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  1. JQW

    Dead Pop Stars

    Also written by Giorgio Moroder.
  2. JQW


    According to reviews of yesterday's performance at the same venue, she appeared to be in pain.
  3. JQW


    She's cancelled tonight's performance in Lisbon at very short notice - no reason given. Health issues, perhaps?
  4. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    I’m currently in a very grotty pub. My DDP joker is also here - looks fine, but he does race motorcycles on public roads.
  5. JQW

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    P-orridge did gain some notoriety in some of the Sunday tabloids in the mid-1980s due to some allegations of Satanic child abuse. Nothing ever came from it - I presume (s)he'd just pissed off some over sensitive god-botherers.
  6. JQW

    The Dead of 2020

    Will dig out the first two Kaleidoscope albums tonight. The first of the original line-up to go.
  7. JQW

    Dead Poets Society

    I've heard through friends that the Scottish poet Roddy Lumsden died a day or two ago, aged 53, having been in hospice care. He also had a panelist on BBC Radio 4's 'Round Britain Quiz'.
  8. I saw him support Cannon & Ball in summer season in Scarborough back in the early 1980s. Cannon & Ball were naturally shit.
  9. JQW

    World War II Veterans

    The de Havilland Aircraft Company was founded by Geoffrey de Havilland, Olivia's cousin. I can recall seeing a news story sometime in the late 1990s / early 2000s on a commemoration of the De Havilland Mosquito, and Olivia was one of the attendees.
  10. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Submitted my entry. The 'mailto:' link on the DDP site has the wrong address, by the way.
  11. JQW

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I suspect he's already carked it, and they held off announcing it to prevent yesterday's state opening of parliament to be delayed.
  12. JQW

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    It's rare to have events in Hyde Park at this time of year - unless it's for the annual dip in the Serpentine.
  13. JQW

    UK election. You voted for?

    Lib Dem. Another tactical vote here, in a safe Tory seat that's voted the same way at every General Election since 1910.
  14. That could describe one of my picks. I'm holding off submitting mine for a week or two, as I'm sure that that particular person and possibly three others won't make it. As for my joker, I'm certain that no-one else will have picked them.
  15. JQW

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    I've got a name that matches that description too! A name not known to many, but guaranteed an obit.

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