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  1. Gwynhafyr

    Edward Kennedy/Curse of the Kennedys

    Skynews and BBC24 showed it over here so not wall to wall but annoying enough when you're waiting to hear about a more local news story.
  2. Gwynhafyr

    Edward Kennedy/Curse of the Kennedys

    I'd go for Mark Kennedy Shriver as he's got the Kennedy chin.
  3. Gwynhafyr

    Edward Kennedy/Curse of the Kennedys

    Woke up to this news this morning and from the way the BBC reporter was going on you'd have thought the Queen had died. Just a quick comment on the site, is this the fourth death that will be marked as 'details to follow'? I appreciate people are busy, might be ill etc but it is getting frustrating now.
  4. Gwynhafyr

    Walter Cronkite

    This came as I shock to me as I thought he'd croaked years ago. I really must try and keep up. Like the majority on here I was heartily glad of the brief relief from the Jacko sob fest. The man's been dead three weeks, time to let it go me thinks.
  5. Gwynhafyr

    Dai Llewellyn

    I think they have to be able to spell their name as well as have a fat bank account, otherwise how would they sign all those cheques?
  6. Gwynhafyr

    Dai Llewellyn

    Ohps looks like I've upset a Dai supporter. As for what legacy well to be fair I suppose the one legacy he did leave is showing the world how to have a good time and to hell with the consequences. Sounds like my sort of legacy.
  7. Gwynhafyr

    Fidel Castro

    Maybe with all the fuss over Obama's inaugeration they think it is an ideal time to bury bad news. After all today of all days he'll hardly get a mention.
  8. Gwynhafyr

    Did We Miss Something?

    This is true and sod's law could mean he will be the only death of 2009.
  9. Gwynhafyr

    Dai Llewellyn

    Any chance of us having the obit posted anytime soon? I know no one cares about his death, not even Dai himself I suspect, but there are standards to be maintained.
  10. Gwynhafyr

    Did We Miss Something?

    I've counted at least ten famous deaths since Jan 1st but only one hit for Deathlist. Don't you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball. All joking aside it looks like it might be a bumper year if things continue as they are, indeed we might be celeb free if it continues at this rate.
  11. Gwynhafyr

    Discuss DL 2009

    I humbly apologise. Blame it on too much new year cheer.
  12. Gwynhafyr

    Discuss DL 2009

    I have just one comment. WHERE IS CLIVE DUNN? I would not be surprised if the old codger doesn't peg it this year just to spite you.
  13. Gwynhafyr

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Wendy Richards is now reportedly not dying. In fact a lot of people think it was all a big put on to get publicity for her wedding. Yes she has cancer and yes it may well have re-occured but she is nowhere near the 'few weeks to live' status given in November. (Bet she'll die tomorrow now just to prove me wrong.)
  14. Gwynhafyr

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2009

    Amy Winehouse must be a distinct possibility, for much the same reasons as Peaches.
  15. Gwynhafyr

    Harold Pinter

    They didn't both die on Christmas day though PS nadolig llawen Both were reported on Christmas Day so I assumed both had died on Christmas Day. Mind you I was overdosing on turkey and wine at the time.

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