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  1. WholfOfTheDead

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Hi guys, this is Kenny’s cousin. Just gonna leave this here and hope one of you apologises
  2. WholfOfTheDead

    George Bush Senior

    I think Barbara Bush's death will finish this guy off.
  3. WholfOfTheDead

    George Bush Senior

    Why does President Ford have such a big left hand? xD
  4. WholfOfTheDead

    Barbara Bush

    Either that article I posted earlier was conveniently true fake news article or they have a glass ball (having reported hours and hours before anyone else). ...or Fox News could be telling porkies.
  5. WholfOfTheDead

    Barbara Bush

    Just in from Fox News... http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/17/barbara-bush-former-first-lady-dead-at-92.html
  6. WholfOfTheDead

    Barbara Bush

    Fake website called Breaking CNN, even faker than the real CNN... Cant verify if this is true. Was getting ready to mark her off when I saw this... http://breaking-cnn.com/former-first-lady-barbara-bush-dies-92/
  7. WholfOfTheDead

    The Dead of 2018

    Wasn't Bristow in the jungle?
  8. WholfOfTheDead

    Donald J Trump

    Alt Right? I read them quite a bit and they aren't fashy. Prove me wrong and find something 'Alt Right' on the website.
  9. WholfOfTheDead

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    It crossed my mind earlier but does the deathlist have to necessarily include people? I read up about the last white northern rhino dying out and maybe deathlist could include a famous animal in the list that is expected to die soon. That animal would be judged on the same merits as any human, not being famous for being old and death being reported by the UK media - or is that going too far?
  10. WholfOfTheDead

    Donald J Trump

    I may not agree with what you are saying but you have every right to say it. I just don't think that the media shouldn't be the one to hold an opinion on Don Jr's divorce. Also Goldfire Media is pretty anti establishment, so I think they're alright - being a libertarian and all...
  11. WholfOfTheDead

    Donald J Trump

    It takes someone really low to laugh at a guy's broken marriage just because they don't agree with his father's politics. https://goldfiremedia.net/2018/03/16/fake-news-media-celebrates-trump-divorce/
  12. WholfOfTheDead

    Stephen Hawking

    ...And another one bites the dust! Time to mark him off in my list.
  13. WholfOfTheDead

    Billy Graham

    As soon as I found out he died I instantly came here. Is that bad?
  14. WholfOfTheDead

    John McCain

    I found it savage tbh, writer looks pretty normal but yes there were errors.
  15. WholfOfTheDead

    John McCain

    Speaking of which, found this earlier... https://squawker.org/politics/john-mccain-mother-turns-106-heres-why-we-hope-he-dies-before-she-does/

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