, some days you can stand, and others you can't. My gut told me he would be a 2025 hit.
  5. Superstar

    Kim Jong-Un

    Choe Thae-bok is dead at 93
  6. Superstar

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I understand that there's a lot of conflict in this thread, so here's my hot take. What if the real Jimmy Carter was the friends we made along the way?
  7. Superstar

    The 2nd Death of 2024

    i literally just voted for gene hackman. that was quick.
  8. Superstar

    Worst pick of 2024 Deathlist?

    I think there is a high possibility that Josef Fritzl could die off the radar, with no obit. It's just a possibility though.
  9. Superstar

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Judging by how he looked at his funeral, I would say that he looks very wrinkly and crinkly. He's a good pick for 2024.
  10. Superstar

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Wow! The first hit of the year! This is a new record!
  11. Superstar

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    I'm so glad they stopped choosing obscure people like this "Jimmy Carter" fella on the list. Did they really think he would obit?
  12. Superstar

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    Please understand that she's wrinkly and crinkly.
  13. Superstar

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2024

    Jimmy Carter Alan Simpson (U.S. Senator) Frank Gehry Dennis Hastert Mitch McConnell Bruce Willis Bob Newhart Khamtai Siphandone Stanley Baxter Nigel Starmer-Smith Desmond Morris Abdoulaye Wade Rene Henry Gracida Joanne Woodward Linda Nolan Liu Chuanzhi Frank Field June Spencer Queen Sirikit of Thailand Ted Turner Celine Dion Buzz Aldrin Shannen Doherty Emperor Akihito Empress Michiko Jonnie Irwin Bernie Ecclestone Rupert Murdoch Khieu Samphan Steve Wozniak Roberta Flack Sophia Loren Yoko Ono Eva Marie Saint Bridgitte Bardot Mario Zagallo Zhang Lixiong Gene Hackman Jeff Bridges Michael Caine Edmund Kemper William Russell (actor) Pope Francis Alberto Fujimori Willie Mays Li Ka-shing Alan Greenspan Leon Panetta Patricia Routledge Ruth Buzzi Subs Willie Nelson Sly Stone Warren Buffett Billy Joel Richard Stallman
  14. Superstar

    The deaD of 2023

    The grim reaper has been going insane for the past two days. This is a literal rampage. The Smothers brother, the Korean actor guy, the Glock dude, Jacques Delors, the Kohls guy, and David Leland are all dead. I'm guessing the ol' GRIM reaper procrastinated until the last week.
  15. Superstar

    Henry Kissinger

    The world is cleaner and more beautiful when evil dies.

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