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  1. Joey Russ

    7. Loretta Lynn

    It’s literally just rehashing an older headline (in this case it’s reusing the one Etta James had). They seem to be doing more of that lately (Gorby rehashing Castro is another)…
  2. Joey Russ

    The 10th death of 2022

    Oldest debutant is still living, so I’m going with Desmond Morris
  3. Joey Russ

    7. Loretta Lynn

    One of those rare instances where the clickbait website was onto something!
  4. Joey Russ


    1987: Ozzy Osbourne (1/31)  1989: Frank Bruno, Mike Ditka, Ozzy Osbourne, Brian Wilson, David Jenkins (5/32)  1990: Mike Ditka, Rex Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Terry Waite (4/42)  1991: Leo Beenhakker (1/40)  1992: Shaun Ryder (1/37)  1993: Tony Bennett, Henry Kissinger, George Lineker, Jerry Lee Lewis (4/56) 1994: Edmund White, Holly Johnson, Peter Shilton (3/50)  1995: Holly Johnson (1/50)  1996: Mr T (1/50)  1997: (0/50)  1998: (0/50)  1999: Nick Leeson, Carly Simon (2/50)  2000: Louis Farrakhan (1/50)  2001: Liza Minnelli (1/50)  2002: (0/50)  2003: (0/50)  2004: Pervez Musharraf (1/50)  2005: Hamed Karzai (1/50) 2006: (0/50)  2007: Tim Johnson, Louis Farrakhan (2/50)  2008: Russell Watson, Hamed Karzai, Charles Taylor (3/50)  2009: (0/50)  2010: Angela Lansbury (1/50)  2011: Ali Khamenei, Dick Cheney, Michael Douglas (3/50)  2012: Nigel Lawson, Henry Kissinger, Dick Van Dyke, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (4/50) 2013: Henry Kissinger (1/50)  2014: Wilko Johnson, Dick Van Dyke, Tony Bennett (3/50)  2015: Leslie Phillips, Henry Kissinger, Jake Roberts (3/50)  2016: Prunella Scales, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Tommy Chong, Leslie Phillips, Sandy Gall, Paul Gascoigne (7/50)  2017: Jimmy Carter, Leslie Phillips, Bob Barker, Sandy Gall, Pope Benedict XVI, Emperor Akihito (6/50)  2018: Linda Nolan, Bob Barker, Prunella Scales, Jimmy Carter, Leslie Phillips, Henry Kissinger, Dick Van Dyke, Stanley Baxter, Mel Brooks, Pope Benedict XVI, Louis Farrakhan, Ronnie Wood, Joni Mitchell, Paul Gascoigne (14/50)  2019: Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Bob Barker, Emperor Akihito, Alan Greenspan, Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Walters, Harry Belafonte, Vanessa Redgrave, Cleo Laine, Loretta Lynn, Prunella Scales, Tina Turner, Shane MacGowan (13/50) 2020: Dick Van Dyke, Emperor Akihito, Angela Lansbury, Bob Barker, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Leslie Phillips, Tony Bennett, Harry Belafonte, Prunella Scales, Jacques Delors, Willie Nelson, Shane MacGowan, Dick Cheney, Imelda Marcos, Joanne Woodward, David Crosby, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Pervez Musharraf, David Attenborough (21/50) 2021: Dick Van Dyke, Emperor Akihito, Loretta Lynn, Angela Lansbury, Bob Barker, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Leslie Phillips, Jacques Delors, Ali Khamenei, David Crosby, Prunella Scales, Tony Bennett, Rosalynn Carter, Dick Cheney, Harry Belafonte, BobNewhart, Barbara Walters, Pope Benedict XVI, Imelda Marcos, Yoko Ono, Linda Nolan, Joanne Woodward, Mel Brooks, Willie Nelson, Betty Boothroyd, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Raul Castro, Burt Bacharach, Stanley Baxter, Vanessa Redgrave, Shane MacGowan, Shannen Doherty (33/50)  Updated for Loretta Lynn.
  5. Joey Russ

    Joe Biden

    It’s also true that there are much worse cases of octogenarian not being fit for the job. I’m looking at you Diane Feinstein and Chuck Grassley
  6. Joey Russ

    The Dead of 2022

    A lot of those frustrations was for other reasons though looking back at it (like Gissoo posting every single nonentity in this thread). As for those mostly frustrated by actually posting in this thread, it seems to be only three or four people who actually yell at members for that, and I personally don’t think three or four people should dictate if this thread should be able to be posted in or not.
  7. Joey Russ

    The Dead of 2022

    Just because someone believes that it’s anyone right to post any death here doesn’t mean that they have to do it themselves. It’s just more that people don’t deserve ridicule for posting here. Who cares if someone posts here or not? That’s there choice. No need to call them out here. Not everybody is an active contributor on the forum, and I think as long as they don’t post a death in a thread that said death was already mentioned in its perfectly fine to post in any thread that makes sense.
  8. Joey Russ

    Political Frailty

    Tbf, he is the father of current US Secretary of State so it’s not that surprising when you factor that in
  9. Joey Russ

    The one

    Five years later and I’m still alive? Drats, don’t think I can win this pool guys
  10. Joey Russ

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    I honestly assumed all of MLK jr’s brothers and sisters have died at this point, but no he has an older sister (Christine King Farris) who’s still alive at 95!
  11. Joey Russ

    Toby Keith

    Admittedly stomach cancer can prove to really be a dark horse of a cancer
  12. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Seems like original alt obits host Amelia has died. Definitely an end of an era for some people
  13. Joey Russ

    Oldest Centenarians

    Honestly you could’ve just posted in the 100 club and be fine.
  14. Joey Russ

    48. Jean-Luc Godard

  15. Joey Russ

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    Ah yes, I too rely on the express to tell me if the Ayatollah is gravely ill or not

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