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  1. Real Madron

    Clive Dunn

    Welcome back Real. Nice to have you drop in. Cheers, it's been a while
  2. Real Madron

    Clive Dunn

    Thought i would stop by and pay my last respects to Clive.... Hope everyone is doing well in the world of Death Lists.. x.
  3. Real Madron

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Who exactly are the Fukin idiots?
  4. Real Madron

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Nice reply deadsox, from someone who seems to know what they're talking about. i figured different guns would fire further (or higher) etc.. lets say how far is it possible to fire a bullet then? i'm the annoying person thats asks dumb questions aren't it. ha.
  5. Real Madron

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    i wonder how close you have to be to a gunshot to hear it? 1 mile? less? also, if you fire a gun, how long does the bullet go for before it slows down, or gravity takes it to the ground? also if you fire a bullet directly up in the air, how high would it go? and then if it landed back on your head, would it kill you? i'll let you think about that before someone clever comes up with all the answers. damn i've missed this site. x.
  6. Real Madron

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    USA. safe bet. guns are given to you in 3rd grade with your math book.
  7. Thanks for birthday messages.. still here.. every now and again.. x.
  8. Real Madron

    Arthur C Clarke

    "No More Mr Sci-Fi" ?? Perfect
  9. Real Madron

    The Dead Of 2008

    'Hot Rod' designer, John Buttera dies aged 58. (from Cancer, not rediculously fast cars)
  10. Real Madron

    I Need Your Help Guys

  11. thanks for all the birthday messages people. nice to get a death as well. you'll all be please to know i feel like death today, after a quiet dinner with my girlfriend turned into a night on the town and a sambuca binge with my mates and oasis karaoke. classy.
  12. Real Madron

    The Dead Of 2008

    Jimmy Hendrix drummer Buddy Miles Dead
  13. Real Madron

    The Deathlisters Alternative Footie Thread

    Did the Kickers forget to turn up? let's say they were unprepared. i think the defence was a little unsettled with the iminent arrival of the new star center back... however a win's a win
  14. Real Madron

    The Deathlisters Alternative Footie Thread

    apparently a lot of Athletico Madron fans were logging on because they couldnt believe the result against the Crypt Kickers...
  15. Real Madron

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    No Country For Old Men - Enjoyed it throughout, but had to watch the ending 3 times and still wasnt completly happy. 8/10 Juno - Great film, especially if you enjoyed 'Superbad'. Very funny and very wierd 9/10 Sweeny Todd - Um Different... "70% Musical" according to Tim Burton, another awesome Depp performance 8/10 Jesse James (Brad Pitt) - Great acting from Pitt but overall i found it a bit drawn out and boring 7/10

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