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  1. Gunjaman5000

    Room 101

    People that say “The powers to be” instead of “The powers that be”. I work with one. What a fucking idiot.
  2. Gunjaman5000

    Glen Campbell

    Ah. Excellent choice, I heartily approve.
  3. Gunjaman5000

    Glen Campbell

    Anyone do the 'Tombstone Cowboy' gag yet?
  4. Gunjaman5000

    Room 101

    Thanks smokers! This shits me. Stop being mean to smokers, give them a hug, shake their hands and thank them for paying tons of extra tax and dying early.
  5. Gunjaman5000

    Muhammad Ali

    Not as bad as we thought? Isn't not breathing a respiratory problem? It's probably not so much the 'rope-a-dope' as the 'give-'em-all-false-hope-a-dope'. Best of luck to him though, what an athlete.
  6. Gunjaman5000

    Martin Crowe

    With great sadness I agree. What a batting sensation he was, when he and the great Richard Hadlee wiped condescending smiles from the all-conquering Aussies' faces. The inventor of one of T20's forerunners 'Cricket Max' (look it up, coding's shit on the tablet), he made a huge impact on the game both as a player, and instead of taking the path of administrator, he became a broadcaster who gave us the hit and giggle game purists pretend to dislike. As much as I hate to say it, sure thing for 2015.
  7. Gunjaman5000

    Room Lovely, Look You.

    Gunjaboy's friend's mother asked her son what LOL means as the boys have the mildly annoying habit of saying it at every nerve grating opportunity. "Lots of love mum" the chum told her. A few weeks later when a family friend died and the mother said "Oh you poor thing. LOL." at the funeral. Laugh? I nearly shat myself.
  8. Gunjaman5000

    Room 101

    Due to my boundless maturity, whenever anyone talks about someone 'passing' or having 'passed', I like to silently add the word 'wind' afterwards. Only with great effort could I keep a straight face when a work-mate told me his grandmother had 'passed'. I'm sad for him but really wish he'd had the nads to say 'died'. A euphemism for a euphemism? Good Lord.
  9. Gunjaman5000

    Michael Schumacher

    I've always found this a funny way of putting things; 'Leave alone you big nosed doctoring cunt, you dress badly and the curtains don't match the decor. That's what I think of your half baked clinic..' Critical? They wouldn't know the half of it.
  10. Gunjaman5000

    Room 101

    That's the stuff Tempus, good to see you're getting into the spirit of things. Merry Christmas to you too.
  11. Gunjaman5000

    Nelson Mandela

    Spoke to what one might call an 'unrepentant Afrikaner' yesterday who reckons Mandela died in July/August and has been kept on ice until the infrastructure could be put in place for the funeral and after-match function. Anyone else heard anything similar?
  12. Gunjaman5000

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    I would like to suggest 'Mad' Mike Hoare, for no other reason than he's quite old and will certainly pass the 'famous enough' test.
  13. Gunjaman5000

    Ronnie Biggs

    Bloody hell another old retainer gone. Who's next, Clive Dunn?
  14. Gunjaman5000

    Nelson Mandela

    Two of the older guys at work were talking about the sad news the other day; "Gee Cyril, all that jail food must have agreed with him." "Why's that mate?" "I don't know anybody that's lived to the age of ninety five." Priceless.
  15. Gunjaman5000

    Monty Python

    I really liked the Sex Pistols' reunion tour 'Filthy Lucre'. Up front about the whole thing, not trying to hide behind any pretentious clap-trap or altruistic drivel-driven-money.Gold medal for honesty Gents, take another bow.

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