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  1. theoldlady

    Death In The Family

    Yes, you should go if you can and if you are on speaking-terms with your son and his family. You will be there to support your daughter-in-law. Just by being there is usually enough. Play it by ear. No expections. Just be there.
  2. Good God Drol, sorry you have to go through all this. Take care.
  3. theoldlady

    ABC Deadpool II

    Hope so! Hey @Wormfarmer ! What do you say?
  4. theoldlady

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    My team has now been submitted. Thanks for doing this!
  5. theoldlady

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for the loss of your Dad today Drol. May he rest in peace. Take care of yourself.
  6. theoldlady

    Death In The Family

    So sorry for your loss. Someday in the future you will be somewhere or be doing something and think: my dad would have liked this or he would have liked to be here. At those times you will know he was with you in spirit. It is quite comforting when that happens. R.I. P.
  7. theoldlady

    Class of 1943

    I went with Julio.
  8. theoldlady

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    Thanks for doing this again. I would also like to participate!
  9. theoldlady

    Whom Are You Tarring With The Epithet "twunt"?

    Thank you Mr. Quim Reaper! Looking forward to reaching 2,000!
  10. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    @Wormfarmer Opps! GOT my lists mixed up a bit, sorry! Please switch To Prince Philip instead of Dick van Dyke. Thank you!
  11. theoldlady

    MMMDP 2019!

    Ric Flair
  12. theoldlady

    Five4three2one Deadpool - 2019

    Also Bentrovato gets 5 points for Claus von Bulow.
  13. theoldlady

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Herman Wouk is my 6th hit, born 27.May 1915; died 17.mai 2019.
  14. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Thank you. I will now PM my June Team to you!
  15. theoldlady

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    @Wormfarmer Also will there be new names?

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