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    I’m back you mother fluckers!

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  1. OneManJury

    The 100 Club

    Some of the women performing on those porn sites are pretty old, so I’ve been told.
  2. OneManJury

    Academic Footnotes

  3. OneManJury

    The Counterculture of the 1960's

    Draft-dodging coward eh?
  4. OneManJury

    Dead Poets Society

    A man is dead, his name was Kell, I hope he goes to Heaven, not Hell.
  5. OneManJury

    Non-British Royals

    Did he pop out for a packet of fags?
  6. OneManJury

    Magicians And Hypnotists

    Now you see him, now you don’t!
  7. OneManJury

    Dead Pop Stars

    Zzzzz indeed.
  8. OneManJury

    The Ones That Got Away...

    Women in dungeons, ah the memories.
  9. OneManJury

    The 100 Club

    Cannabis is good for you!!!
  10. OneManJury

    Political Frailty

    Under a train would be much funny.
  11. OneManJury


    Where’s my sick bucket?
  12. OneManJury


    Normally when a Rapper dies, it a case of Bang Bang, Innit!
  13. OneManJury

    Salman Rushdie

    Are you having a larf?
  14. OneManJury


    I know nothing about fashion as the vomit stain on the shirt I’m wearing testifies.
  15. OneManJury

    Tennis players

    That’ alright, she tried.

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