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  1. Clarence

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Jiang Zemin, Constantine of Greece, Pervez Musharraf
  2. Clarence

    World's Oldest

    Top 10(Verified) as of now 1.Maria Branyas 115 years, 337 Days , Female 2.Fusa Tatsumi 115 years, 285 Days, Female 3. Edie Ceccarreli 114 years, 364 Days, Female 4. Tomiko Itooka 114 years, 257 Days, Female 5. Inah Canabarro Lucas 114 years, 241 Days, Female 6. Hazel Plummer 114 years, 230 Days, Female 7. Kimiko Ono 114 years, 229 Days, Female 8. Yasue Okai 114 years, 71 Days, Female 9. Nina Willis 114 years, 21 Days, Female 10. Juan Vicente Perez 113 years, 253 Days, Male It's great to see, there's a MALE on this list!
  3. Clarence

    The 100 Club

    The population of Japan in 1922 was 57,390,000 but only 90,000+ people from that figure still alive today. Despite of this, it still a remarkable achievement if we compared it to other countries.
  4. Clarence

    World's Oldest

    I think, Morera can reach 118 but she must be alive until 2025.
  5. Clarence

    Last Survivor of The 2023 DL

    I expected some people from this list just like Robert Duvall and Alda probably still alive next decade(2030s). I think,the last survivor from this list will die in the early 2030s/mid 2030s.
  6. Clarence

    World's Oldest

    Several people born before 1910 passed away in the last few weeks. How many people born before 1910 still alive today?
  7. Clarence

    World's Oldest

    Hide Hamabe who was the 10th validated living person in the world sadly passed away. May she rest in peace 1908-2023
  8. Clarence

    Predict The Biggest Death Of Each Year of the next decade

    Who is Johnny Nash? If you are looking for singer, Kenny Rogers is much more famous than him!
  9. Clarence

    World's Oldest

    I think, the top 3 from the list (Randon, Morera and Tatsumi) will die this year.
  10. Clarence

    The 1st Death of 2023

    Rolf Harris
  11. Clarence

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    14-16 hits for this year
  12. Clarence

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    They already said that thing on 2022 death list but see what happened in the end. Slow beginning but lot of famous people from the list died in the last quarter of the year! Stay optimistic.
  13. Clarence

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Too many notable people died in 2020 and 2016 but I think 2022 beat those years if we talking about Quality. Too many notable people passed away this year!
  14. Clarence

    Pope Benedict XVI

    First is Pele. Barbara Walters died next. Now him. I can't still believe it. All of them died in the last 3 days of this year. I thought, they will see 2023. All of them is in my Shadow list for next year.
  15. Clarence

    Pope Benedict XVI


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