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  1. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A great show indeed. I meant to pass on my feedback after January's poignant List of the Lost programme - big respect for not forgetting the passing of Grant Hart. BTW MPFC, as a man on eclectic tastes, I was wondering if you may be conversant with the works of Eddie Shit? A Scouse chancer who didn't let an inherent lack of any musical talent whatsoever stop him from trying to build a career in music, based on singing covers with toilet themed interpretations Here he is supporting The Macc Lads ...
  2. FIFA World Cup Players

    Ray Wilkins needs adding to the 1986 list. Loved his red card vs Morocco.
  3. Avicii

    I'm afraid this man's existence had completely passed me by until today. Lots of celebrities manage to drink themselves to death, but it must have taken real dedication to the cause to achieve this feat while still in his twenties. If it was drink, at least he can now be mentioned in the same breath as Hank Williams
  4. Avicii

    I think @Grim Reaper has just done the honours. Probably a big fan of his work
  5. Names We Like

    Off topic, but Gordon Kaye slightly resembles my DDP unique pick, Gerard Basset....
  6. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I was reading some random article about the Commonwealth Games and was surprised to see it was written by Gerald Sinstadt, now aged 88. Apparently he's still going strong and waxing lyrical in regular contributions to The Stoke Sentinel.
  7. Horse Racing

    Grand National winning jockey Davy Russell dedicated his victory today to fellow jockey Pat Smullen, who was diagnosed with a tumour last month.
  8. The Dead of 2018

    Presume you mean Deathlist candidates! It did get me thinking though; about 55.3 million people die each year and as we're only on the 102nd day of the year, by my reckoning 39,846,301 souls will succumb between now and 2019. Also think I worked out that to get a clean sweep on the DDP something like 2.76 million people not in the squad would die per successful team member and a 50/50 Deathlist would equate to 1.12 million other deaths for each hit. Edit - And just to add, last year's total of 254 DDP sucesses represented 0.00046% of all deaths for the year. Apologies for drifting off topic.
  9. Sister Wendys' Odyssey

    Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, currently in hospital with preumonia and planning to cut back on public engagements.
  10. Dead Pop Stars

    Barry Maguire, 83 this year and his website hasn't been updated for a while. Just thought I'd mention him, because I've heard a rumour is quite unwell at the moment, perhaps even on the eve of destruction...
  11. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    I think I read something about him "being gravely ill for the last year", during my hour long trawl on Google when I was hurriedly putting my squad together at the weekend. That was good enough for me so I signed him up on a short term contract.
  12. From Cleric To Relic

    Interesting that his Baptist church used this terminology: “It is with deep sadness that we have to inform you that our minister, Andrew Gardiner, was promoted to glory yesterday" "Promoted to glory" is the term Salvationists invented to refer to the death of one of their own and I've always thought it was rather a nice turn of phrase, so it's nice to see it catching on in other denominations. Speaking of which, not sure if former Salvation Army Generals get proper obits, but a brief look at the list on Wiki has a few elderly possible candidates.
  13. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    @RoverAndOut, commiserations - luck was on my side with those two early strikes and I don't think the scoreline accurately reflects how close it was over the full ninety minutes. Not sure I fancy my chances against @Heef, but my squad will give it their best shot and I hope a couple of my new signings will be eager to shine.
  14. How Old Are Dl Users?

    No, I was still a paragon of virtue in those days Most of the rest of the 90s are still a bit of a blur though, peaking with a six day techno festival in Portugal, where Mrs DDT and I went without any sleep at all and then drove back across the Pyrenees with the handbrake on.
  15. How Old Are Dl Users?

    Ozric Tentacles - at a wedding reception! - in a field somewhere in mid-Devon, 1990ish.