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  1. Death Duke

    The Dead of 2020

    RIP David
  2. Death Duke

    The 1st death of 2020

    Carl Reiner
  3. Death Duke

    Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    Here’s my 12: January: Dianne Oxberry February: Karl Lagerfeld March: Keith Flint April: Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg May: Doris Day June: Justin Edinburgh July: John McCririck August: Toni Morrison September: Jacques Chirac October: Diahann Carroll November: Gary Rhodes December: Marie Fredriksson
  4. Death Duke

    Predict The Biggest Death Of Each Year of the next decade

    2020: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 2021: Justin Bieber 2022: Charles, Prince of Wales 2023: Tina Turner 2024: Judy Finnigan 2025: Elizabeth II 2026: Cliff Richard 2027: David Attenborough 2028: Sylvester Stallone 2029: Tom Hanks
  5. Death Duke

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    This is frightening.
  6. Death Duke

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Who can blame him?
  7. Death Duke

    The 14th death of 2019

    I’m set on Prince Philip now
  8. Death Duke

    UK election. You voted for?

    Labour as a tactical vote. Through gritted teeth, may I add.
  9. Death Duke

    Clive James

    dead: https://t.co/2JlUjssNQQ?amp=1
  10. Death Duke

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    If he doesn’t attend that, then we know for definite he’s toast.
  11. Death Duke

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    That’s a big if, if he does make it to his 100th birthday. The fact he hasn’t been pictured riding his horses around his estate is quite suspicious, considering we used to get regular updates and stories about it. I can understand the reasons in which he hasn’t attended for the 2nd year in a row, but there were veterans at the cenotaph this morning commemorating this special day. Something does smell quite fishy.
  12. Death Duke

    Gay Byrne

    What a missed opportunity to not have him on this years list. How sad. RIP Uncle Gaybo.
  13. Death Duke

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    In time’s like these, one can hope
  14. Death Duke

    Leah Bracknell

    Zoe Tate was a pretty iconic character in Emmerdale, in my opinion. Surely her 16 years on the soap put quite a big stamp on its history, considering the many gripping storylines her character was involved in...
  15. Death Duke

    Leah Bracknell

    Well, it's over.

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