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  1. diego

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Mildred Bueno,mother of Galvão Bueno,one of the main sports narrators in Brazil died 12 days before his 94th birthday, acted in radio, theater and was a tv presenter too Died in 24/1 Mãe de Galvão Bueno morre aos 93 anos em Londrina - Tem Londrina
  2. diego

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    I'm sooooo creative
  3. diego

    Time Added

    Mikhail Mustygin was a Russian footballer who died aged 85. He played for Cska Moscow and Dinamo Minsk, and was top scorer in the Soviet league in 62 and 67 https://footballfacts.ru/person/47243
  4. diego

    Inverse Dead Pool 2023

    1 Donald Trump 2 Ozzy Osbourne 3 Clint Eastwood 4 Willie Nelson 5 Rupert Murdoch 6 Roberta Flack 7 Vladimir Putin 8 Mel Brooks 9 Yoko Ono 10 Françoise Hardy 11 Linda Nolan 12 Phil Collins 13 Rob Burow 14 Randy Jacksopn 15 Billy Connolly 16 Tony Bernnett 17 Frank Field 18 Prunella Scales 19 Nigel Stamer-Simith 20 Steve Mcmichael 21 Simon Cowell 22 Stanley Baxter 23 Larry Pressler 24 Burt Bacharach 25 Katie Keltie Sub Johnny Ruffo Bob Charlton
  5. diego

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Thank you
  6. diego

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    I was sure I had put Gianluca Vialli in this game too, but I didn't, how angry King Constantine is still not updated on the scoreboard as dead? I didn't find him in the dead list and I still have 0 points despite having him
  7. diego

    Death By Numbers 2022

    Congrats @Banana for one more title
  8. diego

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool 2023

    @msc But why against the spirit of the game?, I don't understand
  9. diego

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Mounir Jalili, a former Tunisian handball player who participated in the 1972 and 1976 Olympics, has died aged 73 https://kapitalis.com/tunisie/2023/01/24/deces-de-mounir-jelili-ancienne-gloire-du-handball-tunisien/
  10. diego

    20/20 + 2

    This would be until the first death of the remaining ones, it happened on the 8th and registration started on the 7th, it was very fast
  11. diego

    20/20 + 2

    too bad there was only one day of registration open, I arrived too late, but I would choose Jean Malaurie if it was still allowed
  12. diego

    Crashing Companies

    Lojas Americanas files for bankruptcy with 43 billion reais in debt. It is one of the most traditional department stores in Brazil, both online and physical. Com R$ 43 bi em dívidas, Americanas pedem recuperação judicial (uol.com.br)
  13. diego

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Henrique Caicedo was a Colombian footballer who played in the 1972 Olympics and died at the age of 71. He also played in the 1975 Copa América, played for Deportivo Cali and Independiente de Medellin in Colombia https://www.olympedia.org/athletes/700196
  14. diego

    Inverse Dead Pool 2022

    congrats @YorkshireBanker

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