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  1. ladyfiona

    Non-British Royals

    Apparently he has reportedly imported 19 Rolls-Royces and up to 120 BMWs into Eswatini for his family.
  2. Everyone at risk of any kind of diesease has been in hibernation for the last year or so. Unless they are terminally unwell or a covid denier then they havn't been at risk of dying compared to the year before. As more countries open up there will be a moment of "maybe I should stop wearing this mask" or "maybe it is safe to travel again" and then they'll end up in hospital and maybe not even with Covid considering they had been protected by other things.
  3. ladyfiona

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    Wally Funk - 82 She went up to space with Jeff Bezos the other week making her the oldest person in space. Not only that but she's had an aviation career lasting 60 years or so and was nearly picked by to go to space but none of the women were selected because...well they were women. Wiki
  4. ladyfiona

    Ringo Starr

    It helps being vegan, sober and have money based off 60+ years of recording music, being a businessman and voice of Thomas the Tank Engine. Also he collects post cards. Because for some reason I have that book of his where he shows his collection.
  5. ladyfiona

    The Chequered Flag

    Hugo Millán has died aged 14 who was a teen moto GP rider. BBC Sport obit.
  6. ladyfiona

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    Kier Starmer is now self isolating as one of his children has tested positive. Edit:
  7. Same excuse Meghan gave when she "published" a book and when the two did Oprah and when Meghan goes to call paps so she can appear in people magazine etc. This doesn't include doing stuff with Netflix and Harry saying he was cut off with only £7 million inheritance to live on.
  8. ladyfiona

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    I don't have it mainly because I work in a hospital and work behind a screen. We are advised by upper management to not have it on while at work.
  9. ladyfiona

    Late Euro championships 2020

    In my opinion the players who literally were only on for less than 5 minutes should not have taken penalties. They were not warmed up enough and Saka is only 19. Too much pressure on the lad.
  10. ladyfiona

    The grand Old Duke of Kent

    I am watching Wimbledon right now where they are presenting medals. He can hardly walk from the looks of it. He's been presented with a replica trophy of the men's singles trophy. Edit - And yes Kate is going to replace him.
  11. ladyfiona

    Val Kilmer

    I was about to post about this. He is definitely someone to watch over the coming years.
  12. ladyfiona

    Boxing Clever?

    Apparently his son was born only a month ago.
  13. ladyfiona

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    India's statistics according to Google is that their daily cases have gone down to about 45k compared to 9th May when it was over 400,000 cases per day.
  14. ladyfiona

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Italy 2 - 3 England
  15. ladyfiona

    Late Euro championships 2020

    England 2 - 1 Denmark

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