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  1. Next Years Deathlist Creativity Thread

    Loretta Lynn if she makes it through this year.
  2. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/07/21/bond-girl-lana-woods-daughter-dead-at-42.html Just an outside possibility worth being on peoples radar . Lana Wood,former Bond Girl and younger sister of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood. She is 71 but seems to be going through and has been going through a very stressful soul destroying few years. Her daughter has just died and she has been homeless until recently . Worth considering at the very least .
  3. Dustin Hoffman

    For me it would have to be The Graduate. So charismatic in that sexually charged role. He won an Oscar for Rainman which many film buffs felt wasn't his best work.
  4. Earl Cameron

    An excellent choice for a thread and consideration for the list.
  5. Maggie Smith

    Don't worry I certainly wasn't suggesting you were talking bollocks or being hostile towards you. I will still use the search engine to try and double check but with an understanding it's a bit fallible and floored.
  6. Ethel Kennedy

    At first glance I thought that said cmnm which is a genre of pornography! Shows what a bad mind I have
  7. Maggie Smith

    But I haven't done that with other searches which have shown up thread titles (the search facility allows that option) and the thread titles for various people have shown up without quotation marks and hence I've seen that a thread already exists so haven't then started another one. Back in April I looked up a couple of Hollywood legends and thread titles appeared.
  8. Rumours

    Any rumours about Prince Philip?
  9. Maggie Smith

    That didnt come up on my search which I did a few minutes before I started the thread. Puzzling.
  10. Maggie Smith

    I'd argue that's still relevant
  11. Hollywood Survivors

    I'm not sure how Rhonda Fleming is doing but she's turned 94 today.
  12. Ethel Kennedy

    http://people.com/politics/meaghan-kennedy-townsend-wedding/kennedy-wedding-i Pictured at her granddaughter's wedding recently.
  13. Rumours

    I'm sure that sounded funny in your head......
  14. Rumours

    This Aretha Franklin talk is very intriguing. I think she's a much more plausible choice than Oprah if the rumours are true.
  15. Maggie Smith

    But in plenty of other houses, many many of them!