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  1. ladyfiona

    Barbara Windsor

    It's at this point I really don't want Scott or other friends giving anymore updates to the press because it's depressing seeing her go so downhill as I used to love her in Eastenders and reminds me of what my grandfather went through. Then again it is keeping us updated about whether to put her on Deathlist or not, lol. I guess he just wants £££ and last 15 minutes of fame before he vanishes from whatever public life he leads.
  2. ladyfiona


    Madonna needs to retire because she is past it but her ego won't let her. Her performance last year at Eurovision was awful.
  3. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Regarding Greg Page. This Tweet just popped up on my feed of him in hospital.
  4. Meghan will get bored and realise that because she isn't a proper royal anymore with all the lovely stuff and things funded by the public (they have to pay back £2 million for Frogmore House) that she isn't so special. She won't have a lot of commitments in Canada other than being a mother and the occasional charity work and then she will miss acting if she isn't missing it already. I live near Windsor and my mum's close friend told me that she knows a woman who works at Windsor Castle for H&M press office etc and apparently Meghan is a right madam/bossy and always wants to get her own way. It really feels like with all the strip of royal titles, things relating to the army being stripped basically, being made to distance himself from his blood family and friends in UK, that Harry is in an abusive relationship. These are all the warning signs people tell you about - just not talked about here because Harry isn't a woman. We know Harry has had or has mental health issues so he's just giving in to person he thinks he loves.
  5. ladyfiona

    Jack Nicholson

    From crazydaysandnights which is usually reliable when revealing celebrity gossip. People in the comments think he may have dementia.
  6. ladyfiona

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Thank you so much for giving me that visual image that i'm sure everyone else wanted.
  7. ladyfiona

    Doctor Who

    I've been watching a lot of Doctor Who reaction Youtube videos recently and the quickest to upload their reaction of tonights episode was Torchwood Boy. He liked the episode but said it was preachy at the end which I agree with. I now need to wait about two weeks for Sesskasays to watch and realise that the boy in the episode was same actor who played Roger in His Dark Materials.
  8. Prediction: - There will be a divorce in the next five years - Harry will get in Royal Family good books and a "public" interview will happen where he and William are best friends again - Meghan will renounce royal title and go back to acting in Hollywood as it is clear she misses it - Their son will get a royal title and live in London - They will attend state funerals and coronation of his father etc - The Crown writers are taking notes As a royalist i'm kinda annoyed at the way this is playing out, lol.
  9. ladyfiona

    Doctor Who

    Loved the last two episodes. I think Sacha Dhawan is a great choice for The Master. I just need to know if this master is before or after Missy.
  10. ladyfiona

    The Dead of 2020

    Stephen Clements - BBC Radio Ulster presenter has died aged 47.
  11. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    May I suggest some high ranking Iranians in government considering Trump is basically at war with Iran now.
  12. ladyfiona

    45. Terry Jones

    Yeah I suggested him recently but didn't think he'd be chosen. Michael Palin says it's only a matter of time.
  13. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I keep forgetting Michael Schumacher is still alive.
  14. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Onision also known by everyone as Onion Boy should be added here. FBI are on to him and groomers/pedos don't do well in prison.
  15. ladyfiona

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    June Brown - 92 and still working on Eastenders as far as i'm aware Prince Philip - If he's not dead by end of the year Pope Benedict - 92 and frail Cicely Tyson - She is 95 Tony Bennett - Is 93 Eva Marie Saint - Is 95 Carl Reiner - Is 97 Rhonda Fleming - Is 96 Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mother) - Is 98 (though due to botox etc her face has been dead for years I think Gene Reynolds - Is 96 Jimmy Lydon - Is 96 Joyce Randolph - Is 95 Jerry Lee Lewis - 84 and looking frail based on recent interviews Angela Lansbury - Is 94 Larry Storch - Is 96 Hugh Downs - Is 98 Dick Van Dyke - Is 94 James Lipton - Is 93 David Attenborough - Is 93 Glynis Johns - Is 96 Pierre Cardin - Is 97 Billy Connolly - 77 - Has Parkinsons Those in their 100's Caren Marsh-Doll - Is 100 Marge Champion - Is 100 Beverly Cleary - Is 103 Olivia de Havilland - Is 103 Diana Serra Cary - Is 101 Vera Lynn - Is 102 Norman Lloyd - Is 105 Kirk Douglas - Is 103 Marsha Hunt - Is 102 Has cancer Alex Trebek - 79 - Has stage 4 cancer Sam Lloyd - 56 - Has inoperable brain cancer and it's spread Slick Woods (aka Simone Thompson) - 23 - Has stage 3 skin cancer With dementia Terry Jones - Michael Palin has recently said he's not doing too good Barbara Windsor On a seperate note I would like to give thanks to this forum server for saving people's posts. I was one second away from posting this when my computer shut down and I thought i'd need to redo it all, but it's here and I don't have to scream into a pillow.

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