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  1. JQW

    The Chequered Flag

    There's been very little practice due to the weather so far. All of today's and yesterday's sessions were cancelled.
  2. JQW

    The Chequered Flag

    Expect more updates on this thread over the next couple of weeks, as the Isle Of Man TT races start this evening with the first practice sessions.
  3. JQW

    Thoughts and opinions on the death list 2019

    A message-board I occasionally visit has a long running thread that's ideal for dead pooling - it's essentially mentions anyone in a particular field of interest who has major health issues. I've managed to pick up quite a few dead pooling hints from that site over the years, although many of the mentions were of people highly unlikely to receive an obit over here. Last year that thread stuttered to a halt, with no updates for several months. It turns out that the most regular poster to that thread had died suddenly, and no-one else was taking it over.
  4. JQW

    2. Herman Wouk

    I did some work at the financial wing of Reuters some years ago - I wouldn't trust them at all!
  5. JQW

    2. Herman Wouk

    The Guardian aren't running the story either. I suspect that they're both awaiting confirmation from a verified source before running the story.
  6. JQW

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    And now dead, apparently, via several posts on Twitter.
  7. JQW

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    Mike Wilhelm, of San Francisco psyche band The Charlatans, and later of the Flamin' Groovies, is reportedly under hospice care.
  8. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    I’m currently in a pub, and my potential joker pick for next year’s DDP is in here as well. He’s a road racing motorcyclist, with one big win last year. I suspect it’s a farewell drinks do before the NW200 which begins next week.
  9. JQW

    Freddie Starr

    Take a look at this awful rubbish, from almost 40 years ago.
  10. JQW

    The Archers

    Edward Kelsey, The Archers' Joe Grundy, 88 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5zDlf35ysxt9kz7wvmnJkfQ/edward-kelsey-joe-grundy
  11. JQW

    Horse Racing

    Doug Moscrop, racing journalist and tipster from the North East of England - most notable for his daily tips on Tyne Tees's various local news shows, aged 77. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/heartbreak-doug-moscrop-north-east-16142236
  12. JQW

    Dead Pop Stars

    Ranking Roger (born Roger Charlery) of The Beat and General Public has died aged 56, according to The Selecter's twitter feed.
  13. JQW

    R Dean Taylor

    In the US he was signed to Motown's rock subsidiary label, Rare Earth, and which also had the US rights to some UK acts such as Pretty Things. Due to delays in getting that imprint set up in the UK, his releases here initially appeared on Tamla Motown until these trademark issues could be sorted.
  14. JQW

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Thought I'd heard it before - the article is from 2008!
  15. JQW

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Thinking about this a bit more, he's only been absent from the show since sometime in January, and although there's five episodes a week most weeks, they most likely film around that number of episodes a day. He may have only missed a couple of weeks of filming, so it could be nothing more than a bad cold.

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