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  1. DevonDeathTrip

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Can you not barter your skills, or pass on your knowledge and wisdom in exchange for a roast chicken?
  2. DevonDeathTrip

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    I've been getting quite into anarchist economics recently and arrived at the conclusion that the abolition of money is the answer to all of our problems. While we're at it, the abolition of international borders would solve the 'problem' of illegal immigrants. As for Starmer, utterly hopeless and as unelectable as his three predecessors.
  3. DevonDeathTrip

    ALS/MND/other degenerative diseases

  4. DevonDeathTrip

    Darwin Awards

    Man, unable to swim, drowns after falling off newly purchased paddle board.
  5. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Dick Brewer, in the last minute, 30 yards out, shoots and scores.
  6. DevonDeathTrip

    Time Added

    Former Exeter City striker Craig Farrell, aged only 39.
  7. DevonDeathTrip


    Tim Page, renowned war photographer, has inoperable liver cancer according to this rambling post from Sam Cutler, former tour manager of the Grateful Dead.
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    I love it how Finland always seem like they just want to rock Hopefully their army is more up to date with things.
  9. DevonDeathTrip

    Football Manager Sacking Bingo 2

    Exeter City, newly promoted to League 1 btw ,have only had two managers since 2006.
  10. DevonDeathTrip

    Old Folkies Home

    Simon Friend will remain with The Levellers, but no longer tour with the band according to an update on their Facebook page...
  11. DevonDeathTrip

    Deadio Times

    BBC Radio Devon presenter and rabid Plymouth Argyle fan, Gordon Sparks, announces he is suffering from cancer for the second time.
  12. DevonDeathTrip

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Perhaps her cunning plan was overruled
  13. DevonDeathTrip

    Diego Maradona

    Why is that? I just remember him as a fairly average defender who couldn't run very fast.
  14. DevonDeathTrip

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    I feel lucky to have got this far, scoring a single hit early in both of the previous rounds and then hanging on. Here's my squad of eager League 1 wannabes Frank Field Dick Brewer Ric Parnell - joker George Perez Greg Mears Lester Michael Henry Helene Glykatzi-Ahrweiler Bernadette Mayer Shirlene Pearson Deborah James Fethullah Gulen Sub: Ozzy Osbourne
  15. DevonDeathTrip

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Spookily enough, I was born in Tiverton, before I withdrew even further into the hinterlands. I really can't see an electoral upset here. This is a deeply backward and insular constituency, rife with inbreeding, paganism, suspicion of change and a general disregard for the law. Hostility to the EU in mid Devon would negate the Lib Dem's chances and Labour have never thrived in this part of the world.

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