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  1. Death Duke

    The 13th Death of 2022

    Pele as a World Cup surprise.
  2. Death Duke

    3. Angela Lansbury

    One of the last greats from the golden era. RIP to a true dame.
  3. Sunak must be pissing himself laughing right now.
  4. Death Duke

    The 9th death of 2022

    Cleo Laine by random draw
  5. Death Duke

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

    You won't have to wait long.
  6. Death Duke

    Shadow Lists

    Hit 6/50 for me. Slow year so far. Sidney Poitier Tom Parker Tom Smith Jean-Louis Trintignant Olivia Newton-John Elizabeth II
  7. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Gyles would turn up to a pigeon's funeral.
  8. Death Duke

    The 8th death of 2022

    Kiss of death for Kissinger.
  9. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I don't mean to defend her, but what was she suppose to sound like? If the monarch died 2 days into my tenure as PM, I'd be a bit all over the place too.
  10. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I knew she was faking it!
  11. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    No Monarchy = No imaginary job
  12. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Charles has waited for this moment for his entire life. He isn't going to give it all up now
  13. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Indeed, succession is an automatic process. Once The Queen draws her last breath, Charles automatically ascends the throne. It's the debate after that has happened that should scare the monarchy. I don't think the monarchy will be abolished within the next 5 years, but long-term it'll definitely crumble in more ways than one.
  14. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    US Media saying what the British media isn’t ready to say…
  15. Death Duke

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Witchell is on BBC News trying to contain his burst nutsack. I don’t know why news commentators are expecting her to pull through? It’s inevitable where this is going.

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