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  1. Toast

    Room 101

    You missed the bit where they fill up their bags with breakfast rolls to take away for a snack later on.
  2. Toast

    The Dead Of 2010

    Bill Millin, who piped D-Day troops ashore on Sword Beach, has died aged 88.
  3. Toast

    The Deathlist Kitchen

    No idea what Funyuns are. so I looked 'em up. Hilarious
  4. Toast

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    I blame Northumbria Police for not letting him through. Mind you, shoot-outs with Gazza always end in tears. Seriously, it would give me no pleasure to score DDP points via Gazza.
  5. Toast

    Raoul Moat

    That'll just be down to garbled reporting and/or Gazza being pissed and confused. No doubt Gazza continued to frequent Newcastle nightclubs after 1988.
  6. Toast

    Raoul Moat

    I gather Moat had been instructed in shotgun safety, but it went in one ear and out the other.
  7. Toast

    Raoul Moat

    He is indeed brown bread, or toast even.
  8. Toast

    A Joke

    Latest news from the Northumberland manhunt: The police have sent Raoul Moat an urgent message. Apparently he is unaware that Ashley Cole, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney also slept with his missus.
  9. Toast

    Room 101

    How about a badge for those of us who don't have any "issues"?
  10. Toast

    The Real World Cup

    Yessssssss! Well done.
  11. Toast

    The Real World Cup

    Yes, it's a real shame as Portugal used to be one of my default teams to support, being England's oldest ally, 600 years+ Now I would like Holland to win it, but I think it will be Argentina.
  12. Toast

    Frank Sidebottom

    Nah, a 'pauper's grave' (or whatever the modern phrase is) means a public grave in which some other complete stranger may be interred in the future. As opposed to a private grave which has been paid for. Which I'm sure Tony's has. If there's no headstone, it probably just means that no one's yet got around/been arsed to do something about organising one. Time it was sorted.
  13. Toast

    Tennis players

    HTF did this hideous expression creep into Wimbledon? One does not require a bathroom to (let's pick a random British euphemism) 'spend a penny'; merely - as our US friends might say, and no disrespect intended towards Mr Isner - a john. Could we not use a more accurate term? Your suggestions welcome.
  14. Toast

    Significant Others

    One sees why the term "all-day breakfast" has evolved, but "Breakfast All Day" would convey the meaning just as well. (Unless "breakfast" is read as a verb, of course.)
  15. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    I see you have Egon Ronay as dying in Bray. He is reported to have died at his home, which would be Yattendon, West Berkshire (the nicer end of the county). I did consider putting him in my team as I was aware he was very frail, but I do try to avoid the 90+ candidates. Did not expect him to be a unique pick, and he wasn't. He will be missed.
  16. Toast

    UK General Election 2010

    No, we don't need him now we've got Boris
  17. Toast

    UK General Election 2010

    Which one's the space cowboy and which is the gangster of love? Oh, wait, no, that's the other brother, isn't it - Steve.
  18. Toast

    Significant Others

    Oh yes, that too. There's a magazine called Practical Parenting, isn't there. A vile use of language. Now on a tangent, I plead guilty to having watched "Britain's Got Talent" (no, no, don't worry, I haven't wasted much time on it. Used the catch-up and flicked through it mostly) Anyway - why is it that the contestants all only have one word in their vocabulary to describe an enjoyable experience? AMAAAZING Jeez, there's an opportunity to make themselves stand out from the crowd, if only they had the brains to do a bit of verbal preparation.
  19. Toast

    Significant Others

    The media habit of using someone's age as a stand-alone noun. While I feel this is acceptable when referring to racehorses or small children (eg the two-year-old), it's bloody ridiculous to read about "the 62-year-old" "the 54-year-old" and so on. The 62-year-old what? Elephant? Tortoise? Parrot?
  20. Toast

    Brittany Murphy

    That's what I thought. See, Vaagy, things could be worse!
  21. Toast

    Brittany Murphy

    Out of interest, MIB, if such a death occurred late in the year, and the autopsy verdict gave an unnatural cause but wasn't announced until January+, would the bonus be awarded retrospectively?
  22. Toast

    Brittany Murphy

    Never mind, Vaagy - you can afford the delay, it's not as though we're in November/December.
  23. Toast

    The Fourth Death Of 2010

    Billy Graham

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