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  1. Lafaucheuse

    The 5th Death of 2019

    Bob Barker, why not ?
  2. Lafaucheuse

    2. Herman Wouk

    Kind of funny and incomprehensible how all deaths seem coming at the same time, is it What we call the mystery of Life and death ?
  3. Lafaucheuse

    2. Herman Wouk

    some more tweets
  4. Lafaucheuse

    2. Herman Wouk

    Is it even possible ? i thought he was immortal
  5. Lafaucheuse

    Dead Architects

    A really sad one, I pass before his pyramid in front of the louvre everyday, there’s a picture of him next to it and I was thinking just yesterday « how long will he survive ? ». Now I have the answer... RIP
  6. Lafaucheuse

    23. Bob Hawke

    Never thought he was gonna be the 3rd hit and so soon in addition... RIP
  7. Lafaucheuse

    The 3rd Death of 2019

  8. Lafaucheuse

    9. Doris Day

    Was not excepting a second hit at all.
  9. Lafaucheuse

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    No problem, thanks a lot for correcting it, hope it’ll pay for me !
  10. Lafaucheuse

    Thoughts and opinions on the death list 2019

    At this time of the year, do you really think there won’t gonna be a lot of deaths this year ? How much can we expect ? I’m not here for a long time so idk What to expect honestly...
  11. Lafaucheuse

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I went with Hyun Soong-jong at the beginning but nervermind, Tun Tin is good too I think !
  12. Lafaucheuse

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Yep i do
  13. Lafaucheuse

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    As he’s dead, I’ll take Hyun song jong
  14. Lafaucheuse

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    tun tin for me please
  15. Lafaucheuse

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    One sad news, I loved her in Persona, Goodbye...

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