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  1. Surprise Demise

    General Election 2024?

    95% Count Binface!
  2. Surprise Demise

    Doctor Who

    Felt very Years & Years to me. Really seemed like they tried to pack as much into 45 minutes as they could, but nonetheless this and Boom are definitely more the type of episodes that I like, a return to form in my opinion.
  3. Surprise Demise

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Shit's really hitting the fan in Scottish politics at the minute with the collapse of the SNP-Green coalition. Will be interesting to see how this pans out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-68901088
  4. Surprise Demise

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    Over 100 days without a hit now - first time that milestone's been reached since the lull in Summer 2022.
  5. Surprise Demise

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    I imagine most of the book would be like this, but a lot more batshit of course.
  6. Surprise Demise

    Fauja Singh

    Well, he has been verified... by the totally legitimate organisation World Book of Records for "promoting Marathon" (clearly didn't like the rebranding to Snickers) I get the impression he'll be around for a while yet, he seems the type that would yo-yo in and out of hospital for the last year or so of his life rather than go quietly.
  7. Surprise Demise

    Deadpool Detective Work

    IMDb lists her birth date as 29 May 1921, and there's an Elizabeth Kelly born on that date living in Newcastle at the time of the 1939 register. She married John B 'Peter' Trower in 1943. There's a marriage notice in the Journal that notes her as already being a 'respected actress' so she may have continued performing with her maiden name into the era of television. Anyway, her marriage record lists her maiden initial as 'H', and there's a matching birth in Newcastle on 29 May 1921 for an Elizabeth Hutton Kelly. There's an Elizabeth H Trower born 1921-23 living in Scarborough until at least 2014 on the electoral register. No matching deaths up until Q3 2023, so seems like there's a good chance she's still with us if I've in fact followed the right person here.
  8. Surprise Demise

    Death List Convention

    I'm actually a student living in Glasgow as well! Not sure if my whopping post count of 10 qualifies me as a proper forumer though - I mostly just lurk.
  9. Surprise Demise

    Dying Off The Radar

    GRO indicates that he was born in 1934, the same year IMDb says he was born, so I think it's quite likely the same guy. Someone on Ancestry who seems to be a decently close relative (their surname is Ashdown) has also made a tree which says he was born in Romford, the same place IMDb claims he was born.
  10. Surprise Demise


    Was at the barbers today when they found out he had died - apparently he had been in only two weeks ago for a cut and made no mention of illness then, so seems his illness and passing were quite sudden. Absolutely no age to go. Every time I see someone insist a premature death is because of vaccines I wonder if they were the kid in school who had a meltdown whenever they had to get them.
  11. Surprise Demise

    Conspiracy Theories

    I'm not a healthcare worker, but hearing from some people that are I sometimes wonder if COVID might've fucked the healthcare system up to a point where it's significantly less effective in the long-term than it was beforehand. Making an appointment definitely seems to be more of a potluck nowadays. As a young person myself, I feel like anti-social behaviour and drug deaths are definitely becoming even more prevalent in my generation due to fact that lack of meaningful social interaction during the lockdown period was especially prevalent, especially in deprived areas. I'm 20 and a significant amount of folk I went to school with (approaching 10%) are either already dead from drug-related causes or are on their way there.
  12. I like it! It keeps with the super-strong enema theme, given that's the sound I'd probably make while having it administered.
  13. Surprise Demise

    1. Jimmy Carter

    That definition of centenarian would exclude heartless folk like Kissinger then.
  14. Surprise Demise

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I'd probably be Carter's age if I stopped to actually read all this.
  15. Surprise Demise

    Ask A Deathlister

    They're already on there - if you go into 'inspect element' and change the year of death to 2022 then they'll show up. The index has lots of hidden features accessible with inspect element - like searching by date of birth, date of death, age at death, etc. Never understood why they actually have all this data on the website if it's hidden - presumably to get folk to spend money on actual certificates to find this data?

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