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  1. 18. Robert Mugabe

  2. David Cassidy

    Gone now.
  3. Sweepstakes

    27th November 2017.
  4. Donald J Trump

    Bang on!
  5. Donald J Trump

    Slightly off topic but isn't Boris Johnson a Donald Trump tribute act.
  6. The 17th death of 2017

    I'm not changing my vote, and I hope Vera isn't either. Come on Vera do it for the boys next Sunday.
  7. Dead Pop Stars

    I see he went out on Bonfire night as well.
  8. Assassinations

    Who done it?
  9. Political Frailty

    No trick or treating for candy then.
  10. 24. Queen Elizabeth II

    You morbid git.
  11. The 17th death of 2017

    Vera Lynn, would be appropriate on Remembrance Sunday.
  12. Horse Racing

    Edredon Bleu @ 25/1 2003.
  13. The 16th death of 2017

    Perez, to be interesting.
  14. 24. Queen Elizabeth II

    I call it an ABDICATION,of duty.
  15. The 15th death of 2017

    Prince Philip