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  1. Deathrace

    32. Prunella Scales

    It's somewhat surprising as she looked a lot younger than mid to late 30s in Fawlty Towers. Her character was certainly supposed to be younger. My favourite Connie Booth trivia is she's married to the son of the bloke who played the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.
  2. Deathrace

    32. Prunella Scales

    Dementia aside, facially she looks very good for 90.
  3. Deathrace

    32. Prunella Scales

    Yes, but Fawlty Towers has 4 main stars not 3 so it's marginally more impressive.
  4. Deathrace

    32. Prunella Scales

    Just realised all four main actors from Fawlty Towers have now made it past 80. Struggling to think of another well-known sitcom this applies to. It's got to be about the best performing of the major 70s sitcoms for actor longevity. Very much doubt John Cleese will make it to 90 although he does have good genes. Not sure about Connie Booth.
  5. Deathrace

    Union People

    Photo of Scargill on the picket line today here. Source is the RMT Twitter page. I don't think he looks good in all honesty but maybe not at death's door just yet.
  6. Deathrace

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    I also note that very controversial 1970s Welsh referee Clive Thomas, who refereed at the 1974 and 1978 World Cups is still alive aged 85.
  7. Deathrace

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Talking of early 1970s referees, Ray Tinkler who refereed the infamous Leeds v West Brom match at the end of the 1970-71 season - "And Leeds will go mad..." - appears to still be alive well into his 90s. He looked old then. He might have died off the radar of course but was still alive relatively recently which is more than can be said for many of the players in this match.
  8. Deathrace

    FIFA World Cup Players

    The two common themes for me in that list - neurological illnesses eg. MND, early onset dementia etc and car accidents.
  9. Deathrace

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Surprised no one has remarked on McCartney turning 80 today. Ringo has put a tweet out with this photo congratulating Paul. Ringo must be one of the youngest looking nearly 82 year olds out there.
  10. Deathrace

    10. Tony Bennett

    Would be surprised if you've never heard "The Wanderer" and "Poetry in Motion", their most famous songs respectively.
  11. Deathrace

    10. Tony Bennett

    Dion Dimucci and Johnny Tillotson maybe as well.
  12. Deathrace

    10. Tony Bennett

    I'd still say 2023 is more likely than 2022 based on those photos.
  13. Deathrace

    Jimmy Tarbuck

    Tarbuck with Mike Yarwood, Anthony Bygraves and Jess Conrad at Brinsworth House yesterday according to Conrad's Twitter.
  14. Deathrace

    Horse Racing

    For the hell of it, here's the Grand National equivalent to the best of my knowledge: 1960 - Gerry Scott (b. 1938) 1966 - Tim Norman (b. 1944) 1969 - Eddie Harty (b. 1937) 1972 - Graham Thorner (b. 1949) 1977 - Tommy Stack (b. 1945) 1978 - Bob Davies (b. 1946) 1979 - Maurice Barnes (b. 1951) 1980 - Charlie Fenwick (b. 1948) 1981 - Bob Champion (b. 1948) 1983 - Ben De Haan (b. 1959)
  15. Deathrace

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Well him and Jimmy Carter in fairness in relation to that first sentence.

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