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  1. theoldlady

    Shamima Begum. 2020 list?

    This is an interesting case. I see two different fates for this dumb cunt. If she truly wants to leave the halibuts, then she is Dead within the next 2 years and perhaps her surviving piglets will be killed as well or taken back to the Middle East . However I believe she is a Sleeper and will keep out of the limelight and appear to go back to a normal life in Britain, but when needed she will be activated and carry out a terrorist action in the West. This can be in 5-30 years. Good old-fashioned warfare. Hopefully she will NOT be let back into Europe. Too risky to have the dumb-bunny return.
  2. theoldlady

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/15/obituaries/li-rui-dead.html Li Rui dead at 101.....and a nifty 4 Points for me I believe.
  3. theoldlady

    The 2nd Death of 2019

    Robert Mugabe
  4. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    You are a wise man indeed.
  5. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Just a friendly reminder about this deadpool. Still time to enter your February team, even with the penalty.
  6. theoldlady

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2019

    When/How are you going to update the standings in this Deadpool? Thanks!
  7. theoldlady


    Please do an update for the second half of 2018 when you have time. Thank you.
  8. This was only reported a little bit here in Norway as well. Due to the short attention spans of most Scandinavians the events are already forgotten. The silent invasions continue.
  9. theoldlady

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    @Deathray @Sir Creep Shivakumara Swami died 21. January. Prophet, Wormfarmer, Death Impends, Banana, John Key, The Mad Hatter and I (theoldlady) have him on our lists.
  10. theoldlady

    James Earl Jones VS David Prowse

    James Earl Jones (Even though technically the Jedi, Even fallen ones, do not actually die, they become Energy and blend into the universe.)
  11. theoldlady

    Star wars original trilogy main cast

    Hamill it is my friend.
  12. theoldlady

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    My list for February: Robert Mugabe Peter Tork Fernando Ricksen Ruth Bader Ginsberg Johnny Clegg
  13. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Here is my list for February - barring me getting a hit before the end of the month scoring more the Mr. Quim. Theoldlady`s RD5 Team: QE 2 Olivia Newton-John Carter Kissinger Reiner Bracknell de Cuellar Harper Wouk Prince Philip
  14. theoldlady

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Just sent in my team @msc Thanks for doing this game!
  15. theoldlady

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Kaye Ballard, one of the stars in The Patty Duke Show, The Doris Day Show, The Mothers-in-law, Alice and Daddy Dearest has passed away.

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