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  1. DCI Frank Burnside

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Makes an appearance in Scotland. Looking quite well https://news.sky.com/story/queen-travels-to-edinburgh-to-take-part-in-ceremony-of-the-keys-at-the-palace-of-holyroodhouse-12641082
  2. DCI Frank Burnside


    Fuck Knew him from Final Score on Grandstand. Mostly doing match reports but presented the odd time generally if there was a full round of fixtures on Bank Holidays when Final Score was a stand alone programme
  3. DCI Frank Burnside

    Michael Heseltine

    On Sky News about 20 mins ago Looks quite well particulary for his age
  4. DCI Frank Burnside

    Katie Price

    Spared jail again. I'm sure she'll learn her lesson big time .
  5. DCI Frank Burnside

    32. Prunella Scales

    To the Manor Born. All 3 main stars made it past 80. Bowles was the 1st to go this year at 85. Penleople Keith is 82 and Angela Thorne is 83
  6. DCI Frank Burnside

    Pope Francis

    Still think next year at the earliest especially if Benedict was to die in the interim.
  7. DCI Frank Burnside

    Interesting Ways To Die...

  8. DCI Frank Burnside

    Ratko Mladic

    Hopefully in extreme pain
  9. DCI Frank Burnside

    Sonia Gandhi

    Taking a leaf out of the Jacob Zuma book
  10. DCI Frank Burnside

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Don't suppose you've had yourself on a list and replaced yourself by anychance
  11. DCI Frank Burnside

    Time Added

    Noel Campbell capped 11 times for Ireland and 1st Irishman to play in the German topflight dead at 72 https://www.rte.ie/sport/soccer/2022/0613/1304633-former-ireland-international-noel-campbell-dies/
  12. DCI Frank Burnside

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Confirmed https://www.itv.com/news/utv/2022-06-10/former-northern-ireland-football-manager-billy-bingham-dies
  13. DCI Frank Burnside

    Shirley Bassey

    Was Katherine Jenkins not involved on Saturday ?
  14. DCI Frank Burnside

    Boris Johnson

    Torygraph not trumpting this as any sort of victory Meanwhile the Daily Star goes with
  15. DCI Frank Burnside

    Boris Johnson

    Caveat that this is from Christopher Hope

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