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  1. Jay Inslee suspends his campaign. A little surprising since he recently crossed the donor threshold, but never really gained traction in the polls.
  2. Joey Russ

    Dead Pop Stars

    Believe you were in 21st after Blanco died. You’re in 16th place now. Congrats
  3. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Genuinely surprised that you never heard of Harry Reid since he was the senate majority leader from 2007 to 2015!
  4. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Also, you’re far from the first team to have the most hits and not be in the lead. As an example, here’s the results from the top 5 in 2017 by hits. 1. 20 2. 18 3. 16 4. 17 5. 23 If you had a look at the 5th place team, 12 out of his 23 hits were over 80. Going the old person route isn’t going to work. @Sir Creep, msc thought you’d be really good at Alt Obits because of your eclectic picking of people in Alt Obits, and apart from Vinny Vella and a few of your rejected names you appeared to have fallen into two camps of picks: canon names (which are fine as most contenders picked them), and older people. It’s the latter that’s holding you back, and had you replaced them with, say, Fred Rister (who’s on your DDP team) or some of your more obscure eclectic names that get through, I promise you that you’d be doing much better in this dead pool.
  5. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Dude, here’s a solution: don’t pick old people. We’re not leading cause we’re frauds, we’re leading cause we actually read the fucking rules. A 90 year old is two points. A 60 year old is 11 points. Maybe that’ll explain why you’re not winning despite having the most hits.
  6. Joey Russ

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Looks as if Steph Nally, cancer mum picked by Chorizo, died off the radar:
  7. Joey Russ

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Ah, but he’ll always be number 1 dead or alive.
  8. Joey Russ

    46. Larry King

    Seeking divorce from his 7th wife.
  9. Joey Russ

    Cardinal George Pell

    Sent an appeal, but was rejected by the Australian courts.
  10. Joey Russ

    Dead Pop Stars

    I thought he was an obit risk when I removed him from the shortlist for the DDP, though I thought he’d last longer after I found out it was kidney cancer after the New Years, and it seemed like he quit treatment for it being to debilitating rather than being near the end of his life!
  11. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    A shake up just occurred in Alt Obits. I had Fred Rister, and I’m now apparently in the lead in Alt Obits, though I may still very well lose if no one else dies and Toffa stays the youngest hit of the year...
  12. Joey Russ

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Tbf, a lot of hard rock is blues inspired anyways, though I get your point.
  13. Joey Russ


    Al Jackson, an original Mets player is dead according to Twitter...
  14. Joey Russ

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    You know, it feels weird that for the second year in a row I’m part of the first group of teams to break 100 points (last year I broke 100 points alongside Buckets of Blood when Matt Cappotelli died). Yet somehow, it happened again.
  15. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    A whopping 23 teams picked Blanco in Alt Obits!

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