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  1. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Also, for Lindsey Graham’s bio can you please add the line “Now he is Donald Trump’s bitch.” Thanks...
  2. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Change Trump’s bio to what Spade had. That was pure gold...
  3. Joey Russ

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Er, try again
  4. Joey Russ

    The Dead of 2020

    Well, he actually got a QO. Congrats.
  5. Joey Russ

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    JiroemonKimura vs Old Crem LizLemon vs Ethushishispushingupdaisies FixedBusiness vs The Unknown Man Annami vs Grobler HDS vs Great Uncle Bulgaria An Fear Bag vs Markb4 DeathByArsenic vs Sean Wormfarmer vs Joemoneypenny Djemba Djemba vs Yorkshire Banker Skinny Kiltrunner vs Sir Creep Not to worry, there’s still another week to submit a team, I’m just highlighting the teams that I have received so far. Though I know a couple are last minute folk waiting to see if more folk like Allison Copening, Morgan Wootten, and Jay Allen will make their way onto the shortlist (they’re all dead btw so they’d all be rejected, they all just had some on their way out news that people could find)...
  6. Joey Russ

    Deathrace 2020

    Jay Allen a hit for Etush and Chorizo
  7. Joey Russ

    The Dead of 2020

    Would’ve guaranteed that he would’ve been on some of the more researched cup teams in February due to recent news...
  8. Joey Russ

    Reality TV

  9. Joey Russ

    The Dead of 2020

    Sonny Grosso, a NYPD detective who was one of the inspirations for the 1971 film The French Connection has died
  10. Joey Russ

    The 5th Crowdsource Deathlist (2020 edition)

    A DEAD PARROT 3/50 21st January 2020 Beloved Monty Python member Terry Jones has bereft of life and rests in peace in order to bring the crowdsource list its third score. By far his biggest success was with his work with Monty Python, which taught people that stuff like silly walks and fish slapping were fun things to do. It was no wonder then that with sketches like those they were able to be arguably Britain's finest comedians, something that allowed them to make it worldwide. Terry was less of a performer than the other five and made most of his impact behind the scenes. However, he still performed some really big roles during Monty Python. Among them included the upper-class man in "Nudge Nudge" who kept getting asked about his sex life, the explosive Mr. Creosote in the Meaning of Life, Brian's mother in the Life of Brian, and the waitress in the "Spam" sketch, which now produces the term for the infamous junk mail we all love. He co-directed Holy Grail with Terry Gilliam and he was the sole director of the other two Python films Life of Brian and Meaning of Life. The former of the two films really had a fascinating story, which lead to former Beatle George Harrison to pay for production. Outside of the Python realm, he was a renowned medieval historian and he teamed up once again with Michael Palin to write Ripping Yarns. Sadly, he had an aggressive form of dementia known as frontotemporal dementia, which ultimately lead to his death at 77. This was his second appearance, jumping all the way to the 20th spot. In other news, I just found a book on the Spanish Inquisition. I wasn't expecting to see the Spanish Inquisition while writing this obituary...
  11. Joey Russ

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Yep, which means deathrace could last another month without much issue (slowest Deathrace since 2016, eh). Can also confirm someone did pick Terry Jones in the cup, but they will be subbed in when I’m back home
  12. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    So I got the email for the Jones hit, it said he might not be able to update the site until the weekend. So that might explain why no update for the German actor happened yet. It may have the actor hit in another email though.
  13. Joey Russ

    The 1st death of 2020

  14. Joey Russ

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Oh, of course. But now that two folk has died on my team I would like credit for both of them.
  15. Joey Russ

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    That’s the second year my wildcard went in January. Darn. I did have Roger Scruton on my team, so I think I should also have points for him?

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