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  1. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Can you explain why LaRouche would be fit to replace somebody like Prince Philip when LaRouche is an extremist, an american, and a cult leader? I think LaRouche is somebody that should be included in 2019 don't get me wrong but I would see him fit to replace another 90's presidential candidate like Bob Dole or George Bush. Or at least an AMERICAN politician like John McCain.
  2. Journalists

    John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel has died at 83.
  3. The Dead of 2018

    Jim Johannson, a team USA hockey manager dies unexpectedly at 53.
  4. Political Frailty

    Precisely. Didn't Cavuto have a major heart surgery a few months ago? I wouldn't be surprised if he croaks before Dukakis.
  5. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Pretty proud about how my 2 teams stand up, I think they're relatively good for a first year entry. Good luck to all, and thank you Spade for investing so much time into this.
  6. Political Frailty

    Michael Dukakis did an interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto today. Looked excellent for a man turning 85 this year. If I didn't know who he was, I would probably say he was in his 60's. Still mentally sharp and stayed on pace with Cavuto during the interview, wouldn't be surprised if he hit 100.
  7. Bill Cosby

    Prosecutor wants 19 women to testify, not just 2. I wonder how Cosby's retrial will go especially with the #MeToo movement skyrocketing since the previous verdict.
  8. 17. Bob Dole

    2017 vs 2018
  9. Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Damn. I hope I am never in the position she was in. I never knew it could take days for somebody to finally pass after being taken off life support. Poor girl must've been hurting so bad.
  10. The 1st Crowdsource Death of 2018

    I went for John Hume
  11. Donald J Trump

    Trump's physical went "exceptionally well." I hope he realizes the same doctor that performed his physical shoved his finger inside Trump's predecessor and is getting Obama's sloppy seconds. Perhaps DJT wishes it was Putin's.
  12. Reality TV

    I knew her. She was so kind and this was such a shock. Rip
  13. 4. Olivia De Havilland

    Never understand why people get mad when newbies use "We." They probably just made their first shadow list and are, as well as the committee for their own list, anticipating somebodies death, in this case he was probably saying he and the committee will probably keep Olivia de Havilland on the list until she dies, therefore used the pronoun We to convey his point that other people along with him will likely keep de Havilland on their lists. Hell, I sometimes unintentionally use it. Overall, it shouldn't be this important.
  14. 1. Kirk Douglas

    Twitter is going crazy about Kirk Douglas being at the awards and receiving a standing ovation. He's currently trending at #3 behind The Awards themselves and Oprah Winfrey. Tweets read as such... 1. @goldenglobes why is kirk douglas, the man who raped natalie wood, presenting an award on a night where sexual harassment and assault is in the spotlight 2. Kirk Douglas is a well known sexist, who brags about groping women in his memoir. He brags about sexual assault and he raped 14 year old Natalie Wood. 3. Are we REALLY honoring known rapist Kirk Douglas at the Golden Globes tonight??????? What the fuck is happening 4. So Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood when she was young and people who claimed to support sexual assault and wore black tonight in support just gave a standin ovation to a rapist. What a fucking joke and my personal favorite.... 5. Kirk Douglas may be a legendary actor and all of that you just don’t get to wear black and mock Harvey Weinstein when you BRING OUT THR ACTUAL LIVING 100 YEAR OLD EXAMPLE THAY NOBODU CARES ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT IN HOLLYWOOD. Maybe this retaliation could break poor Kirk's heart. But the Golden Globes should know better than to invite Kirk when the #MeToo movement is actively watching in support of the actresses blacking out the awards.
  15. 30. Dick Van Dyke

    Just got the notification from my Arkansas news app. Is this the first time that something that appears to be wikipedia vandalism turned out to be true?