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  1. JTrost1234

    37. Valerie Harper

  2. JTrost1234

    42. John McCririck

  3. JTrost1234

    2. Herman Wouk

    I don't realize a third person had died from this list. I searched Google, name by name, until I found it was The Australian Prime Minister. I knew one person dying in four months was too good to be true. I pewit was going to catch up with us. I mean look at the ages of those people. Many are above 95. Of course they're going to croak soon.
  4. JTrost1234

    2. Herman Wouk

  5. JTrost1234

    19. Gordon Banks

    Shit. I knew it was to god to last. We made half way through February, and then this. I was hoping we could make to March - and beyond before our first death. My record is ruined. Curses. Who the hell is Gordon Banks anyway? I never heard of him, until just now.
  6. JTrost1234

    Penny Marshall

    I didn't know Gary Marshal was gone two years already. It seems like he died recently.
  7. JTrost1234

    George Bush Senior

    I count it as November, since he died in The United States.
  8. JTrost1234

    George Bush Senior

    me too. I listen to the news every 12:00am on 1010 WINS. I never expected something like this. I was hoping that I could break the record for number of former living presidents. Looks like that is not going to happen.
  9. JTrost1234

    George Bush Senior

    He just died. It's all over the news now. Tomorrow you'll hear it all day.
  10. JTrost1234

    12. Henry Kissinger

    I did see him at McCain's funeral (On TV of course). They said he was 95. It was nice to see him standing unassisted. He had trouble walking, but that's about it.Who would believe he's 95. Brings back memories from the 1970's. I hope he lives long.
  11. JTrost1234

    Neil Simon

    It was on two separate days here in The Unites States. Front page still not updated. I guess the site owners are away on a holiday vacation.
  12. JTrost1234

    Neil Simon

  13. JTrost1234

    John McCain

    he passed. Just heard it on 1010 WINS news. Now they're breaking the news. This is so sad. I was hoping he'd live longer. They're playing old interviews on the radio. It's sad to hear his voice. As I look over the list, I see a lot more deaths imminent, due to the high ages among the people. I see a lot of 90+, even 95+ people.
  14. JTrost1234

    John McCain

    I feel so bad for his mother. I think she's around 104 and has to see this. I'm sure this will kill her, if old age doesn't. Let's pray for a miracle, that John McCain pulls through.
  15. JTrost1234

    Tessa Jowell

    Another one bites the dust. I never heard of her. (I live in The United States) Sorry to hear.

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