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  1. Joey Russ

    MMMDP 2023

    Advent Avalanche opened up at noon, Maryport always opened this pool up this early on (which is bad for a lot of Americans but eh life isn’t always about dead pooling)
  2. Joey Russ

    MMMDP 2023

    Yeah you posted well before most of the people here
  3. Joey Russ

    6. Jimmy Carter

  4. Joey Russ

    13. Robert Wagner

    Robin Wagner dead
  5. Joey Russ

    Shove Off, Eh?

    Interestingly he would’ve gotten a QO
  6. Joey Russ

    6. Jimmy Carter

  7. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    Nisbet was a complete error on my end I’ll admit, I think I misread a recent article that made me think he was more dire than he clearly was. As for Ashton, I kept him mainly because I remember being really mad at dropping Sylvain and didn’t want to risk dropping another me pick, and I still feel he’s sooner rather than later. But yeah, I think my chances of winning really relies on calling 2/3 of Ashton/Hilland/Taylor correctly as well as having some other differentials from other teams not working like Robert Zimmer not getting a QO…
  8. Joey Russ

    38. Rolf Harris

    From the front page obit, very rare humor from their obits: In the later parts of career, rumours had started to spread that Harris had a dark secret. It started to become clear that the clues had been there for years and then people started to come forward to substantiate the claims. Finally, it was revealed that Harris was indeed an Australian…
  9. Joey Russ

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    I remember him in research back in 2020. Keller was 100% known to everyone by the time he first showed up on your cup squad
  10. Joey Russ

    From Cleric To Relic

    I think that was before it was known how the yahoo change would actually impact the ddp at large. In the past, unless you were a best selling author like Ravi Zacharias a lot of these smaller Christian fundamentalist types were very much QO risks
  11. Joey Russ

    From Cleric To Relic

    His wife asks for prayers, blah blah blah blah blah…
  12. Joey Russ

    38. Rolf Harris

    It’s the well known hoax site. People still fall for it. Sigh…
  13. Joey Russ

    Dianne Feinstein

  14. Joey Russ

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2023 (page 12)

    You know, if somebody tries to accuse someone of being sexually repressed then it’s obvious that they’re truly the sexually oppressed person
  15. Joey Russ

    Dianne Feinstein

    Somehow she looks even better than Feinstein

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