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  1. 10. Lord Carrington

    He is my gift to you. Keep him, Please!
  2. Charles Manson

    Was hoping to read that Tex Watson had been shanked and killed, However this picture is good too. Burn Baby, burn!
  3. Words We Like

    Santa Claus is coming to town.
  4. Words We Dislike

    Calling young people snowflakes.
  5. Words We Dislike

    Our New countryman (means that those people already in your country, both native-born and older immigrants, who have low-paying jobs, unskilled jobs, will lose their jobs to the New countyman, and the New countrymen can then be exploited by the rich even more.) .....because, it is often said in Norway, they do jobs no one else wants to do. Meaning low-paid or jobs where the rich want to reduce the power of unions....
  6. Words We Dislike

    Robots (means you are going to lose your job.)(robotization is occuring in many sectors in Norwegian society, especially in Administrational and Educational institutions.)
  7. Amitabh Bachchan

    Please use a condom when giving him some attention. Thank you.
  8. 10. Lord Carrington

    Thank you. Not mine actually though, it is a lose English translation of what the Norwegian people think of him. Glad he is out of Norway for a few years anyway. Thanks for taking him off our hands for a while.
  9. Words We Dislike

    Outsourcing. (Means you are going to lose your job! )
  10. 10. Lord Carrington

    Jens Stoltenberg is a Silly-Nilly.
  11. 8. John McCain

    The real Dalai Lama lives in exile in India, but travels a lot.
  12. Death Anniversary Thread

    This is common knowledge to adults. Merle has mentioned this in interviews throughout the years. Dustbin even slapped her during the filming in order to make it `realistic`. He really hurt her. He both phyically and emotionally abused her during the filming of that movie. The man is a real peach.
  13. 40/40

    Steven Hawking born in 1942 passed away last night.
  14. The 4th Death Of 2018

    Went with Stan Lee this time since he is in his sad last days According to the press.
  15. 19. Prunella Scales

    Not really. People comment on these other threads in this section all the time, except hers and a few others who haven`t had a comment since 1. January 2018.