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  1. The 16th death of 2017

    Jill Gascoine, shortly to see a pale horse looming on the horizon, or something.
  2. Joni Mitchell

    Yes, it's widely believed to be a psychological, rather than a physical illness and is also known as delusion of parasitosis. Either way it can be incredibly debilitating, but it is never fatal.
  3. Harvey 'Wank Stain' Weinstein

    I don't really do Hollywood, but I always thought Harvey Weinstein was gay and sang torch songs with a croaky voice. A bit of Googling tells me I'm not the only one. Gay producer Harvey Fierstein is getting a ton of abuse from people who have the wrong Harvey
  4. Football

    Not rude, but who could forget Charlton Athletic's classic naughties defensive line up of: Young Fish Costa Fortune.
  5. Boxing Clever?

    Downes was shockingly overlooked for any honours and only belatedly awarded the more lowly British Empire Medal, when, as a world champion, he deserved an MBE at the very least. Also, I quite like the fact that he once lost to an opponent called Dick Tiger
  6. Time Added

    Hull will be holding a minutes silence for Les Mutrie before their next home game. Hoping this will get mentioned in the BBC text commentary, although slightly disappointed the national press have completely ignored his demise.
  7. Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    I do agree to an extent, but he had been suspended twice before for doing exactly the same thing. So, yes, immaturity perhaps rather than malice, but what else can a mod do when someone refuses to stop posting porn? I am mindful that we have under 18s on these forums, and others may be in an open plan office, so without getting all Puritan about it, I really don't think this is the platform for posting explicit images. Perhaps we should just suspend him for, I dunno, thirty-seven years or something. But knowing Mad Hatter he'd just come back and immediately post a picture of a dragon raping some poor waif, rendering the whole thing a pointless exercise. Confused about your BBC reference, as a licence fee payer I'd like to know what I've been missing out on?
  8. Shauns Death By Numbers 2017

    Sean is there any chance this game could go back to having squads of forty in the team next year? Not a criticism as such, I just liked that format better.
  9. I hate you all

    Thread locked. But while I have your attention Mad Hatter, post any more porn, even in cartoon format and you're gone, permanently. Starting threads like this won't do your long term prospects much good either. We really don't like banning people and you are capable of being halfway amusing on rare occasions, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule these days and all this attention seeking twattery is starting to grate a bit.
  10. Alain Delon

    Which one is the cocaine snorting old lady? Presumably she is long dead, but looking at the scene again, she doesn't appear to be that ancient, so might still be alive and freebasing somewhere.
  11. Internet Celebrities

    Lovesick Russian blogger and snake expert Arslan Valeev live streams his own suicide by allowing a black mamba to bite him.
  12. Death And The Scrabble Deficit

    Mentioned on the pop thread, the recently deceased Nashville indie singer Jessie Zazu strolls into scrabble deficit territory (28:35)
  13. Dead Drummers

    I'm really sad, but not that surprised to read about the death of Grant Hart. In my view his musical and songwriting talents were incredibly underrated and I hope history will be kind to him, as he never achieved the recognition he deserved in life. There aren't that many drummers who sing lead vocals, and Grant Hart was right up there with the best of them. Years ago, when I was a teenager getting into grunge, lots of these bands cited Husker Du as a huge influence on them, so bought their live album on cassette and was blown away. Eventually I ended up owning all of Husker Du's albums and, to this day, some of them still get played regularly. As Vinegar Tits points out above, Hart's next project, Nova Mob, were pretty damned good as well, but he never saw much in the way of chart action. Nova Mob's concept album The Last Days of Pompeii really deserved far more airplay than it actually got, but Hart seemed destined to forever remain in obscurity. His solo career never took off and he spent years playing in bars for very little money. There were rumours going around a few years ago that he had HIV, which given the fact he was a promiscuous gay man with a raging heroin habit in the late 80s and early 90s, may have had some substance to them. Grant Hart never made much money; he lived in his late parents' home until he accidentally set fire to it a few years ago. But he kept of writing and performing right up to the end, in the face of complete indifference to anyone but his minuscule fan base. If ever there was a case of life not being fair, Grant Hart probably fits the bill as a prime example. Oh, and the name of the album that got me hooked? The Living End.
  14. Donald Fagen

    I like the Steely Dan album Katy Lied, just because they put a type of cricket called the katydid on the album sleeve. Puns like that appeal to me.
  15. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    As one of the bigger names in Wisconsin Public Broadcasting, pretty high I would have thought.