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  1. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    Add having a baby in the next few months if everything is ok with his girlfriend then recovery should be interesting.
  2. ladyfiona

    Political Frailty

    Discovered Lord Wright of Richmond died a few weeks ago. (Telegraph obit) He was in House of Lords up till last year.
  3. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    He's trying to get better and has passed control on to another person. I don't think Twitter is his top priority at the moment.
  4. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    I mean I was in ICU last year after I had ankle surgery to remove bolts that were there after I broke it. It was only for like half an hour mind so I could recover from anesthetic, but enough for them to make sure I wasn't having some weird reaction or anything. It is a place that gives the patient more medical attention, rather than being in a ward where maybe two nurses are looking after 6 patients per room.
  5. ladyfiona

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    The gaming Baftas ended up being livestreamed. The poor celebs that rely on attention and praise and possibly "living" with a beard etc to get press. Kim K and Camila Cabello must be fuming.
  6. ladyfiona

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    It seems 3 out of 4 patients that end up in ICU in hospital unwell are men. So not hitting the women as much. Edit - Source from The Guardian if you want a read.
  7. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    Would have thought they would have moved a lot of London patients to NHS Nightingale anyway. Priti Patel could be awol due to being the next designated survivor and needs to be away from anyone in Westminster who could be infected.
  8. ladyfiona

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Still early days to count.
  9. ladyfiona

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    The Oscar and Bafta tribute part of the show is going to be quite long at this rate, they may need a covid19 special.
  10. ladyfiona

    Donald J Trump

    Just stumbled across this thread:
  11. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    Now Rees Mogg really would take this country back to the 1800's.
  12. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    If Dominic Raab does become PM, he will do it for only till say July when the peak is over and then there will be another leadership contest. Because that is apparently what we do in Britain.
  13. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    I only know that to be true due to his illness being on The Queen. Talking of which i'm sure she is being given frequent updates at Windsor.
  14. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    The stock market may not look good in the morning.
  15. ladyfiona

    Boris Johnson

    We really can't hang on to a Conservative prime minister at the moment for more than a few years can we.

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