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  1. The 5th Death of 2018

    do you guys think that Bracknell will last long ?
  2. The 5th Death of 2018

    I would be really surprise if George Bush is the 5th death and leaves right after his wife. I think that je will probably die this year but not before a 5th or maybe a 6th hit.
  3. Derby Dead Pool 2018

  4. Shadow Lists

    I also though that Hawking could reach the end of the year and even more but I put him in my list however
  5. Shadow Lists

    who's your 8 hits ?
  6. Chirac's couple

    How long will they last ? I'd give Jacques 1 year max
  7. French speaking deathlist

    ouf je me sens moins seul ! D'autres prédictions françaises risquées ?
  8. French speaking deathlist

    Clever ! I never thought he'll die so soon ! you speak French ?
  9. French speaking deathlist

    I know, I know ! (call me if u need French lessons )
  10. French speaking deathlist

    It doesn't mean anything but I will be kind and say "yeah lol you're right"
  11. World's Oldest

    oh i have another death
  12. French speaking deathlist

    je suis le seul à parler français ici
  13. French speaking deathlist

    Comment as-tu fais pour prévoir Jacques Higelin ???
  14. French speaking deathlist

    jean marie ?? il vient juste de sortir ses mémoires, c'est peut-être un signe !?
  15. French celebrities

    Here is a thread of the best bets for 2018, dedicated to French celebrities. Feel free to post your list, I will post mine.