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  1. machotrouts

    Dying Off The Radar

    I was so disillusioned when I first looked up Electric Six after seeing this video on TV and discovered she wasn't an actual member of the band. A presence.
  2. machotrouts

    World's Oldest

    This healthy glowing motherfucker is 112??? I have SHAGGED men who look older than this
  3. machotrouts

    Internet Celebrities

    I love dogs who become internet celebrities by being ugly as shit. Marnie started out looking bad and just kept getting worse and worse. Barely even recognisable as a single discrete object in her last days, let alone a dog. To clarify, she's not the dog on the left, but the pile of discarded dog parts on the right. Bitch looked like SHIT. What an icon. Rest in pieces ❤️
  4. machotrouts

    Your Personal Survivors

    Since then, Macbeth has been out of prison, and back in prison (and probably back out again by now). A quote from an article about his 2016 trial, in reference to his 2008 trial: "At the time I was going through a lot of stress with my throat. At the time it wasn’t clear whether cancer had come back." There's no further quote to say anything like "And it turned out it had! I've been dying ever since!". This seems to imply that he didn't have cancer at all in 2008, let alone terminal cancer. (He did previously have cancer in 2001.) This seems to be such a deadpooling cliché that it might be naive to ask, but: can you really just straight-up lie that you're terminally ill in court? Like... you don't need a doctor's note or anything? You can just rock up with a gippy throat and croak "dead soon" at the judge?
  5. machotrouts

    Silent Era People

    I've long been fascinated by the huge stretch of time between Baby Peggy's peak of fame and the present day. Incredible that someone who was an irrelevant hasbeen by the time The Great Gatsby was published was still alive in 2020. It must be disorientating for a once-huge star to quite possibly outlive their entire contemporary fanbase. It should be almost impossible for a celebrity to live beyond all first-hand memories of their stardom, but then most people her age are probably too young to remember her. She lived to see her fans become 100% second-hand – people taking a historical interest, far removed from Peggymania. When's the last time she'd have heard from anyone who was authentically nostalgic for her? I don't know of any other figure who was a living relic in quite the same way.
  6. machotrouts

    Dead Pop Stars

    Dave Carey died in 2015: https://www.theargus.co.uk/announcements/deaths/deaths/13982435.Dave_Carey/ I found a forum thread about Marie Benson while researching for my #1 Hits DDP team, which included a post saying this: "I came across your post today regarding Marie Benson. She is my Great Aunt. All you information on her is great. Aunty Marie taught me how to sing jazz in my 20s and we became very close. She unfortunatley passed away in 2003." (Another two posters also claim to be relatives after that, neither of whom contradict that account.)
  7. machotrouts

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Quite surprised he hasn't found his way onto any of those Cancelled Sex Maniac theme teams.
  8. machotrouts

    Deadpool Detective Work

    "Talk About Pop Music" drove me up the wall researching for my #1 Hits team. Every fifth person I'd google, they'd have an entire article that just amounts to "hell if we know either". Are pop blogs written by bots now?
  9. machotrouts

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    I need to hear more from the Twitter account called "StrategicNews2" whose pinned tweet says "I am back. My account has been suspended for no reason" before I make up my mind on this one
  10. machotrouts

    The Dead of 2020

    Taoist guru to the stars and early-2000s self-help fad the Barefoot Doctor (aka Stephen Russell) has died, according to posts on his social media accounts on the 26th: Doesn't seem to be reported in any news outlets yet. He had an Observer column for 5 years, though maybe they'd rather we forget that.
  11. machotrouts

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    My X Factor team having 20 uniques was a surprise – it isn't the obscurest idea for a theme, and half of them must have been picked at some point before. They've accumulated a range of strokes, cancers, drug addictions, and sex crimes between them. Granted, the team exists not because I thought X Factor contestants seemed particularly vulnerable, but mainly because I thought "The X_X Factor" would be a funny team name.
  12. machotrouts

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    My X Factor theme team has unwittingly excavated this ancient bio for Rachel Hylton, clearly not picked for some time: So-called "star" of the latest X-factor, but better known for her violent, drug-filled past/present than her "singing". She competed in 2008! Not sure why whoever wrote that blurb had such a cob-on about her anyway. "So-called" by who? "Better known" by who? Also there's no such show as "X-factor". I guess writing bios wears you down.
  13. machotrouts

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    17 points was exactly my winning score in 2018. I'm not aware of anyone ever having won with a score of 0. Extrapolating from past trends, Great Uncle Bulgaria must be the most likely winner at this point.

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