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  1. Sinbabad

    Oldest Living football league players

    Julio Avila died on 16 April last year. Maurice Willems died in 1986, according to his French Wikipedia.
  2. Sinbabad

    King Harald V of Norway

    If he’s able to travel to Malaysia, he should be in pretty good shape !
  3. Sinbabad

    Time Added

    I’d prefer you kill an English player rather than a French !
  4. Sinbabad

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Salah Larbes, who was in Algeria’s squad at the 1982 WC, has died aged 71. He played two games, against West Germany and Chile.
  5. Sinbabad

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Italian Water Polo player Giuseppe D’Altrui, Olympic Champion in 1960 has died aged 89. He was the father of Marco D’Altrui, also Olympic Champion in Water Polo in 1992. Italy didn’t win any Water Polo Olympic title between 1960 and 1992. They were one of the 33 father/son duo who were both Olympic Champions.
  6. Sinbabad

    Time Added

    Yes he did.
  7. Sinbabad

    FIFA World Cup Players

    He has died on 13 October 2023 aged 84.
  8. Sinbabad

    Military commanders

    John Bansen US Brigadier General, has died aged 89.
  9. Sinbabad

    The 100 Club

    He is dead.
  10. Sinbabad

    The Dead of 2024

    I didn’t know either, and I find it very sickening. It shouldn’t be allowed for depression.
  11. Sinbabad

    Time Added

    Come on, he’s been convicted to 4 years and 6 months, which means he’ll make 2 years. That’s not a big deal !
  12. Sinbabad

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Many progressists/wokists refer to anyone who (slightly) disagree with them as a boomer.
  13. Sinbabad

    Time Added

    Portuguese coach Artur Jorge has died aged 78. He notably led Porto to its first European Cup in 1987 and Paris Saint Germain to its second French Champion title in 1994. A great loss for FC Porto and PSG fans (like me).
  14. Sinbabad

    Political Frailty

    Anfinn Kallsberg, former Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (1998-2004) has died aged 76.
  15. Sinbabad

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Romanian Canoeist Vasile Diba, Olympic Champion at the 1976 games, has died aged 69. He also won 2 bronze medals and one silver medal in 1976 and 1980.

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