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  1. MortalCaso

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Disagree. As a fellow American, never heard of her before this site
  2. MortalCaso

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Died April 20th, 2022 age 101. IMDb/Wiki have been updated
  3. MortalCaso

    Deadpool Detective Work

    This is someone I am very interested in. If we can figure out a way to lock down his bio in concrete, it would be thrilling. Especially as English wiki has him alive at 102 + being born in 1920...
  4. MortalCaso

    The Nobel Prize Dead Pool 2022/2023

    As mentioned elsewhere, a hit for @chilean way with Ben Roy Mottelson dead.
  5. MortalCaso

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Benedict XVI
  6. MortalCaso

    World's Oldest

    Robert Young said these deaths tend to come in bunches. That is three deaths now in less than a month within the Top 10. Adding in the other 110+ deaths.... Will this match January?
  7. MortalCaso

    Political Frailty

    May just be me, but that link sends me a 404 error page. This has now been widely reported in other outlets though.
  8. MortalCaso

    Twisted DL

    As with last post, might as well keep pretending. Replace George Pérez with Steve "Mongo" McMichael
  9. MortalCaso

    Political Frailty

    I feel as though this doesn't do the man justice. Norman Mineta was the Commerce Sec. briefly during the end of President Clinton's second term. That made him the first Asian American to hold a cabinet post. Later George Bush appointed him as Transportation Secretary to show a sign of bipartisanship after the 2000 election fiasco. Mineta was very important during 9/11 as he gave the order for all air craft in the continental U.S to be grounded once the second plane hit the World Trade Center. He was also responsible for creating the TSA. Mineta was previously the Mayor of San Jose, a very impactful person in the U.S House for 20 years, and lived through the internment camps of WW2. This doesn't cover all of his life, as it was a large and diverse one. I would strongly recommend that those with free time read up on him. A very unique and impactful American, if not a unheralded one. Deserved more than one sentence...
  10. MortalCaso

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    Oh wow, how did that happen!! Thank you haha. Fixed
  11. MortalCaso

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    Will give it a try! 1. George Pérez 2. Pelé 3. Frank Field 4. Henry Kissinger 5. Michael Dukakis 6. Al Quie 7. Charley Trippi 8. Alma Powell 9. Jim Broyhill 10. Queen Elizabeth 11. Jorge Spedaletti 12. Susie Steiner 13. Vicky Phelan 14. Lucile Randon 15. Tony Bennett 16. Norman Lear 17. Steve McMichael 18. Ted Kaczynski 19. Ben Ferencz 20. Nichelle Nichols 21. Clint Eastwood Subs 1. Jimmy Carter 2. Alan Alda 3. Richard Shelby
  12. MortalCaso

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Samuel E. Nichols Jr. dead at age 93. A brother of Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols.
  13. MortalCaso

    Conspiracy Theories

    The beliefs you share are dangerous and unhinged. It's not whether you think pineapple should be on pizza, you are advocating that vaccines (which help people) actually hurt them. That is extremely dangerous. No civil conversation can be had from such uneducated thoughts. BTW some random Indiana lawyer with 100+ followers on Twitter doesn't = 'breaking a dam'. Lmao
  14. MortalCaso

    Conspiracy Theories

    The sad thing is in 5-10 years when life goes on as normal and you crazies are proven crazy, you still won't believe it. On to the next conspiracy right? The "End Times" LMAO. What a joke.
  15. MortalCaso

    Deathless Days

    April 26th has passed. 2 deaths listed on Wiki. Strange...

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