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  1. If only that odious turd had died in that plane crash back in 2010!
  2. JQW

    Death By Jazz

    Saxophonist Carlos Garnett, 84. https://twitter.com/chris_monsen/status/1632458054003310594
  3. Musician David Lindley, aged 78. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lindley_(musician)
  4. JQW

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    It's more likely that he's in his 50s than from the 50s - he seems to have played in several York based bands over the past few decades, none of which seem to have been succesful.
  5. JQW

    The Chequered Flag

    All motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland has been cancelled this year due to significant increases in public liability insurance costs. The same insurance company also covers the Isle of Man TT races - could they be in doubt as well?
  6. JQW

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    David Marks is still around too - he played on their first few albums through 1962 and 1963, replacing Jardine who was at college, but wasn't on their debut single.
  7. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    My jazz and cycling teams are most likely to receive qualifying obituaries from the same journalist, the Guardian's Richard Williams.
  8. JQW

    The Beatles Death Curse

    The most notorious thing about Ed Rudy was the dubious Beatles live album he issued in 1965. It was essentially a poor quality recording of the Beatles August 1964 concert in Atlantic City, but due to rights issues he had another band, The Liverpool Lads, overdub over the Beatles actual performances, whilst keeping all other recordings from the concert intact. Then at the end he added an interview with a fake Brian Epstein. Here's a YouTube upload of most of that album - some of the interviews with screaming fans have been dropped. First Beatles bootleg EVER! Fake! Horrid! Hilarious!! - YouTube
  9. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    My two theme teams don't seem to have made it - probably my faulty due to adding them as second and third sheets in the Excel spreadsheet I submitted, instead of sending them as separate sheets. My main team is there and with all picks correct.
  10. JQW

    David Crosby

    I've not seen anything on several US based music websites, including one with a lot of traffic. Also, more tellingly, I'm facebook friends with an LA based music journalist who hasn't posted anything yet.
  11. JQW

    Stranger Than Death

    Jazz drummers 'Philly' Joe Jones and 'Papa' Jo Jones died within 4 days of each other back in 1985. They originally adopted their nicknames to stop them being confused with each other.
  12. JQW

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    Same here - he was a regular on children's TV at the time, and I can remember seeing that year's Record Breakers Christmas special go out with him in it, as it had been recorded a few months prior to his death. I do remember someone telling me that the man who did the voice of Popeye had recently died when watching a Popeye cartoon on TV when very young, but I had no idea who that was at the time. Apparently he was named Harry Foster Welch.
  13. JQW

    Elvis Presley

    "There's a gal works down the chip van swears her dad's Elvis" doesn't have the same ring to it as Kirsty McColl's original.
  14. JQW

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    My main team: Michael Dunlop Roy Wood Garth Hudson Ryuichi Sakamoto Greg Norton Rhod Gilbert Phil Collins Clive Everton James Burton George Alagiah Rob Burrow Andy Taylor Jonnie Irwin Diane Abbott James Whale Nigel Starmer-Smith Russell Grant Janey Godley Gianluca Vialli Frank Field I've also submitted a theme team of jazz musicians: Sonny Rollins Roy Haynes Ron Carter James Spaulding Wayne Shorter Herbie Hancock Reggie Workman Carla Bley Keith Jarrett Lou Donaldson Kenny Burrell Archie Shepp John McLaughlin Dave Holland Benny Golson Richard Davis Charles Lloyd George Benson Jack DeJohnette Billy Cobham And a theme team of Grand Tour winning cyclists: Federico Bahamontes Lucien Aimar Jan Janssen Eddy Merckx Bernard Thévenet Lucien Van Impe Bernard Hinault Joop Zoetemelk Franco Balmamion Gianni Motta Gösta Pettersson Fausto Bertoglio Michel Pollentier Johan De Muynck Giuseppe Saronni Giovanni Battaglin Bernardo Ruiz Angelino Soler Rolf Wolfshohl Ferdinand Bracke
  15. JQW

    46. Hal Linden

    ITV regions would show the odd US import comedy as a late night schedule filler. I can't recall Barney Miller turning up in that slot here, but it may have gone out in another part of the country.

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