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  1. The Immortal

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I'm slowly getting into my wife's taste in European (mainly Nordic) rock and metal singers and bands. Her favorites ranging from well known ones like Nightwish, Nena, Sabaton to more obscure ones like Hel, Amon Amarth and Kerli. I quite like this song by Hel, Den feges lögn.
  2. The Immortal

    9. Noam Chomsky

    If his family or Bev Stohl doesn't announce it, most likely it's fake end of story.
  3. The Immortal


    After little consideration, I have decided to replace James Earl Carter and appoint myself someone I feel deserves to live to immortal status even though is he quite far from that. That man is Giorgetto Giugiaro. Not only does he have the kind of awesome name only an Italian could have and that he's probably the last living 60s major Italian car designer, but I also learned recently he designed the Alfa Romeo Brera, a car I had the pleasure of owning for two years (though an absolute nightmare to maintain, hence just 2 years). Some of his more notable designs being the Lotus Esprit, the DeLorean and the original Lancia Delta. With this I will also announce the drop of James Earl Carter from my DBN 2024 team for the mid season replacements, seeing as he just won't die.
  4. The Immortal

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Ed Stone, physicist and former director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory dead at 88.
  5. The Immortal


    Weird, I just went to a place that contains astronaut memorabilia, moon rocks, rocket components, a spaceflight Hall of Fame and even an entire Space Shuttle for an exhibit. Now why would I bother to visit such a place if spaceflight didn't exist? Oops, because it does.
  6. The Immortal


    What a tragic irony. To survive the most dangerous period in Spaceflight history only to die in a plane crash at age 90. It's not exactly a rare occurrence in astronauts as Ted Freeman, S. David Griggs, Elliott See, Charles Bassett and Manley "Sonny" Carter (albeit as a passenger) all died this way, but it's still extremely unlucky (especially as many old astronauts flew well into their senior years). Nonetheless we lost a legend in spaceflight history and another Apollo Astronaut, R.I.P.
  7. The Immortal


    A mix of both I presume though Engle and Lovell are the only ones who for sure appear to have health problems going on in the aforementioned list. The other factor is many astronauts live far from Florida (Bill Anders for one lives really far away in the secluded Orcas Island area in Washington state) these days.
  8. The Immortal

    Last appearances

    Last known portrait taken of Karl Marx in 1882, one year before his death.
  9. The Immortal


    While I did get to see the Astronaut Hall of Fame ceremony in person for the first time, I have basically nothing DL wise to update you on unfortunately. Bob Crippen was there, as well a few Group 8 TFNG astronauts but they and every other astronaut who was there easily walked in and were well. I think what really stands out to me though, is this is first HOF ceremony to my knowledge where no astronaut from the pre-Space Shuttle programs attended (Joe Kerwin was there the last 2 years, Rusty Schweickart was there last year I think, Vance Brand used to attend till 2019.) and it clearly shows they won't be around for much longer. I can even compile a list of surviving astronauts before Group 8 because there are really that few left. Group 2 "New Nine" - Jim Lovell Group 3 - Buzz Aldrin, Bill Anders, Rusty Schweickart, David Scott Group 4 "Scientists" - Edward Gibson, Harrison Schmitt, Joe Kerwin Group 5 "The Original 19" - Vance Brand, Charles Duke, Joe Engle, Fred Haise, Jack Lousma Group 6 "The Excess Eleven" - Joseph Allen IV, Anthony England, Story Musgrave, Robert A. Parker (there is also Donald Holmquest, who never flew to space as he left NASA few years after joining and is completely under the radar) Group 7 - Bob Crippen
  10. The Immortal

    MMMDP 2024

    Congratulations Drol! Missed the entry (would have gone with Rupert Keegan or Salman of Saudi Arabia if I entered) but had no choice since I'll be at the KSC (Kennedy Space Center for those wondering) in just a few hours.
  11. The Immortal

    Coin/Banknote Collecting

    I am at her house now. She hasn't added much to her collection unfortunately as coins pre 1850s and especially pre 1800s are getting increasingly harder to acquire as more and more collectors hold onto them, so she's been unable to find much. She did manage to get an 1828 U.S Coronet copper large cent (alas that one has seen better days) and an 1845 Queen Victoria silver shilling but that's really it.
  12. The Immortal

    MMMDP 2024

    MMMDP Form Guide #13 Amarildo (footballer) Suffering from Alzheimer's disease, throat cancer and suffered a stroke recently that hospitalized him. That being said, Brazilian footballers tend to remain in poor health but just not die, so think carefully.
  13. The Immortal

    Coin/Banknote Collecting

    I'm more of a general collector than a true coin collector, but my aunt is. She has lived in 3 countries, travelled to several more and in this period of time she's managed to build a pretty vast collection, mostly UK and USA coins but from other countries too. I recall these following mentioned coins being some of her personal favorites. 1736 George II Ireland "Hibernia" half penny 1757 George II silver 1 penny. 1787 George III silver shilling. 1845-O "Seated Liberty" U.S Half dollar. 1849 King Willem III Netherlands 10 cents - First year. 1992 Olympics Commemorative U.S half-dollar - Apparently another collector gave my aunt that commemorative coin after learning she was actually there in Barcelona for the Olympics opening ceremony. 2017 Elizabeth II Platinum Wedding £5 silver proof - Max limit of mintage 15,950, don't know the actual number minted. This I think is one of the rarer coins she has. I'll be visiting her soon to take a proper look at her collection this time around and ask her if she's added anything new.
  14. The Immortal

    MMMDP 2024

    MMMDP Form Guide #4 Giorgetto Giugiaro Out of the two dozen or so legendary Italian car designers and engineers from the 1960s, around eight of them have died in the last 3 years. More importantly though, why wouldn't you want to pick a man with as awesome a name as Giorgetto motherfucking Giugiaro instead of all your average John Smiths and James Carters.
  15. The Immortal

    Names we dislike

    Bradley/Brad for me. It seems every Bradley or Brad I encountered is a cunt in some kind of way. One Bradley in particular I knew in university, who I not so fondly nicknamed "The Tormentor" as that's all he really seemed to do asides from behaving like a total prick. Fucking loathed that man.

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