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  1. JoeMoneypenny

    ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

    A. Brigitte Auber B. Bob Barker C.Sidney Cooke D. Don West E. Anthony Epstein F.Alberto Fujimori G. Grace Chang H. Mie Hama I. Robert Ito J. Jack Thompson(Australian Actor) K. Kamini Kaushal L.Lance Henriksen M.Miiko Taka N. Yoshiro Nakamatsu O. Jiro Ono P. Patrick Tse Q. Eve Queler R. Rebecca Pan S.Lucille Soong T.Shintaro Tsuji U. Torbin Ulrich V. Fay Vincent W. Richard Williams(tennis) X.Xi Xi Y. Chen-Ning Yang Z. Slava Zaitsev
  2. JoeMoneypenny

    Crazy Eight Deadpool 2022

    Grace Chang
  3. JoeMoneypenny

    Death By Numbers 2022

    OUT Gwyneth Ho Jeanette Lee Valentino DaBaby James Hong IN Alberto Fujimori Don West Clare Marx Yoon Jeong-hee Andy Goram
  4. JoeMoneypenny

    Windy City Deadpool 2022-2023

    1.Lisa Lu 2.Rebecca Pan 3.Akiko Wakabayashi 4.Tatum O'Neal 5.Junko Hori 6.Patrick Tse 7.Sidney Cooke 8.Luis Garavito 9.Lucille Soong 10. Princess Mikasa 11.Shintaro Tsuji 12.Venus Angelic 13.Robert Kuok 14.Billy Kametz 15.George Perez 16.Kimi Wong 17.Imelda Marcos 18.LeafyIsHere 19.Paul Sorvino 20.Yasuko Nagazumi 21.Linda Nolan subs Chita Rivera Eugenia Cooney
  5. JoeMoneypenny

    Deaths of the Silver Screen III

    The Joy Luck Club(1993) Lisa Lu(95) Tsai Chin(88) France Nuyen(82)
  6. JoeMoneypenny

    The 4th death of 2022

    Bob Barker
  7. JoeMoneypenny

    French sweepstake

    Francesca Solleville
  8. JoeMoneypenny

    French sweepstake

    Hélène Langevin-Joliot
  9. JoeMoneypenny


    My pick Chor Yuen died
  10. JoeMoneypenny

    Twisted DL

    @ Lafaucheuse Had a hit last month with Chor Yuen Replacing him with Jack Thompson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Thompson_(actor)
  11. JoeMoneypenny

    French sweepstake

    Eddy Mitchell
  12. JoeMoneypenny

    Deathlist Cup 2022

  13. JoeMoneypenny

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2022

    1.Lisa Lu 2.Shintaro Tsuji 3.Robert Kuok 4.Princess Mikasa 5.George Perez 6.Cheng-ning Yang 7.Kamini Kaushal 8.Lucille Soong 9.Chor Yuen 10.Tsai Chin subs Rebecca Pan Queen Sirikit
  14. JoeMoneypenny

    Who Should Make the Deathlist in 2022?

    Shintaro Tsuji - The found of Hello Kitty. Stepped down a few years ago for health reasons,turns 95 in 2022 Robert Kuok-The Founder of Shangri-La Hotels turns 99 George Perez- DC Comic Book Artist behind New Teen Titans has terminal Pancreatic Cancer. 100% lock he won't survive the year
  15. JoeMoneypenny

    The 12th death of 2021

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

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