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  1. The acquaintance who tipped me off that Mark E Smith was in a bad way after attending what turned out to be The Fall's last ever gig has just notified me of someone else in a similar state after attending one of their gigs outside of the UK yesterday. I'm now mulling over whether to add them or not, as they may not get a QO.
  2. I've now dropped one of the three picks who recently left a post, as they've evidently found something similar elsewhere. I've not made any progress as to what's happening to the other two. I've also found a photo of one of my other picks on the website of their local newspaper, looking unrecognisable, so they're staying.
  3. I've trimmed the list a little, dropping those who most likely won't QO, and a few others whose health has improved since the beginning of the year. I've still got three picks who I suspect have all left positions this year due to ill health, but at the moment I don't have any definite proof, and they may have all stood down for other reasons. As far as I'm aware none of these people have been discussed on here this year.
  4. The main list is of about 40 at the moment. I'm not sure if one of them will gain a QO, and a couple of others may have died off radar. I've a theme team of what will mostly be unique picks to put in too.
  5. JQW

    Professional Cyclists

    Hearing that Brian Robinson, the first British rider to complete the Tour de France, has died aged 91.
  6. JQW

    Deathlist Dreaming

    I had a recent dream which involved five celebrity deaths on the same day, all being somewhat controversial individuals. The first two were Bernie Ecclestone and Rupert Murdoch of natural causes, the next was an assassination of Putin, followed by a major UK politician's aircraft going missing on an overseas trip, and finally Trump carking it in mysterious circumstances. TV news was in meltdown, with no idea as to where to go next.
  7. JQW

    Renowned Mountaineers, Feeling Peaky?

    Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson, 49, dies in the descent of Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas.
  8. JQW

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    The last issue of Private Eye had an article that hinted that they knew she was seriously ill with not long left. I suspect there will be a lot more in the next issue, due out tomorrow.
  9. JQW

    Old Folkies Home

    I accidentally won some tickets to see them a few years ago by simply liking a social media account of the local bus company. I didn't go.
  10. JQW

    Vladimir Putin

    The Daily Express (yes, I know!) is reporting a failed assassination attempt. Most probably utter twaddle. Ukraine LIVE: Horror as report Putin's motorcade attacked with explosives rattles Russia | World | News | Express.co.uk
  11. JQW

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    There's rumours going around that he's carked it for good this time. I've not found a credible confirmation yet.
  12. JQW


    Michael Barratt dead at 94.
  13. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    My only hit was on January 1st. Everyone else I've picked is still alive, and the local TT rider I have as my joker managed to get through the whole meeting without crashing once.
  14. JQW

    The Dead of 2022

    Usually it's due to waiting for official confirmation before going ahead. Sometimes there's also a delay until close relatives have been informed.
  15. JQW

    The Chequered Flag

    Two more deaths at the TT today, with the second sidecar race claiming Roger and Bradley Stockton. Isle of Man TT Races on Twitter: "It is with deep sense of sorrow that the Isle of Man TT Races can announce the loss of Roger and Bradley Stockton following an incident on the final lap of the second Sidecar Race of TT 2022. We extend our deepest sympathy to their families, loved ones and friends. https://t.co/IHA3lM5XCt" / Twitter The Senior TT, scheduled for this afternoon, hasn't yet taken place due to the weather.

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