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  1. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    What is there that suggests that they're talking about an anniversary? Sounds like a funeral to me, references to music, readings ....
  2. Toast

    Very Blue Peter

    I was going to post this,sad to say but IMO the bloke is going senile,at least Peter Purves had his marbles on that show With all these 1970s male tv celebs coming under fire from Operation Yewtree, I surprised Peter hasn't been under suspicion yet... especially with a relevant surname like his. No Peter will it seems shag anything in a skirt (I got that from his own autobiography) but I do not think there is any suscpicion that he did anything illegal. Including Valerie Singleton, although he did have to kick Joan Armatrading out of her bed first, so I'm told... He also notched up Jean Marsh from their days on Doctor Who. Really? I wonder if he finished upstairs or downstairs... He certainly Rose to the occasion. Did he go down on with Lady Marjorie as well, one wonders.
  3. Toast

    Rolf Harris : Stairway To Heaven ?

    So sexually abusing children is fine as long as its quite a while ago, but looking at child porn on a laptop he bought within the last couple of years, that's beyond the pale. It's a curiously temporal moral system that. On a different note I suspect these various scandels have done much to revive use of the word 'nonce.' There is an important distinction. Allegations of sexual abuse in the distant past generally involve no concrete evidence, just one person's word against another. Computer history, on the other hand, can be verified.
  4. Toast

    The Deathlist Howto

    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, as he has revived my long sleeping Death Songs thread.
  5. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    He seems pretty optimistic about his chances of recovering. He was quoted as saying "The "future's so bright I gotta wear shades. That.......wasn't.......them....... Nor that one. Doesn't say much for their musical legacy is that random eighties tracks are assigned to them. I can't even remember them. They must have been late 80s when it all went really crap.
  6. Toast

    Famous Last Words

    "I've left everything to the Dogs' Home".
  7. Toast

    Life In Prison

    Will Fidel Sharon be next?
  8. Toast

    17. Henry Kissinger

    Not. (BTW I saw Rick live at a festival last year and he was top class)
  9. Toast

    Dora Bryan

    Not explicitly stated, but if we try reading between the lines .... She "seemed really pleased and happy" in that photo of her at her husband's funeral, too. Just saying.
  10. Toast

    George Bush Senior

    He may have weeks to work on it. He has people to do those jobs.
  11. Toast

    Dead Poets Society

    Looked a bit like Frankie Howerd when younger, didn't he.
  12. Toast

    The Dead Of 2013

    This post is funnier than either of the Winters brothers ever were. And that dog.
  13. Toast

    The Dead Of 2013

    In DDP terms it's the other way round for me. People who die at X9 are worth an extra point than if they live to X0.
  14. Toast

    FIFA World Cup Players

    I may be missing something obvious, but what is the significance of the ages quoted? I'm assuming it's the age at which they made their World Cup debuts, but wouldn't their ages now be more useful in the context of this thread? Save us having to do the sums.
  15. Toast

    Richard Attenborough

    Shockingly poor grammar and syntax. Oh BBC, how far have your standards fallen.
  16. Toast

    Paul Gascoigne

    I thought the "Football" thread was for discussing football. Isn't there another one called "Time Added", or summat, for ailing and dead football folk.
  17. Toast

    Political Frailty

    Bollocks! Two off my list in one day.
  18. Toast

    Prince Friso Of The Netherlands

    That's so very sad, but it was never going to end well so at least his family can start to move on. I'm sorry to say I completely forgot about him when sorting out my teams. I had remembered by early January, because I was going to put him in my RottenDeadpool team, but annoyingly he wasn't on their lists. (Neither was Henry Cecil, although I had nominated him long before to no avail.) Oh well, there's another to strike off my 2014 longlist.
  19. Toast

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Some hilarious pix on that site, thanks! Have wasted well over an hour ....
  20. Toast

    Room 101

    DHL. No, not delivering, but collecting for a change. Had to stay in today and wait for DHL to pick up a letter (not mine). When the charmless DHL driver finally arrived (late), he demanded to know what was in the envelope. I said I did not know, because I didn't. And the fucker RIPPED IT OPEN and LOOKED AT IT! Is this normal?!!! (It was a letter from a bank) He explained that they "weren't allowed to carry credit cards and things like that". Well, pardon me, but it was obvious that there was nothing more than a single sheet of paper in that envelope. Outrageous.
  21. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    stiffs.com that sounds like a gay porn site Especially in the context in which it was mentioned
  22. Toast

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    She might still meet with some sort of accident .....
  23. Toast

    Death Anniversary Thread

    A member of the 27 Club then.
  24. Toast

    World's Oldest

    Where did she spring from? I thought Grace Jones was the oldest, or did she die and I missed it?
  25. Toast

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    I was there too, what a phenomenal gig. That song nearly blew the roof off.

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