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  1. I've heard that noteworthy LA session drummer Hal Blaine hasn't got long left.
  2. They're just making sure that there's product already available on supermarket shelves for when he does pop his clogs. Record companies have done it many times before.
  3. dead

    Dead. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4551696/Former-Blue-Peter-favourite-John-Noakes-dies-aged-83.html
  4. Nephew, actually.
  5. Jane Freeman, who played Ivy from 1973 to 2010, has died according to Wikipedia.
  6. DJs

    I've heard of cases like this before, where a relative or friend reports someone as having died as soon as their life support system gets turned off, when in reality it takes a few hours or days before they finally pass on.
  7. I own hundreds of jazz albums, and I've never heard of him.
  8. Hearing some chatter concerning the death of Jazz/Funk/Soul composer David Axelrod. Nothing confirmed yet.
  9. Saturday Shake-Up was the rubbish show Tyne Tees viewers got to see when the rest of the country was watching Tiswas. It was awful.
  10. This one? It's a parody of a famous James Gillray cartoon from 1792: http://www.madamegilflurt.com/2014/05/james-gillray-fashionable-contrasts.html
  11. Jaki Liebezeit of Can, apparently, aged 78.
  12. I saw him support the reunited Long Ryders in Leeds in 2004. Hid set included the worst song title I've ever heard - "Mohammed Ali (The Meaning of Christmas)".
  13. I've heard several reports of Cliff's back-stage antics over the years. Nothing actually illegal, at least under today's laws, mind, but he's not as squeaky clean as he's made out to be.
  14. I was watching the BBC News channel earlier today when they cut live to their on-the-spot Parliament correspondent to discuss the latest Brexit shenanigans. The odd thing was his dress - black suit and black tie - not what I'd usually expect. Does this mean that the Beeb think she's going to cark it sooner or later, and that they've got their significant reporters already dressed up in case it happens today? Or was he just off to his Great Aunt Gladys's funeral this afternoon?
  15. Greg Lake, 69 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-38251936