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  1. The 1st Death of 2018

    Mr peanut for me, Jimmy Carter
  2. The 11th death of 2017

    Billy Graham this time. It's been all too quiet from the Graham camp for a while.
  3. The 7th death of 2017

    Well just for once I will let my last pick stand. As the director said..."Take two....action". Hopefully Kirk Douglas can pick up his cue this time and exit stage left.
  4. Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Ironically Barraclough passed away at Willow Wood Hospice, Ashton-under-Lyne, the same hospice where his good friend Corrie and Last of the Summer Wine actress Kathy Staff died. Staff, who played Vera Hopkins in the Manchester soap during the mid-seventies, also played Barraclough's on screen wife, Lorna Everitt in Castle Haven a short lived soap opera broadcast by Yorkshire Television from 1969.
  5. A Joke

    A chap phones the emergency services........"My three year old son has just swallowed a condom" Five minutes later he call them again............"It's alright, I've found another one"
  6. The 6th death of 2017

    I have given up waiting for God to take Billy Graham. so this time I have gone for old dimple chin Kirk Douglas to act out one last death scene.
  7. John Noakes

    Sad to record his passing. He was a hero of mine when watching Blue Peter. A guy whose humour transposed onto the screen. A guy who broke the mould of BBC "stiff upper lipped" presenters.
  8. The 5th death of 2017

    It's about time Billy Graham met his maker.....Being the company rep, he must be due to be called to the committee room and offered a place on the board.
  9. The 4th Death of 2017

    Denis Norden this time......time for an out take
  10. Deadio Times

    Tommy Cooper certainly did
  11. Political Frailty

    Loved Dalyell's no mucking about opinions. A spade was a spade in his eye and he was not afraid to rock the establishment if he wanted to speak his mind. On the flip side, I had him down on MPFC Deadpool last year and Tam went on for another twelve months. This year my list drew bugger all as they are all still living. Mental note to self.....Use the Dalyell theory for 2018 and name the same 2017 list coming up to Christmas
  12. The 2Nd Death Of 2017

    Well I got one right....so long ago now....so out to double my score by suggesting Billy Graham will finally get to meet his maker
  13. Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Put me down for Thelma Barlow [Mavis Riley] in Corrie
  14. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Good old BT and their hi tech crap appear to be buggering up my email and stuff, so please accept my entry via this post TMiB. Team Name...Pistol Knights 1. King Michael of Romania [Joker] 2, David Attenborough 3. Chuck Berry 4. Jim Bowen [Comedian/presenter] 5. Leah Bracknell [Actress] 6. Desmond Carrington [Radio 2 presenter] 7. Bernard Cribbins 8. Shannon Doherty [Actress] 9. Geralkd Kaufman [MP] 10. Yisrael Kristal [oldest living male] 11. Gina Lollobrigidia [Actress] 12. Brian Matthew [Radio 2 Presenter] 13. Emma Morano [oldest living female] 14. Sidney Pottier 15. Peter Skellern 16. Norman Tebbit 17. Jimmy Snuka 18. Mario Soares [President] 19. June Whitfield 20. Betty White [Actress/comedien] Reserve Alan Alda....Mary Wilson [Widow of PM Harold Wilson]
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2016

    Sent me first entry in. Hope it is acceptable