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  1. TomTomTelekom

    Franco Zeffirelli

    Actual Picture from Franco Zeffirelli at a ceremony in Florence. He looked very f***-up
  2. TomTomTelekom

    Dead Architects

    Pritzker prize winner Robert Venturi passes away at 93 years https://archpaper.com/2018/09/robert-venturi-passes-away/
  3. TomTomTelekom

    The 10th Death of 2018

    Valerie Harper
  4. TomTomTelekom

    Burt Reynolds

    Damn, another one gone I think the good guys are now passing faster than they are being made. Trump should declare a week of mourning. RIP!
  5. TomTomTelekom

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Actress Lydia Clarke dead at 95 years, she was the wife of Charlton Heston: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/lydia-clarke-heston-dead-actress-wife-charlton-heston-was-95-1140095
  6. TomTomTelekom

    The 100 Club

    Canadian Actor Murray Westgate dead at 100 years: http://www.mytimesnow.com/news/canada/1018380/they-treated-him-like-he-was-a-hockey-star-actor-and-hockey-night-in-canada-fixture-murray-westgate-dies-at-age-100
  7. TomTomTelekom

    The 9th death of 2018

    Valery Giscard Destaing
  8. TomTomTelekom

    8. John McCain

    its amazing to see the support for his wife and the whole McCain family. People don't have to agree with his politics but they can have sympathy for him as a human being who just fought a horrible disease. RIP John McCain.
  9. TomTomTelekom

    The 8th Death of 2018

    This time I went for Prunella Scales
  10. TomTomTelekom

    The 100 Club

    Hi David, Thank you for your message. You forgot at least one relevant person. Tomorrow the american mathematician Katherine Johnson will join the 100-club. for my taste a very important and at the same time underestimated personality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katherine_Johnson I certainly will not beat my personal record from last year (17 goals). but it should be enough to beat the official deathlist here again. Good luck to you and nice weekend greetings
  11. TomTomTelekom

    The 100 Club

    US-American chemist Martin Pope has turned 100 yesterday. He is a pioneer in molecular semiconductors and Professor Emeritus in New York University. Welcome to the 100-Club https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Pope
  12. TomTomTelekom


    Former NWA Star Chris Champion dead at age 57 https://lastwordonprowrestling.com/2018/08/22/former-nwa-star-chris-champion-passes-away-at-age-57/
  13. TomTomTelekom


    http://www.mediotiempo.com/lucha-libre/2018/08/21/fallecio-el-legendario-villano-iii-por-un-infarto-cerebral Mexican Wrestler Villano died after heart attack
  14. TomTomTelekom

    Stefan Karl Stefansson

    Too young to die, he will be missed. RIP!
  15. TomTomTelekom

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Sad to hear. Mr. Annan always struck me as one of the very few - best ones. Smart, articulate, grounded, a statesman and a gentleman. RIP!

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