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  1. LizLemon

    Inverse Dead Pool 2022

    Back for another year! 1- Ghislaine Maxwell 2- Donald Trump 3- Paul Gascoigne 4- Phil Collins 5- Clint Eastwood 6- David Attenborough 7- Dick Van Dyke 8- Willie Nelson 9- Rupert Murdoch 10- Olivia Newton-John 11- Mel Brooks 12- Bobby Charlton 13- Shane MacGowan 14- Queen Elizabeth II 15- Yoko Ono 16- Billy Connolly 17- Doddie Weir 18- Milos Zeman 19- Rob Burrow 20- Francoise Hardy 21- Rolf Harris 22- June Brown 23- James Whale 24- Tim Bilton 25- Tom Parker Sub- Tom Smith Thanks for all the work running this!
  2. LizLemon

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    I'd like to join.
  3. LizLemon

    Electoral Deadpool 2022

    1- Larry Pressler 2- Isabel Peron 3- Frank Field 4- Lois Capps 5- Mikhail Gorbachev 6- Jimmy Carter 7- Raul Castro 8- Jean Carnahan 9- George Mitchell 10- Nigel Lawson Subs- Charles Rangel and Dianne Feinstein
  4. LizLemon

    Death By Numbers 2022

    Going to try my hand at this pool for the first time. Ady Barkan Angela Lansbury Barbara Walters Benedict XVI Betty White Billy Connolly Bob Barker Burt Bacharach Buzz Aldrin Constance Towers Dianne Feinstein Dick Van Dyke Elizabeth II Ethel Kennedy Eva Marie Saint Gena Rowlands George Perez Glynis Johns Harry Belafonte Henry Kissinger Imelda Marcos Iris Apfel Isabel Peron Jack Hanna Jean-Louis Trintignant Jerry Lee Lewis Jimmy Carter Joanne Woodward Joe Exotic (joker) Linda Nolan Loretta Lynn Mel Brooks Mikhail Gorbachev Nichelle Nichols Noam Chomsky Norman Lear Olivia Newton-John Pele Prunella Scales Raul Castro Rosalynn Carter Sandra Day O’Connor Shannen Doherty Sidney Poitier Steve McMichael Tom Parker Tony Bennett Vanessa Redgrave Willie Nelson Yoko Ono Subs: Lois Capps, David Crosby, Jean Carnahan, Ozzy Osbourne, Ghislaine Maxwell
  5. LizLemon


    Ady Barkan Barbara Walters Benedict XVI Betty White Bob Barker Elizabeth II Ethel Kennedy George Perez (comics artist) Henry Kissinger Imelda Marcos Iris Apfel Jack Hanna Jimmy Carter Joanne Woodward Joe Exotic (joker) Linda Nolan Mikhail Gorbachev Nichelle Nichols Pele Rosalynn Carter Sandra Day O’Connor Shannen Doherty Steve “Mongo" McMichael Tony Bennett Yoko Ono Subs: Loretta Lynn Tom Parker Buzz Aldrin Noam Chomsky Glynis Johns
  6. LizLemon

    Inverse Dead Pool 2021

    1- Donald Trump 2- Paul Gascoigne 3- David Attenborough 4- Queen Elizabeth II 5- Jimmy Greaves 6- Sarah Harding 7- Rolf Harris 8- Olivia Newton-John 9- Greg Gilbert 10- Angela Lansbury 11- Bobby Charlton 12- Billy Connolly 13- Betty White 14- June Brown 15- Jimmy Carter 16- Gerd Muller 17- Yoko Ono 18- Willie Nelson 19- Rob Burrow 20- Dick Van Dyke 21- Doddie Weir 22- David Gulpilil 23- Jean-Louis Trintignant 24- Prince Philip 25- Desmond Tutu Sub: Tom Parker
  7. LizLemon

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2021

    1. Rush Limbaugh 2. Susan Bayh 3. Jimmy Carter 4. Shannen Doherty 5. Joanne Woodward 6. Tom Parker 7. Bob Dole 8. Prince Philip 9. Olivia Newton-John 10. Barbara Walters Subs - Lester L. Wolff, Harry Belafonte
  8. LizLemon

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Dick Van Dyke Olivia Newton-John Bill Turnbull Paul Gascoigne Billy Connolly Queen Elizabeth II Betty White June Brown Prunella Scales Olivia de Havilland Little Richard Jimmy Greaves Angela Lansbury Rolf Harris Barbara Windsor Doddie Weir Ruth Bader Ginsburg Henry Kissinger Jean-Louis Trintignant Stirling Moss Mikhail Gorbachev Bob Dole Linda Nolan Benedict XVI Jimmy Carter Sub: Alex Trebek
  9. LizLemon

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    I would like to participate.
  10. LizLemon

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    1- Prince Philip 2- Vera Lynn 3- Daniel arap Moi 4- Bob Dole 5- Leon Spinks 6- Bob Barker 7- Jimmy Carter 8- Harry Belafonte 9- Genesis P-Orridge 10- Willie Nelson 11- Jerry Stiller 12- Alex Trebek 13- Imelda Marcos 14- Joanne Woodward (Joker) 15- Terry Jones

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