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  1. Putin

    how long till' the next hit ?

    November 18th
  2. Putin

    6. Jimmy Carter

  3. Putin

    how long till' the next hit ?

    April 30th
  4. Putin

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Just wanna say that march 22 was it was 4 years since Carter surpassed GHWB final age and took over the title as the longest lived US president. So am wondering how long he will have that title before someone will surpass his age. Biden is the oldest after Carter now. So unless someone that is older then Biden becomes president later on, he have to live 18 years and 51 days after Carter dies to surpass him, if Biden lives that long then. Most likely of the current living presidents to surpass Carter GWB and maybe Obama since he is just 61 years now. Carter is almost 98.5 years now, and am not sure if any of the current US will reach that age, and it can take a long time before that record will be broken. Probably not so long as John Adams who was the longest lived president from when he surpassed George Washington age in 1803, untill Ronald Reagan surpassed him in 2001 after 198 years. But I can imagine it can take 50+ years before someone else surpassas Carters age. Just wanted to share that thought, and what others on community think about this.
  5. Putin

    how long till' the next hit ?

    February 27th
  6. Putin

    Shadow Lists

    Thanks alot lad. And good luck to you being a father soon.
  7. Putin

    Shadow Lists

    It indeed is. I miss very much, but he is at peace now after some health struggles he had in his last years. But like you said, it us important to treasure all the good memories. I want to be a grandfather like he was, but i'm only 21 years and don't have any children yet, but when the day comes I want to be like he was
  8. Putin

    Shadow Lists

    Thanks lad, appreciate it a lot. And also thanks for informimg me about having Robert Duwall written down twice. Has been a different christmas then usually, but im so glad I had him in 21,5 years of my life. Only have good memories of him, that I will carry on rest of my life
  9. Putin

    Shadow Lists

    My personal Deathlist for 2023  1. Jimmy Carter 2. Tony Bennett 3. Henry Kissinger 4. James Earl Jones  5. Dick Van Dyke 6. Rosalynn Carter 7. Raúl Castro 8. Sirikit 9. Warren Buffett 10. Bobby Charlton 11. Tina Turner 12. Harry Belafonte 13. Mel Brooks 14. Robert Duwall 15. Jack Nicholson 16. Shane MacGowan 17. Willie Nelson 18. Michael Schumacher 19. Bob Barker 20. Ethel Kennedy 21. Emperor Akihito 22. John Astin 23. Dick Cheney 24. Katherine Jackson 25. Robert Wagner 26. Bill Cosby 27. Michael Caine 28. Joanne Woodward 29. Stanley Baxter 30. Jean-Marie Le Pen 31. Alan Greenspan 32. James Whale 33. Mário Zagallo 34. Sandy Gall 35. Linda Nolan 36. King Juan Carlos I 37. King Harald V 38. Alan Arkin 39. Jacques Delors 40. Janis Paige 41. Clint Eastwood 42. Michiko 43. Ozzy Osbourne 44. Rolf Harris 45. Norman Lear 46. Marianne Faithfull 47. Cleo Laine 48. Yoko Ono 49. Charles Koch 50. Noam Chomsky I now am a little late, but all of them are alive for now. Just haven't thought about making this, since my maternal granfather passed away right before christmas.
  10. Putin

    Shadow Lists

    8/50 hits for me for now  Sidney Poiter June Brown Mikhail Gorbachev Queen Elizabeth II Marsha Hunt Jerry Lee Lewis Leslie Phillips Pelè Not a strong year for me
  11. Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Idk, do you think I am?
  12. Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Just so you guys now, I'm a different Putin from an alternative timeline who is a better version. Just to let you know.
  13. Putin

    Raul Castro

    Looks good for someone thats 91,5 years old. Seems also like he still can walk unaided still. Can't see his face clearly from this angle, but can see him live to his mid 90s judging by this picture.
  14. Putin

    Gone With The Wind

    What the hell have you been smoking, and where did you get it?
  15. Putin

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Is that Kris kristofferson who is with him here?

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