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  1. Gooseberry Crumble

    The 19th Death of 2020

    Joanne Woodward for me. Just a feeling.
  2. Gooseberry Crumble

    how long till' the next hit ?

    I think the enema approves....
  3. Gooseberry Crumble

    I predict the grim reaper is going to be 'like a super strong enema 'in 2020

    With the death of the former French President the deathlist record has been smashed. Despite doubts by some the enema has delivered ....and isn't necessarily finished in terms of official deathlist names and other big names not on this years deathlist......
  4. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    I doubt I have stolen one of your unique picks don't worry! Our esoteriesoteric and canny mindset seems to gravitate in slightly different directions toward slimming different people! Thanks
  5. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    @msc Hi and many thanks to you and the team for your efforts. I have what I think is a likely utterly brilliant unique pick that I think will qualify under your rules but I am not sure. Would it be ok to message you it so I can keep the name under wraps and hopefully preserve its unique status if you give it the nod please? I had already decided to try and increase my unique pick quota this year or canny picks and esoteric as you would describe them! So the increase in points for uniques is music to my ears!
  6. Gooseberry Crumble

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/13361469/pat-patterson-dead-79-wwe-gay-tributes/ Pat Pattersons passing aged 79 is a 'hit 'for me in my Apricot Crumble team and is also my joker.
  7. Gooseberry Crumble

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Bette Midler celebrates her 75th birthday today.
  8. Gooseberry Crumble

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    Clarissa Eden, Ryan O'Neal, James Lovelock , Barbara Windsor, Julie Goodyear, Yoko Ono, Pele and the Duchess of Kent are among some of the many first timers I think the committee should strongly consider for next years list.
  9. Gooseberry Crumble

    I predict the grim reaper is going to be 'like a super strong enema 'in 2020

    Ssssh hush you are blowing my cover!
  10. Gooseberry Crumble

    Windy City Deadpool 2020-2021

    Footballing legend Diego Maradona another 'hit' for me in this pool.
  11. Gooseberry Crumble

    Death By Numbers 2020

    Argentine footballing legend Diego Maradona a 'hit' for me in this pool.
  12. Gooseberry Crumble

    The 6th Crowdsource Deathlist (2021 edition)

    I'm going to throw Yoko Ono into the mix as a name members should consider voting onto the crowdsourced list given recent reports and indications of declining health.
  13. Gooseberry Crumble

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8979821/Dallas-actress-Linda-Gray-80-reveals-son-Jeff-Thrasher-54-passed-away.html https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8vEF6rFYf/?igshid=o2oc3f041hdf American actress 80 year old Linda Gray otherwise best known as Sue Ellen from legendary tv soap Dallas has revealed on social media that her son Jeff has died aged 54.
  14. Gooseberry Crumble

    Joan Collins ultra glamorous British actress and Hollywood star

    My mistake I thought you were talking about Joan Collins

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