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  1. JQW

    Sir Geoffrey Boycott

    I would often turn off Test Match Special when Boycott appeared for his summarising stint, as he annoyed me so much.
  2. JQW

    Boris Johnson

    Bumped off by Manchester gangsters by the end of the month, perhaps?
  3. JQW

    Donald J Trump

    The banks were the ones who effectively printed money - they lent out far more than they had assets to cover.
  4. JQW

    Political Frailty

    He was not strictly the president in the usual sense. The effective head of state of Switzerland is a 7-person cross-party Federal Council, comprising of the heads of the seven Federal Departments (Finance, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs etc.). The President is selected from one of these members for a year - but has little power beyond chairing meetings and representing Switzerland abroad.
  5. JQW

    UK Singles Chart

    It's a Christmas chart, so it's bound to be full of shite.
  6. JQW

    UK Singles Chart

    The Ragtimers are an oddity. The single was issued on Pye which seems to indicate that they were British as releases from overseas acts appeared on the Pye International imprint instead. There's a co-composer credit on the label to Jack Fishman who seems to be an American composer who worked with British jazz pianist Roy Budd on some film soundtracks around the time of their single. My suspicions is these are a couple of interpretations of Scott Joplin numbers that happened to be in the can when the film was released, and issued to cash-in on interest on Joplin.
  7. JQW

    UK Singles Chart

    The information comes initially from the Music Master series of books, which listed every known record release, at least on major labels. For singles from the 1970s, this material is has been collated and made available here: http://www.7tt77.co.uk/
  8. JQW

    UK Singles Chart

    Love Rollercoaster was issued in the UK - catalogue number 6167-225.
  9. JQW

    Professional Cyclists

    Update - Dygert is reported as being 'conscious and talking'. Having seen a repeat of the incident it looked serious - front wheel puncture/failure, leading to a crash over an Armco crash barrier and into a ditch.
  10. JQW

    Professional Cyclists

    Huge crash for Chloe Dygert just now whilst leading today's UCI World Championships Time Trial into Imola.
  11. JQW

    Deadpool Detective Work

    No progress on Tommy Quickly, I'm afraid. Too obscure for even these Beatles nuts.
  12. JQW

    Jamaican Jamming

    Toots Hibbert dead.
  13. JQW

    Deadpool Detective Work

    I've a couple contacts who may know, or may know someone who does. I'll try to get into contact with them this evening. If they don't know, noted Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn should, but I'm wary of contacting him as he's busy researching the second and third volume of his extensive Beatles history.
  14. JQW

    Death By Jazz

    Pete King, British saxophonist, dies aged 80.
  15. JQW

    Dying Off The Radar

    Former NME writer Dele Fadele died back in 2018, but it only came to light last night: https://www.nme.com/news/music/tributes-paid-following-the-death-of-legendary-nme-writer-dele-fadele-2734316

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