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  1. Christopher Plummer

    Becomes oldest actor nominated for an Oscar to date. Now here’s someone I think will reach 100...
  2. Songs that would never be made today?

    Run For Your Life by the Beatles.
  3. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I had a feeling he would be a goner this year, even if his cancer went into remission. I just couldn't find a place for him onto my main team cause he turns 70 so early in the year...
  4. Suicidal Celebs

  5. The Dead of 2018

    Another person who might’ve been on a few people’s February squad, Julian P Boom, has now passed...
  6. 30/30

    Got my first hit on here with Hugh Masekela...
  7. Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    I'm actually nervous on how well my team might actually do on my first year. Three already gone (and one of them I wasn't expecting to die so quickly, and he was also a replacement pick), and I could definitely see more hits, but I'm not sure if it will be enough to win this year. I'm quite confident that I'll have a top ten spot this year though...
  8. Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Another trio. Gerard Tierney is the other person who shared the hit with me and gcreptile...
  9. The Dead of 2018

    I’m saddened by this. He really was an amazing musician, with one of his songs being recently announced into the Grammy’s Hall of Fame. I wish I could’ve put him on my B team to replace some of the less interesting folk on there in hindsight, but alas, that’s how life goes sometimes. Still saddened by this. RIP
  10. Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Well, I think I’ll expand my lead now with Masekela’s demise, but the question of whether it’s eight, nine, or eleven is a different question (won’t be a solo since I know gcreptile picked him here).
  11. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Ah, it did. Wish I could've picked him in more dead pools. Oh well. On the bright side, I was able to put him as a replacement for a rejected pick in Alt Obituaries (potential duo with gcreptile?)...
  12. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Actually, I’ve just discovered that Jordan Pruden died a couple days ago according to a Facebook post. Make that four names I found out in one day. He won’t be getting any obit though...
  13. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Haha, that’s three deathrace deaths announced in one day. If only this carnage happened a few weeks earlier...
  14. Neil Diamond

    Retires from touring after Parkinson’s diagnosis. Neil, you’ll be a dead man soon...
  15. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    You still got a very decent team despite not having those two. Top ten is very plausible imo.