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  1. You were great to have about - why not come back?

  2. Amanda

    All Quiet on the Amanda front

    Hello, I'm here, been trying to catch up on the goings on of here .... not got enough time. Hope everyone is well, thank you so much for the greetings from particular members. Need to check out this female only forum I guess. Bye for now xxx
  3. Amanda

    Most Memorable Of Dl 2005.

    Aye, she was murder. I heard from Amanda not that long ago. She was fine and well, and appears to have got some semblance of a life. Lucky her. Here I am - life and all! Happy Christmas everyone!
  4. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Common mistake, I thought you were talking about this ! Arrrgggghhhh!!! Nooooo! Even I wouldn't discuss something like that on here!
  5. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    My fault, should've explained self properly! Never occured to me that people'd not know what it is.
  6. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly does one exercise that muscle? For Godsake!!!! It was removed from my ARM! My LEFT ARM! Bloody hell, I thought Josco was a being a bit strange! It's my arm honestly. It's called Implanon 68mg Implant!!!
  7. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Brilliant. If any complainants were not yet totally pissed off, that should do it. Sheesh!!!! Still, hope you feel better soon. Why the hell not? What else could be written in here? I now have my avatar. As you said, they don't need to read it. Plus, it's just following the history of this topic ... pointless rambling. But also it hurts and I was hoping for some sympathy. Star Crossed - tell me you car's not a Corrado??
  8. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Can I just say that I've had my contraceptive device removed this evening and new one put in it's place. It's very painful now injection has worn off. Apparently my muscle had grown over the orignial one & they had to kind of dig it out. It was horrible. But better than child birth I should imagine.
  9. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    And do what exactly? There no real inflammatory comments, no spams, no porn (yet) and no pointless ranting and swearing. I think the job of a moderator is to just that, moderate. If some members are enjoying themselves posting about a topic that is NOT related to a celebrity death then I think they are free to carry on. If the thread is not to your personal taste it is not compulsory to read it. Thank you!
  10. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Who rattled your cage?! Keep smiling!
  11. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    Exactly! Here's one just for you - And another
  12. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    I seem to recall you smiling at Josco's little man too! They were the days hey?
  13. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    It's my topic and I'll smile if I want to!!!
  14. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    This has wiped the smile off my face.
  15. Amanda

    Amanda's Avatar

    I agree with Banshees for once. Thats not directly aimed at Amanda because others are just as bad. However I do recognise that there are certain rules for some but not others. What rules are these? What are the smilies for if not to use?

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