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  1. deathisallaround

    The 19th Death of 2020

    Phil the Greek... it seems too convenient for them to stay at Windsor instead of going to Sandringham. This way he won't have to go on the journey (even though its only Windsor to Norfolk, but he would have been seen by the public) and now there will be less people in his inner circle seeing him, to report any further declines.
  2. deathisallaround

    The 18th death of 2020

    Phil the Greek again!!!
  3. deathisallaround

    The 17th death of 2020

    Phil the Greek again!
  4. deathisallaround

    The 16th Death of 2020

    Phil the Greek....again
  5. deathisallaround

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The eyes and skin of the man are terrifying! But he walked himself down the steps of the plane unaided. He's got a while yet.
  6. deathisallaround

    how long till' the next hit ?

    July 27th. Yeah I know that it's tomorrow!
  7. deathisallaround

    The 13th Death of 2020

    After seeing Phil the Greek looking OK I would be shocked if he went next. Random Number Generator said John Edrich.
  8. deathisallaround

    The 12th Death of 2020

    I am terrible at this! Random number generator picked Jacques Delors. Whatever!
  9. deathisallaround

    The 11th Death in 2020

    Olivia D H
  10. deathisallaround

    The 10th Death of 2020

    Phil the Greek. I can't believe he's escaped the 'rona!
  11. deathisallaround

    The 9th Death of 2020

    Ding dong!! Leslie Phillips for me!
  12. deathisallaround


    A bloody avatar?!? Just woke up... can't think of something funny... went with uber cute instead.. it's more annoying that way!!!
  13. deathisallaround

    The 7th Death of 2020

    Going to guess Prunella. Could be a corona hit? Gotta have a change from Phil the Greek!
  14. deathisallaround

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Here's something interesting from another site I follow. These 'blinds' are always correct as they are from inside sources. I do think its interesting that it was deemed necessary to announce that H & M are spending Christmas in Canada, especially as they've been there since Thanksgiving and no-one was bothered. Now they are being asked to come home to visit the DoE... https://blindgossip.com/christmas-crisis/
  15. deathisallaround

    The 5th Death of 2019


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