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  1. The Dead Of 2017

    This good enough for confirmation? http://www.moshville.co.uk/news/2017/10/rip-daisy-berkowitz-founding-member-of-marilyn-manson-1968-2017/
  2. Inverse Dead Pool 2017

    Drol didn’t have him. Looks like he’ll probably extend his lead even more now...
  3. How would I would personally approach the list next year: 25 people who would return to the list next year from this year's list: The bedblockers (ie people who made 8 or more appearances): 1. Kirk Douglas 2. Vera Lynn 3. Billy Graham 4. Olivia de Haviland 5. Fats Domino People who are too big to be dropped: 6. Prince Phillip 7. Stan Lee 8. Jimmy Carter 9. Robert Mugabe 10. Queen Elizabeth 11. George Bush Sr 12. Pope Benedict XVI People who are old and known to be ill: 13. Denis Norden 14. Herman Wouk 15. Bob Dole 16. Leslie Phillips 17. King Michael of Romania People who aren't necessarily old but are still ill enough: 18. Leah Bracknell 19. Nobby Stiles 20. Jill Gascione 21. Valerie Harper Wild card picks (picks who don't fall into any of the categories above but are the best/most interesting from the remaining 14 imo of course): 22. Lord Peter Carrington 23. Honor Blackman (I see her being Zsa Zsa's replacement) 24. Hosni Mubarak 25. Emperor Akihito Picks who should return to the deathlist after some form of a hiatus (in order of when they made their first appearance): 26. Ozzy Osbourne 26. Henry Kissinger 27. Sean Connery 28. Aretha Franklin 29. Clive James 30. Doris Day 31. Jacques Chirac Picks who are currently ill enough and famous enough 32. John McCain 33. Olivia Newton-John 34. Morgan Tsvangirai 35. Johnny Hallyday Picks who are ill but not necessarily that famous in my eyes at least, but would still be justified to make the list: 36. Stefan Karl Stefansson 37. Tessa Jowell 38. Jose Jose People who are old and ill enough: 39. Charlotte Rae 40. Barbara Bush 41. Franco Zeffereli 42. Sumner Redstone 43. Loretta Lynn Interesting old people: 44. Sidney Poitier 45. Mikhail Gorbachev 46. Mel Brooks 47. Glynis Johns 48. Harry Belafonte 49. Jean Grand Duke of Luxembourg 50. Charles Manson
  4. 28. George Bush Senior

    To be fair to Harrison, he never really had the chance to do anything in office because he didn't wear a rain coat on inauguration day, so there's not really much to judge him on (although with the exception of James K Polk, all the presidents between Van Buren and Buchanan were terrible in their own right, so I'm not sure he would be that highly rated even if he lasted more than a month). Trump, on the other hand, actually had time to show whether he can be a good president or not. Although some presidents are able to make some sort of a comeback after a terrible first year such as Kennedy, Trump really needs to do a lot in order for him to change the his time from a terrible president to a decent president, and with his behavior in office constantly being unpresidential, sadly I don't see him turning the tide for the better...
  5. 28. George Bush Senior

    Sorry to complain, but can a mod please move the information that is regarding the UK Prime Ministers and not Bush Sr elsewhere? I don't want to read through a thread for a person and see that it's completely off topic in every way possible...
  6. Aaron Ramsey

    I think Mugabe is just going to take the loss of being goodwill ambassador harder than most people...
  7. Last Word

    Sean Hughes, Sir Brian Barder, David Marks, Major Khush Ahmad-ul-Mulk, and Marge Calhoun this week.
  8. 28. George Bush Senior

    I think it’s a combination of health issues plus his wife losing to an idiot who’s one of the worst if not the worst president ever (both of them are still shit though, let’s be honest). I’m thinking the committee might want to take a chance on him next year if he’s breathing on the first...
  9. Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    There’s a couple of locks that are still breathing at this point and time (Elias, Bracknell, Michael). Surely not all three of them will make starting line next year, right?
  10. 28. George Bush Senior

    Donald Trump tomorrow morning: Bush Sr isn’t standing during the national anthem? He’s a huge disgrace to our country. He should be ashamed of himself...
  11. 38. Fats Domino

    Remember though, Berry looked good when he was turning 90 as well. He died 5 months later...
  12. Dead Pop Stars

    The John Wetton Of 2018?
  13. The Hare's Death Pool

    Congrats to msc for breaking the hits record. Meanwhile, me, Grim, and Death Impends are currently at 13 out of 25. But Sean is currently in third place, and he only have 11 hits. This is starting to get down to the wire as we get to the last two months...
  14. Political Frailty

    There's also Mazie Hirono as well. She is currently battling stage four kidney cancer. I don't know if Hirono and Cochran are particularly deathlisty, but they did choose Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms in the past, so...
  15. Advent Avalanche

    Just a heads up, I will be making a new thread for this game in about two weeks time or so. Looking at the list above, their appears to be 11 names that can be reused if they all make December 1st, including the king who seems to be hanging around forever and that mysterious MC Ren, who I have no idea on how he survived one whole year. Granted, those two are probably at the top of people's list on who they pick if they make the starting line...