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  1. Comped

    2. Dick Van Dyke

    Nominated for a Daytime Emmy.
  2. Comped

    Donald J Trump

    Unrelated to Trump specifically though!
  3. Comped

    King Charles III

    Eh, not really news considering this is done regularly.
  4. Comped

    Michael Schumacher

    Why would they do that at this point? Seems a little weird
  5. Comped

    King Charles III

    Literally the only thing making me believe that this could remotely be possible is that Ulitzer has a very good track record. Otherwise all public signs point in the complete opposite direction. Personally my sign will be if Charles travels to France for the D-Day anniversary. If he does and participates in the full program of events as scheduled, he's definitely in better shape than suggested here.
  6. Comped

    King Charles III

    Old age has been a standard royal family death certificate thing though. And they did never deny when one of those Royal biographers said she had it...
  7. Comped

    King Charles III

    Well, I should hope your source is wrong. Looks remarkably well for someone with a year left to live to be honest. You are more right than wrong in terms of your info (at least since I've joined), and if your journo has an impeccable source, we're probably all wrong on Charles' prognosis being good. It likely would be. Given his condition, either it means he's too far gone (and probably would be avoiding the public anyway), or he's not on massive amounts of chemo. If he's got a year or two to live, surely they wouldn't jump straight to palliative care?
  8. Comped

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    It got mentioned on Sportsday this evening, didn't get a full segment but did get a mention.
  9. Comped

    6. Ethel Kennedy

    Looks fine? At least in this photo... Some of her relatives need to learn how to smile for photos though - they look unhinged!
  10. I actually love most of the guest hosts they've used for a few seasons now on mainline Pointless. Even Giles, who I know was a controversial pick for a time. Personally, I think they need to choose one of them and get on with it. Richard... leaving one half of the show but turning up for celebrities is an odd choice as well, and I'm not sure exactly why he still does it. House of Games is not my favourite by a long shot. Not a terribly executed game show, but there's not enough games within it to avoid repeats which get stale after a few weeks. There are better formats out there by a long shot! I can deal with Richard during Pointless Celebrities though. Mostly there to brush up on my C/D/E-list celebrities from the UK I've literally never heard of (don't recall anyone B-list on there by a long shot).
  11. I need to watch more Pointless Celebrities. I tend to watch the normal Pointless more, because the questions seem harder for some reason. I don't know why.
  12. Is there a cause of death announced yet? Some outlets are saying long-term sepsis complications, but I haven't seen anything official yet.
  13. Comped

    Political Frailty

    Surely being in a coma for that long isn't good for you (or your chances at returning to work)... And he is, far as I've read, still running for reelection in the fall. When your "tenure" section for a Congressman with nearly 6 terms under your belt is less than 3 paragraphs long... I can certainly say he's not done much while in office!
  14. Comped

    King Charles III

    I thought the consensus was bone cancer for HMTLQ? Not pancreatic? Oh yes, which is why I said I didn't really believe it. But we can't rule it out given what's been said here as parts of both align... Bladder was/is the one that most experts believe too. Caught early is the public line, and I don't think we have any real evidence to disprove it at this point, beyond maybe this article if, and only if, it's accurate. As for your doctor friends... Unless they're involved close enough to know for sure (or know someone willing to talk, which surely would be risky for their careers), it must be just rumours. Surely the King's condition hasn't progressed to open secret in the medical community?
  15. Comped

    King Charles III

    In Touch claims it's pancreatic cancer, and he "has been given two years to live". But he's also "following doctors’ orders and willing to try any treatment to extend his life by a few years". Didn't see it reference here, but figured someone may have a source or a thought if this is actually true or just a load of shite. Personally I remain unconvinced.

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