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  1. MariNisia

    Jean Marsh

    One extremely versatile and articulate actress, playing roles in many different genres. @msc... You've got good taste in girls. I'll give you that.
  2. Your heart is full of music...
  3. MariNisia

    Time Added

    Wow... Jim Leishman. He said: "Aye, all that poetry stuff... I regret it. I was stupid and I rose to the bait and time". I think nothing more needs to be said about the matter. @msc... I cannot imagine Lord Byron repenting of his poems.
  4. MariNisia

    Badly timed deaths

    The wonderful Ingrid Bergman, my favourite actress, died after a long battle with cancer on her 67th birthday. But... "We'll always have Paris".
  5. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    James Garner, American Hollywood actor known for his acting skills in films and television, died of a heart attack on this date in 2014. He was 86 years old. Garner, who built a six-decade career playing ruggedly charming, good-natured anti-heroes and received the highest honor of the Screen Actors Guild in 2004, was found dead at his Los Angeles home. The Rockford Files star has starred in more than fifty films, including "The Americanization of Emily", "Move Over, Darling", "The Great Escape", "36 Hours", "Grand Prix", "Duel at Diablo", "Marlowe", "They Only Kill Their Masters", "Space Cowboys" and "The Notebook". The three-time Golden Globe winner had reportedly underwent a quintuple bypass heart surgery in 1988 and suffered a minor stroke in 2008.
  6. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Jack Hawkins was one of the most distinctive, durable and versatile British film and stage actors. He was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have his larynx removed. This should have finished his career but he continued to film with his voice dubbed. He died from complications following an operation to install an artificial voice box on this date in 1973. Jack Hawkins was 62 years old. The London-born actor appeared on stage from the age of 13 and in films from 1930. Of his many film credits, some of his most memorable roles were in "The Black Rose" (1950), "The Bridge on the River Kwai" (1957), "Ben-Hur" (1959), "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) and "Zulu" (1964). Jack Hawkins was cremated and his ashes interred at Golders Green Crematorium in north London.
  7. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Walter Cronkite, American CBS anchorman, journalist and pioneer of television news programs who became known as "the most trusted man in America", died at his home of disease involving blood vessels in the brain on this date in 2009. He was 92 years old. In 1963, Walter Cronkite reported the news of John F. Kennedy's assassination. A decade later, he took a call delivering the news of Lyndon B. Johnson's death live on-air. In 1968, Cronkite told the world about Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. Walter Cronkite was buried in Kansas City, Missouri, where he spent some time early in his career as a broadcaster at KCMO radio station, reading news and summarizing football games.
  8. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    George A. Romero, American-Canadian film director and screenwriter, best known for his contributions to the horror genre and for his gruesome and satirical zombie films, died after a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer on this date in 2017. He was 77 years old. After graduating from college, the future film director began his career shooting short films. Romero formed Image Ten Productions in the 60's. This is the production company that produced "Night of the Living Dead" (1968). Directed by George A. Romero, the film became a cult classic of the horror cinema. He was nicknamed the "Godfather" of all zombies. Romero was buried in Toronto where he lived the last decade of his life.
  9. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Celeste Holm, the American film, stage and television actress, was admitted to New York's Roosevelt Hospital with dehydration, where she suffered a heart attack; the actress died two days later at her Central Park West apartment on this date in 2012. She was 95 years old. One of her best remembered films is "All About Eve" with Bette Davis. Holm took the stage in 27 Broadway productions. Her other well-known performances included "High Society" and "The Tender Trap". She earned Oscar and Golden Globe for her supporting role of a fashion editor in the drama film "Gentleman's Agreement". Celeste was active in various social causes, including being a spokeswoman for UNICEF.
  10. MariNisia

    Christopher Walken

    Yes... Christopher Walken is the malevolent leader of a gang of thieves. His role is cruel, ruthless and violent. His type of role, just like @Grim Up North said.
  11. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    William Henry McCarty Jr. or William H. Bonney (the name he used at the height of his notoriety), popularly known as Billy the Kid, one of the most infamous gunfighters and outlaws of the American West, reputed to have killed at least 27 men, died of a gunshot wound at Ft. Sumner in the New Mexico Territory on this date in 1881. He was 21 years old. Billy went to his friend Pete Maxwell's home. Sheriff Pat Garrett was questioning Maxwell. Garrett and Billy were armed. But Garrett shot first, killing Billy. Billy was buried in Fort Sumner's military cemetery. A tombstone was later erected over the grave with a word of "Pals" carved into it. The tombstone has been stolen three times since it was set in place in the 40's and the gravesite is now enclosed within a steel cage.
  12. MariNisia

    Christopher Walken

    "A view to a kill" was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The cast did a good job in the film... with a great and spectacular Grace Jones. But the plot could've been better. Christopher Walken was the first Oscar winning actor to play a main villain in a Bond film. In my opinion... his best film is "The deer hunter". An extraordinary film with a truly awesome sequence... the three prisoners forced to play Russian roulette while their captors gamble on who will... or will not... the survivor... really impressive. Great film with stellar performances, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep coming off best. And Walken won his Oscar for this role.
  13. MariNisia

    Death By Numbers 2021

    Did you have a good holiday? I hope you have enjoyed your week's holiday.
  14. MariNisia

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Richard D. Zanuck, successful film producer and youngest studio head of production in history, died at his Beverly Hills home on this date in 2012. Death was attributed to a heart attack. He was 77 years old. Zanuck was the son of the co-founder and head of 20th Century Fox, Darryl F. Zanuck and the silent-film star Virginia Fox. He produced two Steven Spielberg's early films, "The Sugarland Express" and "Jaws". Zanuck worked with Tim Burton six times. He also produced such box office hits as "Cocoon" and "Driving Miss Daisy" for which he won an Oscar for. Richard D. Zanuck also was awarded the Academy's Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award and the Producers Guild of America's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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