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  1. The Mad Hatter

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    Fun fact Chess Players have an even greater likelihood of having dementia than Football Players but Chess players are nerdy permanent virgins that no one cares about so I won't make a thread about it. Just food for thought.
  2. The Mad Hatter

    Operation hope so

    1. Putin (He is beginning to show his age now and there a rumours beginning to surface about his health, his strongman image is crumbling 5 years max) 2. Bolsonaro (He looks like a corpse, if his hair didn't still have it's color the man would look like he was in his 90s. He looks like a 80 year olds face on a 40 year olds body 5-7 years) 3. Trump (Obese and in his mid seventies. It was between Trump and Dutrete but in the end I choose Trump because at least Dutrete takes somewhat of himself physically and Trump does everything wrong. Trump doesn't top the list because despite his lifestyle he still appears to be in a ok physical shape right 5-10 years) Everyone else on the list seem to just be in normal shape for their age but alot can happen in anytime. A few months ago I would of thought would be a alive for another 20 years.
  3. The Mad Hatter

    Operation hope so

    As many of you many know the world is a crazy place right now and the leaders I have listed have played a large part in this crazyness but now it's 2020 and the winds of the world are changing. Not only are the winds of the world changing but time is also catching up to these people. Without further ado here is the masterlist 1. Donald Trump age 74 Current president of the USA 2. Boris Johnson age 56 Current prime Minister of the UK 3. Alexander Lukashenko age 66 "President"of Belarus 4. Viktor Orban age 57 President of Hungary 5. Jair Bolsanro age 66 President of Brazil 6. Vladimir Putin age 68 Present of Russia 7. Xin Pinjing age 67 premier of China 8. Recep Tayyip Erdogan age 66 President of Turkey 9. Angela Merkel age 66 Chancellor of Germany 10. Yoshihide Suga age 72 Japanese Prime minister 11. Narenda Modi age 70 Indian Prime minister 12. Rodrigo Duterte age 75 President of the Philippines 13. Benjamin Netanyahu age 71 Israel's Prime Minister Rules of this deathpool 1. You select the three you think will die first out of these names and place them in order of which you think they'll die. The user that guess it correctly wins. 2.You can select the same names as someone else but the order of those names must be different. 3. You can only pick the leaders I've listed 4. I named this operation hope so because I hate all these people Side note. I've excluded Kim Jong Um because he is still very young. I have also excluded the Ayatoliah because he's either dead or near death and the king of Saudi Arabia because he is too old.Having the last two would make this too easy. Happy hunting.
  4. The Mad Hatter

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Valery D'Estaing
  5. The Mad Hatter

    1. Jimmy Carter

    The mods here really need to start putting their foot down on this shit. This place is becoming a Trump rally. I think word is travelling around these groups about how lax the moderation is here. So many new accounts only here to spread right wing us propaganda. This place will become like live leaks comments if this shit isn't stopped.
  6. The Mad Hatter


    He is right though all you and a couple of others do is look down on others and create a hostile atmosphere. I mean what do you even get out of it at this point. Lard Bazaar is gone and Charon ended up getting in legal trouble because of the crap he pulled on this site (I think, not totally sure) and now your internet son\punching bag Death ray is gone as well. All your posts just breed negativity and hostility. From the time I've started (nearly six years ago now) you've been saying the exact same shit about how this forum is not as good as what it was and how you hate the new users here honestly you haven't changed at all in the slightest, Rob? This shit has gone on for far too long. @Banana you are a wonderful audition to this site and one of the most memorable users we have had here in years. Honestly with LFN going at you and all I can't help but see a bit of 14 year old me in you. I am going to tell something I wish someone told me when I started here. Don't listen to him and don't react to him because the moment you do people like @Toast come out of the woodwork to join and from what I've seen this site is so closed minded that they'll automatically side with old users regardless of the situation. And eventually they'll break you down until you find yourself lashing out at others until you get a negatative reputation which will cause you to lash out even more. Just put LFN on ignore he doesn't "win" If he makes you feel bad, he doesn't win if he drives you off this site. He wins if you stay on this site and continue engaging with him and others hoping that one day you'll prove them wrong. He wins if he makes you just ss miserible as he made me and @Deathray. Stay strong @Banana I know the people like to pretend what they say has no effect on you but it does in the end of the day it does and you just need to remove yourself from this toxicity. @DevonDeathTrip, or Paul or Death Impends please approve this post I know it might be controversial but I think some things need to be said besides I've spent half an hour writing this.
  7. The Mad Hatter

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Hi, sad other the other I thought he was dead al already. I'm the Mad Hatter.
  8. The Mad Hatter

    The DL Prediction Game 2020

    George Alagiah John Andretti Daniel Arap Moi Frankie Banali Bob Barker Pierre Cardin Jimmy Carter Rosalyn Carter Olivia de Havilland Bob Dole Chris Doleman Kirk Douglas Lawrence Ferlinghetti Rhonda Fleming Bob Gibson Valery Giscard D'Estaing Ruth Bader Ginsburg David Gulpilil John Hume Glynis Johns Terry Jones Lee Kerslake Henry Kissinger Norman Lloyd Sam Lloyd Loretta Lynn Vera Lynn Stirling Moss Hosni Mubarak Giorgio Napolitano Willie Nelson Olivia Newton-John Javier Perez de Cuellar Isabel Peron Prince Philip Sidney Poitier Genesis P-Orridge Eva Marie Saint Prunella Scales Pat Smullen Nobby Stiles Bernard Tapie Alex Trebek Jean-Louis Trintignant Ted Turner Dick Van Dyke Tabare Vazquez Betty White Chuck Yeager Jiang Zemin
  9. The Mad Hatter

    Death By Numbers 2020

    Joe pesci was a tempo account in case your wondering which team I am referring to. I would like to add Roberta McCain as a sup and I would like to swap Clapton with John Lewis. Thanks and see you next year.
  10. The Mad Hatter

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Joe pesci was a temporary account as I was unable to access this account because I forgot my password (I have since rembered). Lee Grant and Don Murray were exactly who I meant but your guess for John Holmes was exactly supposed to be the northern Ireland politician John Hume (blitz typing can lead to mistakes). Since Moi might die I would to add Roberta McCaim as a sup. And by Ian Holmes I mean the 90 year old actor. Hope I win.
  11. The Mad Hatter

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    I added up my points and so far I've received over 2,005 this year. Since Leah Brackneil has given an exact date I used the 15 of September for the date of death when I added my points.
  12. The Mad Hatter

    Hollywood Possibilities

    You watch a YouTube channel called "Black pilled"? Omg you are beyond saving. BTW I like everyone you don't like is "allegedly" connected to Epstein by who may I ask because I haven't seem a connecting the two. This just another case of you fuckers seeing anyone that insults trump as unreedemable monster who is part of the globalist agenda.
  13. The Mad Hatter

    Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    I already told you and others about the personal circumstances that have been preventing me from posting frequently. Besides, I don't want continue posting here regularly anyway because as far back as I can remember I've used the internet to avoid the real world. I may have mentioned that I have autism before on site and because of autism I have massive anxiety about forming relationships/friendships and frequently used this forum and others to avoid doing which led to my teenage years being full of depression and social isolation and the amount of vitrol I would get at times from this website would only serve to worsen my mental health. Real life issues and the fact that this website can be very bad for my mental health means that I've decided to only post when I have something clever to say or to scream at the engineer for being a tard. I still watch this forum regularly because this subject still interests me but avoiding the real world and living in the computer world is something I can't do anymore too much damage done. Tbf it has made my to know that I am actually missed here because no one can deny things were alot more interesting back when I was posting.
  14. The Mad Hatter

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Is it the same reason why your avatar is a shirtless man?
  15. The Mad Hatter

    Leah Bracknell

    It's illegal because quacks were lying and getting people killed by falsely medical woo as cures for cancer. People will lie to others if it makes them money. As for Ashya King her parents were emdangering her by refusing to give her chemo.

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