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  1. JoeMoneypenny

    Grace Slick

    Turns 80 Next Year Iconic Rock N Roll star from the 60s,in Jefferson Airplane then later Starship. One of the first female rock n roll stars.Was a contemporary of Jagger, Hendrix,Joplin,Harrison etc. History of alcohol and drug abuse,like David Crosby,Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne. Shocking she is still alive
  2. JoeMoneypenny

    31. Stanley Baxter

    In the race to death he will beat Dame Edna by a few years
  3. JoeMoneypenny

    18. Bob Barker

    That's a different Bob Barker silly
  4. JoeMoneypenny

    1. Kirk Douglas

    In respect for the me too movement, and the surviving families members of Jean Spangler and Natalie Wood, this man should be removed from next year's list .
  5. JoeMoneypenny

    18. Bob Barker

    One of history's most evil men,what kind of sick bastard goes on tv for decades encouraging his followers to castrate dogs and cat's
  6. JoeMoneypenny

    Fernando Ricksen

    Stephen Hawking lived decades,why can't this guy with the same disease. Keep hope alive
  7. JoeMoneypenny

    Death Anniversary Thread

    On this day in 2008,Former NFL Player Chris Mims died age 38 of a heart attack At the time of his death he was 206 Kilos,to those in the UK that is about 32.5 Stone
  8. JoeMoneypenny

    Broadway - "the Great White Way"

    Stephen Sondheim is now in his 90's,the Light won't be on Broadway the day he kicks the bucket in a few years
  9. JoeMoneypenny


    Boorman or Beatty is next
  10. JoeMoneypenny

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Former Manchester United Star Nobby Stiles is struggling with Alzheimers
  11. JoeMoneypenny

    32. Valery Giscard d'Estaing

    Frenchies must be feelings nostalgic compared to who run's the country now
  12. JoeMoneypenny

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    Her singing was the only good thing in that movie

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