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  1. Joey Russ

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Of course all these hospice names show up after I have to submit my team. Yay hosting duties...
  2. Joey Russ

    Oldies Generation Deadpool

    Yoko Ono
  3. Joey Russ

    The Chequered Flag

    He’s probably dead within 24 hours, don’t really think he’ll be close to cup pickings at all...
  4. Joey Russ

    The Chequered Flag

    That was my joker for the cup. Have no idea which person to pick as joker now tbh...
  5. Joey Russ

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Welp, there goes me being the only team who submitted a team thus far and thus being the winner by default. RIP For everyone else, you still have about a week to submit a team in, so please prepare to send something in.
  6. Joey Russ

    8. Rush Limbaugh

    What? You’re saying that somebody who cheered every time a gay man died of AIDS during the 1980s among other things deserves to be massively ridiculed? I’m shocked, really...
  7. Joey Russ

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    FFBI was actually barred since the second year it was around. And yeah, everything I can tell by this person is that they are FFBI
  8. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Not here to report a hit, but ATM Shamsuzzaman was a pick for me last year that I ended up dropping this time
  9. Joey Russ

    Jacques Brel's Imitation Jelly Jewellery

    Without You - Badfinger Can You Get To That - Funkadelic Dear Prudence - The Beatles
  10. Joey Russ

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Right, I have sent my team over to msc for safekeeping, which now means entries for round 2 has opened up. Good luck everyone.
  11. Joey Russ

    Deathrace 2021

    Can confirm someone tried to pick him, but I determined he wasn't famous enough
  12. Joey Russ

    8. Rush Limbaugh

  13. Joey Russ

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Well, Rush Limbaugh beat Swayze as he got 43 hits. However, he was still a few hits below what Etta James got...
  14. Joey Russ

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Indeed, seem like a lot of the most popular picks are Rushing out of here right now. And I also have to Rush my team in tomorrow before I start accepting March entries for the cup. Feck me. So, who all pick this piece of shit this time in the cup? Well, Gooseberry Crumble finally picks up his first points for the cup. However, that doesn’t really matter as Limbaugh was also Great Uncle Bulgaria’s joker, really setting him up to go against Banana, who’s a definite force to be reckoned with. Limbaugh is an important hit for two matches however. First, BuffaloPhil gets his second hit of this match, and because he got more hits than nantonian2013, he takes the lead against him. Second, markb4 also had Rush Limbaugh and effectively ties against Charles de Gaulle. However, because Rush is younger than Menem, markb4 effectively takes the lead against him! Not something I would’ve guessed going into this round, I’ll admit. In other news, Djemba Djemba and ThereWillBeDeaths7 also score with Rush, and frankly I’d be amazed if either of their opponents were able to come back from that. Make this be a lesson for future forum members, if your name suggests that you have an edge against all competitors, you probably aren’t going very far. In fact, in what might be the biggest irony to date, GuyFromFuture is the only team with no points now! Baby Blue vs CalebH 13 - 9 Djemba Djemba vs JoeMoneyPenny 15 - 3 BuffaloPhil vs nantonian2013 6 - 6 The Old Crem vs YorkshireBanker 3 - 9 Markb4 vs Charles De Gaulle 3 - 3 GreatUncleBulgaria vs Gooseberry Crumble 12 - 3 ThereWillBeDeaths7 vs GuyFromFuture 13 - 0
  15. Joey Russ

    Six people, six months

    Hm, oldlady’s game does end a few days before my and Reptile game does so she does have a little less time than the two of us. That said, I don’t think Carter is a bad pick at all...

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