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  1. DevonDeathTrip

    Reality TV

    I've only just heard about this I hardly watch any TV, but I loved the Deadliest Catch. I remember Nick breaking his nose when a crane hook hit him - he only took an hour off before returning to work.
  2. DevonDeathTrip

    Michael Mosley

    The search heads into the hills... I think Mosley might have chosen a bigger island if he'd wanted to start a new life as a mountain man
  3. DevonDeathTrip

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    Very good. I like most apocalyptic fact and fiction . Without getting too political, I do worry about Trump getting his hands on these toys again. I won't spoil it for you, but the 'Devils Scenario' which befalls California is particularly spine chilling.
  4. DevonDeathTrip

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    I'm currently working my way through Annie Jacobson's cheery new book Nuclear War, A Scenario, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone of a nervous disposition. Anyway, Bill Clinton's Secretary of state William Perry, 96, was interviewed extensively for the book and is clearly still very alert, with a good recall for previous events. I just thought I'd mention that, as Perry is a perennial deadpool pick, but there never seems to be any news on how he's doing.
  5. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    Well done @max_bossetti. I think that's a fair result and, even if my deceased puppeteer had scored me points, I hadn't done anything about getting a new team together, so would have been disqualified anyway. Will be back next year for more.
  6. DevonDeathTrip

    General Election 2024?

    Fed up with the lot of them. We need a massive redistribution of wealth, a complete replacement of the entire ruling order, an extremely long wall to line people up against and a firing squad with almost unlimited supplies of ammunition. That said, I'll probably be tacticaly voting Liberal Democrat
  7. DevonDeathTrip

    The Dead of 2024

    Professional show jumper Georgie Campbell, 37, at the Bicton Horse Trials, Devon.
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Life In Prison

    Speared in the head with a broken broom handle apparently...
  9. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    This is good news. I was worried more important things might have been happening in South Dakota.
  10. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    Jan Nicolay, a pick for a couple of us, died yesterday. Incredibly, for one of the best known educators in Sioux City, she's not seeing much in the way of proper obit action yet. I understand she has one in the Dakota Free Press, but I can't get the website to load.
  11. DevonDeathTrip

    Kiwi Karkers

    Peter Robb, who made headlines in 2009, after police with stun grenades attended his address in Dunedin to rescue a hapless German citizen he had met online and enticed under false pretences, has died. A reclusive character, it is reported Robb may have been dead for "some time" before his remains were discovered.
  12. DevonDeathTrip

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    The forward was written by Peter Roebuck, who was evidently so inspired by the book, that he subsequently leapt to his death from a hotel window several years later. The book (I've got a copy too!) was originally titled "By Their Own Hand".
  13. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2024

    Jerry O'Donnell, one of my picks and the stadium announcer for the Dow Diamond, home of the Great Lakes Loons baseball team.
  14. DevonDeathTrip

    Klaus Schwab

    More importantly, @Rotten Ali, great to see you! Please stick around, or come and visit us occasionally
  15. DevonDeathTrip

    Sharon Osbourne

    @The Old Crem I have hidden your most recent post as, yet again, you have chosen to regurgitate a tweet and plaster it here with no context whatsoever. The tweet has no information about Sharon Osborne's health and you haven't even bothered to type anything which may indicate why it might be interesting. If you want to have another go, you're welcome. You seriously need to work on your quality control though!

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