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  1. LB93

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Paxman's stepping down from University Challenge. Not surprising, considering he seemed to go downhill quite quickly during the filming break in the pandemic and his Parkinson's diagnosis. I can't see him lasting more than a few years at this point unfortunately.
  2. LB93

    Genesis P-Orridge

    It's the top non-Corona story on BBC news!!
  3. LB93

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Is channelling Theresa May a symptom of Coronavirus now?
  4. LB93

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Deadline reporting Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have tested positive. And Trump has just banned all travel from Europe (minus UK) to the US for a month!
  5. LB93

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    In related news, COVID-19 has announced it also plans to self-isolate, after possibly being exposed to Ted Cruz.
  6. LB93

    Quiz Show Hosts

    From comments on Facebook, it seems like he'd been seriously ill for a few years. Someone commented on Reddit saying they'd been on Eggheads a couple of years ago and Dave was ill back then, thought he may have had MS or ALS. I'm surprised he hasn't had an obit on the BBC at all!
  7. LB93

    British Character Actors

    You can probably find all the series on All 4! Some of the joder ones are on Netflix.
  8. LB93

    British Character Actors

    Aw that's sad news. I had noticed she hadn't been in the most recent series but didn't realise she was ill. I know there's a new series coming up - I wonder if they'll have an episode for her character's funeral?
  9. LB93

    Kirk Douglas

    I was wondering earlier what would happen if there was a big celebrity death today - if it would distract at all from the impeachment trial or get buried by the coverage.
  10. LB93

    Daniel arap Moi

    He's dead.
  11. LB93

    Rush Limbaugh

    I think he's fairly well known over here - I remember hearing about him during the Bush years before I started following current affairs. He won't lead the 10 o'clock news when he goes but I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it into all our papers. The Guardian would probably have a lot to say about him at least.
  12. LB93

    Rush Limbaugh

    One of the most listened to radio hosts in the US and a slightly less toxic Alex Jones.
  13. LB93

    Rush Limbaugh

    Rush Limbaugh has announced he has advanced lung cancer. One for the list if he can make it to 2021?
  14. LB93

    Terry Jones

    Fair enough - should've guessed they'd have done it for Wogan! I assumed George V/VI would've had them as well but couldn't find any.
  15. LB93

    Terry Jones

    The RadioTimes have put him on their cover for next week's copy. I can't recall them putting an obit on their front page before?

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