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  1. WEP

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    When Mats Malm, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, said, that he was unable to reach her, my thoughts went back to Ralph Steinman. (Who was unfortunately dead at the time of the announcement.)
  2. Boris Meyn, author of several crime novels, dead at 61: https://www.t-online.de/region/hamburg/id_100061374/hamburger-krimi-autor-boris-meyn-mit-61-jahren-gestorben.html
  3. One of the most powerful women of Bavaria, Barbara Stamm, has died aged 77: https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/csu-politikerin-barbara-stamm-gestorben,TJ6O2Ti Stamm was child educator by profession, when she was elected to the Würzburg city council for the Bavarian Conservative party CSU in the 1970s. She stood also for election as Lord Mayor of Würzburg in 1990, but did not win. Four years later, she was appointed Minister of Social Affairs and Health in Bavaria, she resigned in 2001 following the BSE-crisis. Her last significant post in politics was as president of the state parliament from 2008 to 2018. She had to give it up after she lost her seat in parliament following the 2018 election. Shortly before that, Stamm served as acting Minister-president together with Ilse Aigner for two days from May 14th to 16th 2018, after the resignation of Horst Seehofer and before the election of Markus Söder.
  4. Christian Hummer, keyboarder of Austrian Indie pop band "Wanda", has died "after a long serious illness". https://www.spiegel.de/kultur/wanda-keyborder-christian-hummer-ist-tot-a-56f5e11f-c075-47e1-86c4-edfeae655e9f How can a German-language musician born in 1990 die after a serious illness without being mentioned here?
  5. WEP

    The 100 Club

    And he would be the fifth centenarian Nobel laureate ever, following Levi-Montalcini, Coase, Ed Fischer and John B. Goodenough. Gee, Kissinger or Carter have to keep on to have at least one Peace Prize laureate on that list!
  6. WEP

    The 100 Club

    Or he does not, since his day of birth is in fact October 1st. He was falsely cited as born on September 22nd in a passport in 1945 and kept that date. Maybe he wanted to celebrate earlier. Crossing my fingers that he stands for ten days more, since this would be the second time in history to have two centenarian Nobel laureates alive at the same time. (From December 2010 to December 2012 that were Rita Levi-Montalcini and Ronald Coase, the first two Nobel laureates who turned 100.)
  7. A quite young death: Nicolas Schildelholz, Swiss football player, has died aged 34: https://www.t-online.de/sport/fussball/international/id_100055292/nicolas-schindelholz-schweizer-fussballer-mit-34-jahren-an-krebs-gestorben.html He was on our short list but not long enough, I guess. And a quite old death as well: Anne Cernohorsky, oldest German resident has died aged 113: https://www.mdr.de/nachrichten/sachsen/bautzen/bautzen-hoyerswerda-kamenz/aelteste-deutsche-saechsin-verstorben-100.html Her predecessor was on the short list as well, or?
  8. WEP

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    I deleted him from my list in the last moment, since he managed to survive that long. I really regret that as well as all Toms (Yes, Weiskopf, Smith AND Parker).
  9. WEP

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Well, it normally rains in autumn, or?
  10. I think that everyone in (West)Gernany who was born or/and had children within the last 50 years knows "Die Maus". So her "mother" enriched millions of childhoods in some way.
  11. Yes, I first thought of Angela Merkel when I wrote this....
  12. German scientist and conservative politician Dagmar Schipanski dead at 79: https://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/dagmar-schipanski-ist-tot-cdu-politikerin-mit-79-jahren-gestorben-a-71c4cdd6-21df-41b9-86f5-3869a6e0d5b2 She stood for presidential election in 1999.
  13. WEP

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Manolic again, please.
  14. WEP

    20/20 + 2

    Sorry, my fault. You don't have to mention, I have to read more carefully.
  15. WEP

    20/20 + 2

    Royal congrats @Yvonne  1922 - Steve Wochy/Induratana Paribatra 1923 - William P. Murphy/Lily Ebert 1924 - Juan Ponce Enrile/Anne Vernon 1925 - M. S. Swaminathan /Soňa Červená 1926 - Emmanuel Kardinal Wamala/Betsy Jolas 1927 - Bud Grant/Rosalynn Carter 1928 - Sir Sonny Ramphal/Line Renaud 1929 - Sam Nujoma/Yaoyi Kusama 1930 - Adonis/Peggy King 1931 - Arthur Fry/Eva Queler

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