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  1. GuyFromFuture

    Six people, six months

    1.Lee Noble 2.Tommy DeVito 3.Toots Hibbert 4.Pat Martino 5.David Gulpilil 6.Pippa Middleton
  2. GuyFromFuture

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Herman Cain was $9.99 short to buy a mask and died of Coronavirus
  3. GuyFromFuture

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Hard to speak when you are snorting lines
  4. GuyFromFuture

    Centenarians Deadpool 2020

    Renee Simonot Kane Tanaka Lloyd George Gering Ambroise Yxemerry Kim Yong-jun Anne Buydens Kenneth MacAlpine James Lovelock Arnold Spielberg Vera Lynn Harry Yee Mary Ward Henry Hu Margo Minco Robert Cardenas
  5. GuyFromFuture

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Ian Holm will die Nov 14 2020
  6. GuyFromFuture

    American Football Players

    He will die April 14 2023
  7. GuyFromFuture

    Deathrace 2020

    Dame Alison Braithwaite Miley Cyrus Suzanne Mubarak Hosni Mubarak Prince Phillip Max Quackenbush Larry Popein Max Von Sydow Kelly Clarkson Bella Thorne Artie Lange Pearl Carr Vera Lynn Marianne Faithful Vic Stasiuk Joan Plowright Laura Loomer Queen Elizabeth Imelda Marcos Henry Gray(joker)
  8. GuyFromFuture

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    American Reporter Laura Loomer was arrested protesting censorship at twitter HQ last week,a possibility next year if Trump starts cracking down on journalists
  9. GuyFromFuture

    49. Sir David Attenborough

    Already lived longer then his brother,he might not have many years left
  10. GuyFromFuture

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Australian Author Andrew McGahan has Cancer https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/books/going-with-gut-instinct-lunch-with-literary-agent-fiona-inglis-20181101-p50dde.html
  11. GuyFromFuture

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Rest in peace Ken,Mayberry and Mama's Family was my grandparents favorite show
  12. GuyFromFuture

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    John and Clarence Anglin,they may finally come out of hiding to plea bargin a Parole if they know their health limits the amount of months they have left.
  13. GuyFromFuture

    Gloria Vanderbilt

    Just a little push down the stairs of bad health is all it takes at that age
  14. GuyFromFuture

    The 13th Death of 2018

    Hosni Mubarak
  15. GuyFromFuture

    George Bush Senior

    Rest In Peace to a great man

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