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  1. wannamaker

    Knockout Derby

    I'll play Steve "Mongo" McMichael Antonio Inoki Jake "The Snake" Roberts Chuck Wepner Subs: Virgil (WWE) Triple H
  2. wannamaker

    Tim Johnson

    Different Tim Johnson, not the one mentioned on this thread.
  3. wannamaker

    Time Added

    Argentine footballer Maxi Rolón dies aged 27 in a car accident.
  4. wannamaker

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Predictions

    Judas Priest should've been inducted in the performers category.... At least they made it in I guess.
  5. wannamaker

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    This is the team I PM'd some weeks ago. 1 George Pérez 2 Frank Field 3 Rob Burrow 4 Doddie Weir 5 Ted Kaczynski 6 Leslie Phillips 7 Pope Benedict XVI 8 Alain Delon 9 Jimmy Carter 10 Bob Barker 11 Glynis Johns 12 Jean-Louis Trintignant 13 Pelé 14 George Alagiah 15 Marianne Faithfull 16 Françoise Hardy 17 Luis Echeverría 18 Chris Cairns 19 Milan Kundera 20 Alberto Fujimori 21 Joe Exotic
  6. wannamaker

    Sinisa Mihajlovic

    The Bologna squad visited him in the hospital.
  7. wannamaker

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Same here, i think he is deathlisty, I remember seeing his name a lot last year since people were talking about his version of Dune that was never realeased.
  8. wannamaker

    Time Added

    One of Cristiano Ronaldo's sons died.
  9. wannamaker

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    PM'd a team, thanks for running.
  10. wannamaker

    Deathlist Dreaming

    Had a weird dream last night, the deathlist for next year was already out in April 2022. The person at Number 1 was a guy that doesn't exist, in my dream he was a guy that had like 30 surgeries to keep him alive. Shane MacGowan was at number 5, Bono was there, but he was a woman, Robert Durst apparently came back from the dead to appear again, and the last 4 places were all fictitious characters from TV shows (that sadly i don't remember right now).
  11. wannamaker

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Fucking hell, first thing I see when I get home. Lost Norm last year and now Gottfried. RIP
  12. wannamaker

    Deaths of the Silver Screen III

    Flic Story (1975) Alain Delon Jean-Louis Trintignant Henri Guybet
  13. wannamaker

    Donald J Trump

    Met with former Argentine president Mauricio Macri, has definitely aged since leaving office.
  14. wannamaker

    Twisted DL

    Please replace Tom Smith with Ted Kaczynski
  15. wannamaker

    Shadow Lists

    6th hit and 3rd hit in a week with Tom Smith.

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