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  1. TomTomTelekom

    Arrogant Academics

    Sociologist Nathan Glazer dead at 95 years: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/19/obituaries/nathan-glazer-dead.html
  2. TomTomTelekom

    8. Jimmy Carter

    Another one of Jimmy Carter`s companions died. The guy on the left, Tony mendez CIA-Agent, dead at 78 years.
  3. TomTomTelekom

    The 100 Club

    American businessman Raymond Perelman dies at 101 years;: http://www.philly.com/business/raymond-perelman-obituary-wharton-penn-20190115.html Chemical Engineer John J. Mcketta dies at 103 years: https://news.utexas.edu/2019/01/15/beloved-longhorn-and-chemical-engineering-legend-john-j-mcketta-jr-dies-at-103/
  4. TomTomTelekom

    Carol Channing

    Big loss in official Deathlist and my first hit this year. Here is the Obit: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/theatre-dance/news/carol-channing-dead-hello-dolly-broadway-age-death-a8728676.html RIP to one of the last Broadway legends
  5. TomTomTelekom

    Dead Pop Stars

  6. TomTomTelekom

    Olivia Newton-John

    Late stage 4 cancer...…….. 4 to 9 weeks if she is lucky....( maybe a lot less ) Her body is now slowly shutting down...
  7. TomTomTelekom

    The 100 Club

    British Army Officer Geoffrey Langlands dies at 101 years: https://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/pakistan/pm-imrans-teacher-geoffrey-langlands-passes-away-in-lahore/
  8. TomTomTelekom

    The Dead of 2019

    I proudly present: The First death of 2019: Foreign Minister from Congo Raymond Ramazani Baya dead at 75: https://www.politico.cd/actualite/la-une/2019/01/01/rdc-deces-du-senateur-raymond-ramazani-baya-a-paris.html
  9. TomTomTelekom

    African Despots

    Foreign Minister from Congo Raymond Ramazani Baya dead at 75: https://www.politico.cd/actualite/la-une/2019/01/01/rdc-deces-du-senateur-raymond-ramazani-baya-a-paris.html
  10. TomTomTelekom

    26. Dick Van Dyke

    Dude is healthy and moves better than me and I'm a third his age. But he is too big to miss thatshow he was picked again
  11. TomTomTelekom

    Thoughts and opinions on the death list 2019

    Congratulations, I like the list. john wtfcirick is the only obscure choice for my taste, he may be old, ill or whatsoever, but really famous he is not. On the other side there are so many brave choices, new and big names. Gorbatchev or Tina Turner are real famous people that everyone knows in every hidden corner of the world. Happy and Healthy new Year to all of you
  12. TomTomTelekom

    The 1st Death of 2019

    Voted for Jacques Chirac
  13. TomTomTelekom

    Shadow Lists

    Here is my shadow list for 2019. My goal is to beat the official Deathlist as a benchmark - again! 1. Dilip Kumar 2. Jimmy Carter 3. Robert Mugabe 4. Olivia de Havilland 5. Betty White 6. Ed Asner 7. Leslie Philips 8. Irrfan Khan 9. John Paul Stevens 10. Nobby Stiles 11. Marieke Vervoort 12. Kirk Douglas 13. Vera Lynn 14. John Andretti 15. Mel Brooks 16. June Brown 17. Prince Philip 18. Valery GIscard Destaing 19. Manohar Parrikar 20. Franco Zeffirelli 21. Rhonda Fleming 22. Pierre Cardin 23. Herman Wouk 24. Sidney Poitier 25. Stanley Baxter 26. Stirling Moss 27. Sonali Bendre 28. Carol Channing 29. Fernando Ricksen 30. Pope Benedict 31. Doris Day 32. Dick van Dyke 33. Tim Conway 34. Bob Dole 35. Bob Barker 36. Michael John Robinson (Born 1958) 37. Olivia Newton John 38. I.M. Pei 39. Hosni Mubarak 40. Javier Perez 41. Queen Elisabeth 42. Murray Walker 43. Henry Kissinger 44. Hal Holbrook 45. Johnny Clegg 46. Lee Kerslake 47. Nicholas Parsons 48. Angela Lansbury 49. Sean Connery 50. James Randi
  14. TomTomTelekom

    Bollywood Stars

    legendary Filmmaker Mrinal Sen dies at 95 years https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/regional-cinema/story/legendary-filmmaker-mrinal-sen-dies-at-95-1419930-2018-12-30
  15. TomTomTelekom

    Norman Lear

    He is the godfather of actress Katey Sagal, known as Peggy Bundy in the US-Sitcom "Married ... with Children". In 1967 he was Oscar-nominated for "Divorced American style" with Dick van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds.

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