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  1. The Immortal


    Wilson Fittipaldi is a hit for me.
  2. The Immortal

    World's Oldest

    She has had dementia for at least 5 years, hardly unexpected to me.
  3. The Immortal

    World War II Veterans

    Dead. https://www.fox5vegas.com/video/2024/02/17/wwii-veteran-member-all-women-all-black-6888-battalion-remembered-las-vegas-memorial/
  4. The Immortal

    Who are the immortals?

    58? I thought he'd be at least 75 if not even 80 judging from the photo.
  5. The Immortal

    Who are the immortals?

    Who's that in the wheelchair next to Tin Oo? Some monk/religious person perhaps?
  6. The Immortal

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    I'm sure there's couple of us who have been around or worked with rich people or known folks who have, I wonder what are some of the crazy rich behavior or things that you observed? This thought came in after I remembered an incident as a teenager when I had gone to Miami to visit my uncle and cousins. One of my cousin's friends was the son of a multimillionaire and he invited us to come over to the family mansion. The dad wasn't there but from what I could see he didn't care much about fancy stuff except one thing, the battle of Thermopylae. He had statues of Leonidas and other warriors sculpted, had Spartan and Persian uniforms specially handcrafted to fit the statues, sets of armor and weapons casted and had all of that put in one room. It was a sight to see. Apparently the whole undertaking took around 2 years and cost him in the six figures because he wanted absolute accuracy and the proper materials used. Quite crazy, honestly.
  7. The Immortal

    The Chequered Flag

    Jos Verstappen apparently underwent heart surgery sometime in 2023. All fine of course, just surprised this went under the radar.
  8. The Immortal

    Who are the immortals?

    While we wait for immortals to die, here are my 10 immortal suggestions for the list. Fred Lorenzen - Old NASCAR driver already suggested the last time around. Dementia for at least 12 years, rumored symptoms since the mid 1990s, wheelchair bound and in an assisted living facility for 10 years. Has been on IV's recently and looks very frail now. King Harald V - Has had a lot of health issues as of late. Hospitalized for illness in August and December 2022 and May 2023, twice survived COVID and recently suffered a respiratory infection. Also had heart surgery in 2020 after problems breathing. Brian Unthank - Nuclear test veterans are already a step ahead of most when it comes to immortality, but this fellow here has had a whopping 92 skin cancer tumors removed, and has scars all over his body as a result. Paul Alexander - Better known as the last polio survivor known to be living in an iron lung, something he's done for about 70 years so I reckon he's reached that status by now. Frank Field - Terminally ill and in hospice "close to death", back in 2021. Has defied pretty much all odds for longer than Jimmy Carter. Edie Ceccarelli - Diagnosed with dementia a couple years back either as a supercentenarian or in her later centenarian years, somehow still alive, turned 116 and doesn't even look skeletal. Shigeo Nagashima - Suggested before by Arghton and I fully agree with him on this suggestion, considering he's been hospitalized countless times in the last couple of years. This man is basically the Japanese equivalent of Zagallo. Deve Gowda - I don't know how this man isn't on the list already, he's been chronically sick with something or the other for ages. Wilson Fittipaldi - Miraculously survived a cardiac arrest after choking, has been in the ICU/hospital ever since. Also has Parkinson's and looked like a skeleton in last known public appearance at Interlagos. Ruth Buzzi - Incapacitated after suffering multiple strokes, back in 2022 and likely still is as there has not been any info for a long time.
  9. The Immortal

    Internet Celebrities

    Astrologer Ray Couture (of "an Astrologer guesses strangers Zodiac signs" fame) looks quite aged now. I'm not sure of his actual age but considering he's been practicing for 55 years, I'd guess he's in his mid to late 70s.
  10. The Immortal

    18. Patricia Routledge

    Agreed, they've all aged gracefully.
  11. The Immortal

    Lookie Likey

    Astronaut George "Pinky" Nelson and young BoJo. .
  12. The Immortal

    Steve McMichael

    Not as much as Corinne Schumacher.
  13. The Immortal

    (II) What's on the Telly?

    Michael Jayston marks one dead for me.
  14. The Immortal

    World's Oldest

    Considering she was diagnosed with dementia a couple years back either as a supercentenarian or in her late centenarian years, I'm damn surprised she's still alive. Immortal.
  15. The Immortal

    The Chequered Flag

    I've just taken a look at Fred Lorenzen's Facebook profile (run by his daughter) and for an 89 year old man diagnosed with dementia around 12ish years ago (with rumored symptoms since the mid 1990s mind you), wheelchair bound and in an assisted living facility for at least 10, he's held up quite well. However in his latest pics in December on his 89th birthday he has an IV tube attached to his wrist and he's looking really frail now. If he lives to his 90th birthday, he's immortal material.

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