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  1. Surprise Demise

    Conspiracy Theories

    I'm not a healthcare worker, but hearing from some people that are I sometimes wonder if COVID might've fucked the healthcare system up to a point where it's significantly less effective in the long-term than it was beforehand. Making an appointment definitely seems to be more of a potluck nowadays. As a young person myself, I feel like anti-social behaviour and drug deaths are definitely becoming even more prevalent in my generation due to fact that lack of meaningful social interaction during the lockdown period was especially prevalent, especially in deprived areas. I'm 20 and a significant amount of folk I went to school with (approaching 10%) are either already dead from drug-related causes or are on their way there.
  2. I like it! It keeps with the super-strong enema theme, given that's the sound I'd probably make while having it administered.
  3. Surprise Demise

    1. Jimmy Carter

    That definition of centenarian would exclude heartless folk like Kissinger then.
  4. Surprise Demise

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I'd probably be Carter's age if I stopped to actually read all this.
  5. Surprise Demise

    Ask A Deathlister

    They're already on there - if you go into 'inspect element' and change the year of death to 2022 then they'll show up. The index has lots of hidden features accessible with inspect element - like searching by date of birth, date of death, age at death, etc. Never understood why they actually have all this data on the website if it's hidden - presumably to get folk to spend money on actual certificates to find this data?
  6. Surprise Demise

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    My primary association with this guy is still this clip:
  7. Surprise Demise

    World's Oldest

    Fusa Tatsumi dead: https://www.mbs.jp/news/kansainews/20231212/GE00054187.shtml She lived through two world wars, but it seems like seeing herself listed as dead on German Wikipedia must've been a bit too much.
  8. Surprise Demise

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Shortly after Michael Jackson's death, my dad made the very clever parenting decision to show me this video, which ensured five-year-old me struggled to sleep for at least a week. I'm sure I also remember some of the Madeleine McCann coverage from before that too, although not sure whether that'd really count as a celebrity death.

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