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  1. Szabaka


    I can't remember if that is true. On another note: this reminds me of an op-ed on the PBS Newshour last week. There is a concern regarding privacy issues -- in that the movement of your computer mouse may have it's data uploaded and analysed ... and the micro-movements may detect Parkinson's Disease well before the user knows they have it. Insurance companies would be very interested in that data.
  2. Szabaka

    Playmates and centrefolds.

    I don't recall if we have a list of significant "Bond Girls" (I do know Honor Blackman (aka Pussy Galore from Goldfinger) is on the master list - but if we don't they all could meld into this list. Honor should never be removed from the main list while living. She tops all of the Bond Girls by far.
  3. Szabaka

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    I would not read the lack of follow-on procedures (e.g. Chemo) as interpreting the opinion that she lacks the health to survive that process. Some medical decisions may be based upon "if we did not catch it all, how long would it take for the resulting cancer to spread and become life threatening" --- if that, in this case, were it five-years, then the patient or the doctors may say "don't be proactive, take the risk". For example, that is one reason once a man reaches the age of something like 70, the check for prostate cancer is often stopped due to if you find it from a routine check, the time it takes to kill you is probably longer than you are expected to live anyway. Prostate Cancer checkups
  4. Szabaka


    One has to be careful. A woman in the US complained about a Judge who had a court ruling against her -- she is now up on charges for threatening him which is a high crime (felony). She also threatened her parole officer. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/crime/2017/02/23/charge-woman-threatened-waukesha-county-judge-facebook/98298306/
  5. Szabaka

    George Bush Senior

  6. Szabaka

    Elon Musk

    I don't think he is headed for a meltdown, but as for being worthy of the Death List ... he may be joining the billionaire from Japan on the trip to the moon. That journey could be worthy of being on this list.
  7. Szabaka

    Katie Hopkins

    Even though "The Apprentice" she was in was in the U.K., if Trump made money off of it (pretty sure he did) then she can roast in hell.
  8. Szabaka

    Alan Arkin

    He is 84 and did have a mini-stroke about three-years ago. Certainly valid to keep an eye for him.
  9. Szabaka

    William Hurt

    yikes ... what a troubled existence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Hurt
  10. Szabaka

    Harry Reid

    His fight to not have Yucca Mountain used is costing the US Taxpayers and utility rate payers $1-billion per MONTH. Not to mention heightened security issues and environmental issues from that delay.
  11. Szabaka

    The 5th Death of 2018

  12. Those are two great examples! Here is one, I can hear her cackling laugh just looking at the photo: Hillary
  13. Szabaka

    Kenny Rogers

    Good idea, after all he knows when to hold them and when to fold them.
  14. Szabaka


    details on the Wiltshire posting

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