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  1. Gooseberry Crumble

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    I was convinced that they would have two children together but now I think its likely it will just be Archie. Part of me feels sorry for Prince Harry. I think he is foolish and in for a rude awakening from his bubble.For now infatuation will protect him from reality but that is highly time limited. Another part of me thinks he is a selfish spoilt brat and deserves the hostility and criticism he is receiving. I do reckon the royal family and especially the Queen are expecting his marriage to hit the buffers at some point and want to keep the door open to then welcoming him back in the future. Hence the carefully chosen warm words from the Queen recently.
  2. Gooseberry Crumble

    Hollywood Survivors

    Golden era Hollywood actress and 'Hitchcock blonde ' Tippi Hedren celebrates her 90th birthday today. Many happy returns!
  3. Gooseberry Crumble

    Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Country and western legend Dolly Parton turns 74 today.
  4. Gooseberry Crumble

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Former Emmerdale actress Pauka Tilbrook who played the friendly local gossip Betty celebrates her 90th birthday today. Many happy returns!
  5. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    @msc Just curious if any of my picks were one of noise you were saying were a bit of a nightmare as a pool runner to research ,verify etc ?I cant imagine that they were but just checking!
  6. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Time will tell!!
  7. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Oh just two small things I spotted in my Gooseberry Crumble team nothing of major consequence but maybe worth me mentioning . Roland Curram is listed as being born in 1905 rather than 1932 and Kray associate Freddie Foreman is listed as being born in 1952 rather than 1932.
  8. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    A brilliant stellar job guys .Full applause and praise to you. I'm astounded at there being 11 unique picks in my Gooseberry Crumble team and 7 unique picks in each of my other crumbles.I was expecting it to go in the opportunity direction. That amounts to 25 unique picks out of 60 names! I noted puzzlingly a request to update with my new email address as my current one is knocking back emails?I have no new email address and I am puzzled why it is rejecting your emails? My email is all in lower case letters.Please private message me guys about this if need be. Many thanks.
  9. Gooseberry Crumble

    I predict the grim reaper is going to be 'like a super strong enema 'in 2020

    The enema is certainly starting to now kick in..
  10. Gooseberry Crumble

    Roger Scruton

    Its certainly looking like the enema does has been given early!
  11. Gooseberry Crumble

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    British actress Shirley Eaton who played the bond girl Jill Masterson in Goldfinger turns 83 today.
  12. Gooseberry Crumble

    Boxing Clever?

    Many happy returns to retired american boxing legend George Foreman who turns 71 today.
  13. Gooseberry Crumble

    Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart celebrates his 75th birthday today! Many happy returns!
  14. Gooseberry Crumble

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10708665/meghan-markle-fashion-brands-waxwork/ Apparently Meghan has been in negotiations with fashion companies for a while now. She really is a disingenuous overglorified hustler and the royal family needs to f*** the both of them off.Their toxic trash. On another note she strikes me as somebody who revels in victimhood mentality. I'm not a massive fan of Piers Morgan but he's called it right on her.Bang on the money.
  15. Gooseberry Crumble

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    There is rumours of a fourth pregnancy, if true would make the narcissistic duo even more surplus and irrelevant!

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