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  1. Mr Macabre

    Lauren Bacall

    Is still relatively sprightly. Looking at her imdb page she is still making movies. Somebody to keep an eye on but a bit like Olivia Dehavilland I think she will flourish into her 90s. Anybody heard ony news on Joan Fontaine who turned 94 this year?
  2. Mr Macabre

    The Dead Of 2010

    Legendary British actress Jean Simmons had died aged 80. A little bit of a shock as she made a film last year; and there had been no reports of her ill health. A very good actress in her day!
  3. Mr Macabre

    Deathlist 2010 Feedback

    Not a bad list! Yet very conservative! I am surprised Anna Wing is so high, she is in good health still! As are Angela Lansbury (appearing on Broadway with Catherine Zeta Jones at the moment) and Olivia De Havilland! My prediction is all three will survive the year. Luise Rainer, Lena Horne and Gloria Stuart all better pics. You need to throw in Lindsay Lohan, or at least one young out there on a limb celeb! However I am sure I will be proved wrong and the Grim Reapers tally shall be high this year!
  4. Mr Macabre

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Luise Rainer and Gloria Stuart both turn 100 next year. I think at least one of these two past Hollywood greats should be on the list.
  5. Mr Macabre

    Vote Banshees Scream

    I for one actually enjoy reading Banshees Screams posts. The posts are sometimes controversial, yet at least they spark debate. To me this is preferable to reading dull dross.
  6. Mr Macabre

    Hey Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

    I teach Religious Education, I hope that this site is still running in many years time (im only 27 so am hoping to be around for a long time) and that I get a mention on this thread when I finnaly shuffle off. It would be such an honour!
  7. Mr Macabre

    Maggie Smith

    Hopefully she will make a full recovery. Not somebody I had considered, just shows that nobody is safe from the grim reaper, though she appears a long way from death yet. One to watch though
  8. Mr Macabre

    Academy Award Winners

    Luise Rainer would be a good bet. Double Oscar winner in the 1930s, she is now 97. Also Gloria Stuart is 96, she won best supporting actress for playing Rose in Titanic (1997).
  9. Mr Macabre

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    Jean Simmons, very famous British actress from the 1940s onwards. Ms Simmons is now in her late 70s but has recently come out of retirement and is filming the lead role in a new film. I can easily see her making 90+.
  10. Mr Macabre

    Deathlist 2006-an All Boys Club?

    I have decided to revive this post as this years death list is even more male orientated then previous lists. I think only 4/50 names on the list are women. In recent years the trend does seem to be to focus on male celebrities, I understand that there is more success with this group but still what is next, an all male list! Instead of reducing the number of women on the list names just need to be selected more carefully. Deborah Kerr and Jane Wyman are two notible names that were missed last year. While Luise Rainer, Gloria Stuart, Joan Fontaine, Anna Wing, and Lena Horne are some names that could/should have made this years list. The women that made this years list seem to have been an after thought, Elizabeth Tayor??, she was swimming with sharks a few months ago! Even Vera Lynn seems an odd choice.
  11. Mr Macabre

    Deathlist 2011

    A amazying women, at the age of 101 began a Masters Degree at Oklahoma University (well according to imdb, although it could be a leg pull?)
  12. Mr Macabre

    Deathlist 2011

    Jennifer Jones, I think she could be a good bet. I dont believe she has been mentioned before. She will be 89 next year, and as an Oscar winner she is certainly famous enougth. Seeing as Deathlist usually has one or two ancient HollyWood luminaries on the list, why not take a punt on her. I really hope instead of Olivis Dehavilland the list features either Gloria Stuart, Luise Rainer, Phyllis Diller, Maureen Ohara, Lena Horne or Jona Fontaine. Jane Wyman was really a missed opportunity this year! Btw can anyone thing of any more famous Hollywood actresses still alive from the thirties or fourties, who are over 85!
  13. Mr Macabre

    Olivia De Havilland

    Just turned 91, seems likely to be around for a few years yet. It will be very intresting to see if her or her sister Joan Fontaine dies first. Clerly some good genes in that family as both sisters despite advancing age are in comparitively good health.
  14. Mr Macabre

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    Doris Day, although she is in her mid eighties I can see this lady managing another decade at the very least.
  15. Mr Macabre

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    Poor comprehension this time Mr Macabre, I believe you are confusing XX and XY. (I suggest you Google it). Never mind, I wouldn't expect anything less from a self-proclaimed 5 A A-level, university qualified student, who appears to have difficulty stringing a sentence or two together. I find it a very poor excuse for someone to be too mega-busy to re-read what they post, when they a. Have the time to post on a forum such as this, b. Expect other people to have enough time to read their post when they can't be arsed themselves. c. Expect anyone else to be interested in their opinion if they themselves don't care how their opinion is interpreted, or whether it is even understood. Such a low signal-to-noise-ratio often results in whatever valid information there is being lost completely. I suggest that if you use small words, short sentences, and limit yourself to commas, full stops and sentence capitalisation, even DL members as dim-witted and laggardly as myself will be able to understand your brilliant and lofty memes. I'll also help free up some of your valuable time by offering to not read your posts, so you don't have to worry about me following anything complex you wish to post making sense or following any kind of pesky arbitrary communication, language or grammar conventions. Ah, the wonders of the ignore button. A win-win situation all round. As a super-brainy, superbly qualified and mega-busy person of such eminence, I'm sure you'd agree with this approach, and get on with whatever super-important stuff you're doing. Keep up the good work. It must be hard at the top. I would just like to thankyou for all the compliments, they are much appreciated. But of course you wont be reading this post, but just in case thankyou for finding the time to respond to my comments. To be quite fair, the problem here is that you completly took a comment i made about Miss Whisp out of context!!! Although i did criticise her grammer my issue was that she kept making pointless tirades against other members who disagreed with her views (on Elizabeth Taylor, if my memory serves me correct). I very rarely post on here (27 in two years) and in that time i have never criticised other members apart from pointless ranters. To be quite fair you were the one to post a very hostile response, to a post that was far from incomprehensible. Anyways life is far too short to get involved in futile disputes with individuals one does not even no!So Honez I shall indeed attempt to clean up the grammer and spelling mistakes!! Happy now?

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