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  1. JQW

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Reece Dinsdale reports the death of Eric Chappell, writer of Rising Damp and Home To Roost, amongst others: https://twitter.com/reece_dinsdale/status/1517871582768738306
  2. JQW

    Tiger Woods

    The organisers of the Masters also have some fairly odd rules regarding TV coverage, which restricts what footage broadcasters can show.
  3. JQW

    8. June Brown

    Dead. EastEnders veteran June Brown dies at 95 - BBC News
  4. JQW

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    Don Craine appeared on yesterday's episode of Antiques Roadshow, showing off various bits of memorabilia from the Eel Pie Island club. I didn't catch a mention of his death at the end of the episode.
  5. JQW


    A variant of baseball used to be popular in Wales (and to a lesser extent in Liverpool), with BBC Cymru broadcasting fixtures, particularly the annual Wales v England game.
  6. JQW

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Mark Lanegan has died, aged 57, according to his Twitter feed:
  7. JQW

    Dead Pop Stars

    Gary Brooker died on the 19th of February, according to the Procul Harum Twitter account:
  8. JQW

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Kristofferson looked and sounded awful when he played Glastonbury a few years ago. I'm surprised he's still here.
  9. Wasn't she responsible for the sacking of Australian PM Gough Whitlam in 1975, though?
  10. JQW

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    There's a reason behind the sudden rise in UK COVID-19 cases - as of Monday the stats now included re-infection cases for the first time.
  11. JQW

    Dead Pop Stars

    It's not even the worst song with those lyrics - remember Cliff's 'Millennium Prayer'?
  12. JQW

    The 100 Club

    Bob Hope also had a few minor hits before the rock era.
  13. JQW

    Meat Loaf

    I used to call him Malt Loaf, which is apt, as he's now brown bread. Never cared for his music.
  14. JQW

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    Oh dear! Samantha Brown on Twitter: "Sinéad O'Connor has just sent out these tweets and deleted her account. If anyone has or knows a connection to her, can you please seek help. https://t.co/Ju09sl9zXy" / Twitter
  15. JQW

    Old Folkies Home

    Norma Waterson is reportedly in hospital suffering from pneumonia.

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