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  1. Like a slug that got to the lettice first.
  2. Who rattled Trosts cage he needs putting down. Complete waste of space here.
  3. Heart surgery apparently,he must have that sinking feeling now.
  4. Perfect place for.Michael Buble.
  5. Nice colours.
  6. Just our luck BOW BELLES has just won the 2.55 at Ripon at 14/1.
  7. 100/30.
  8. And as for the Conservative party?
  9. Lets save the nation about £4 million. EVANS &LINEKER.
  10. Brucie Dec 31st 2017. Norden Jan 1st 2018.
  11. Brucie this year, Norden next year.
  12. Could be the new poster girl for Eggheads.
  13. Will it be repeated?
  14. It's Burlington Bertie.