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    Presidential death trivia expert. I have a morbid obession with studying the cause and circumstances of the deaths of the US presidents.

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  1. chicago103

    4. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole outlived his 1976 Vice Presidential rival Walter Mondale. I think Bob Dole will live to see his 98th birthday but not long past it.
  2. chicago103

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter outlived his Vice President, Walter Mondale.
  3. chicago103

    24. Dick Cheney

    With the death of Walter Mondale the oldest living Vice President is Dick Cheney.
  4. chicago103

    33. Walter Mondale

    Indeed there was a Vice Presidential debate in 1976, the first one ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmeWszwFRSI&t=1221s
  5. chicago103

    Kirk Douglas

    103 years old has to be a record for a male celebrity, certainly for someone of this stature. Oh and 103 is a good number, as you can tell I like it.
  6. chicago103

    15. Jimmy Carter

    We should keep Jimmy Carter on the deathlist for 2019. If he lives to March 21, 2019 he will have surpassed George HW Bush's lifespan to become the longest lived President of the United States in history, I think he will break that record but after that at his age anything is fair game. Him being still somewhat active doesn't mean too much, Richard Nixon was quite active right until he died of a stroke at age 81 in 1994. We should not miss any former President's death.
  7. chicago103

    George Bush Senior

    One interesting piece of trivia about the death of George HW Bush, he is the first President to have been born after John F. Kennedy to die. JFK was born in 1917 and died in 1963, 55 years ago and seven Presidents who were born before him died after him: 1. Herbert Hoover 1874-1964 2. Dwight Eisenhower 1890-1969 3. Harry Truman 1884-1972 4. Lyndon Johnson 1908-1973 5. Richard Nixon 1913-1994 6. Ronald Reagan 1911-2004 7. Gerald Ford 1913-2006 Thus George HW Bush 1924-2018 is the first President to die to be born after JFK.
  8. chicago103

    George Bush Senior

    Was going to post the exact same thing. Here's the photographic proof. Don't think he's got long left... http://s9.postimg.org/3r3h6ft0f/Cc_Gq_Vnt_VIAAoj7s.jpg He was thinking "With Jeb out of the race which one of these guys do I want presiding over my state funeral?" Actually it is still quite likely that Obama will preside over his state funeral! Jimmy Carter recently liked cancer for now and is still teaching Sunday school and looking good for his age, he still has a decent shot of living another two years and beating Gerald Ford's record to become the longest lived US President in history. George HW Bush on the other hand at that GOP debate looked like something out of Weekend At Bernie's!
  9. chicago103

    George Bush Senior

    George HW Bush is now the third former President to live to his 91st birthday and third longest lived after Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan.
  10. Working backwards this time: 2015: Leonard Nimoy 2014: Robin Williams 2013: Nelson Mandela 2012: Neil Armstrong 2011: Osama Bin Laden 2010: Dennis Hopper 2009: Michael Jackson 2008: Edmund Hillary 2007: Boris Yeltsin 2006: Gerald Ford 2005: Pope John Paul II 2004: Ronald Reagan 2003: Bob Hope 2002: The Queen Mother 2001: Mohammed Atta 2000: Charles Schulz 1999: King Hussein 1998: Frank Sinatra 1997: Princess Diana 1996: Carl Sagan 1995: Yitzhak Rabin 1994: Richard Nixon 1993: Vincent Price 1992: Sam Walton 1991: Dr. Seuss 1990: Jim Henson 1989: Lucille Ball 1988: Roy Orbison 1987:Fred Astaire 1986: Cary Grant 1985: Konstantin Chernenko 1984: Yuri Andropov 1983: David Niven 1982: Leonid Brezhnev 1981: Anwar Sadat 1980: John Lennon 1979: John Wayne 1978: Pope John Paul I 1977: Elvis Presley 1976: Mao Zedong 1975: Francisco Franco 1974: Georges Pompidou 1973: Lyndon Johnson 1972: Harry Truman 1971: Nikita Khrushchev 1970: Charles de Gaulle 1969: Dwight Eisenhower 1968: Martin Luther King Jr. 1967: Che Guevara 1966: Walt Disney 1965: Winston Churchill 1964: Herbert Hoover 1963: John F. Kennedy
  11. chicago103

    The 100 Club

    Roberta McCain, mother of U.S. Senator and 2008 GOP Presidential candidate John McCain is still alive at 103 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberta_McCain
  12. chicago103

    George Bush Senior

    Barbara Bush turns 90 today, June 8, 2015. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2015/06/07/kennebunkport-made-famous-by-bush-family-preparing-for-a-third-bush-to-run/
  13. chicago103

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Reagan was older than ford though Actually because you pointed it out I see I made a typo and I corrected it. It should read Gerald Ford; 93 years 165 days and Ronald Reagan; 93 years 120 days
  14. chicago103

    Nancy Reagan

    Ronnie is 11 years gone yesterday and Nancy is still alive and did her annual pilgrimage to his grave: http://twitchy.com/2015/06/05/nancy-reagan-places-flowers-on-her-husbands-gravesite-to-commemorate-the-11th-anniversary-of-his-death-photos/ No good head shot of her but she is in a wheelchair, I wouldn't read much into her presence either way, I would bet it is her intention to be at his graveside for every anniversary either above ground or below lying next to Ronnie. She will turn 94 on July 6th and aside from these visits is not really seen in public at all, we will have to see if she makes her usual rounds during the 2016 GOP primary cycle. Will they have another GOP Presidential debate at the Reagan library with Nancy in attendance? Will Nancy outlive George HW Bush? Could the deaths of both GHWB and Nancy Reagan before the 2016 GOP nomination create an unprecedented amount of nostalgia for Jeb Bush's Presidential prospects? Think about it, the pundits will say Jeb Bush is more like his father than his brother and the legacy of his father is that he was the immediate successor to Ronald Reagan the mythic GOP patron saint and Nancy's death would remind them of that even more (eerily enough at the bottom of the link to that article is a survey asking me if Jeb Bush should run for President!).
  15. chicago103

    15. Jimmy Carter

    I still reckon that - in that company - Carter may prove the longest lasting. Bush, the elder, is only a matter of months older than Carter, and in way worse health. I agree, in fact I expanded on this premise in the George HW Bush thread. I think there a good chance GHWB will die before the 2016 election and the usual post-mortem nostalgia for recently departed Presidents will help his son Jeb Bush get elected. Jimmy Carter has less than three years to go in order to beat Gerald Ford's record and I don't think GHWB will beat Ford's longevity. With GHWB out of the way Carter will have a clear shot at the longevity title and then he will have all the big longevity records, he will have the longest retirement (he already does since 2012 surpassing Hoover) of 34 years and counting as well as overall longevity. Then there is the minor record of being the oldest second oldest living President in history in about a couple of months when (assuming GHWB lives that long) Carter will surpass the age Gerald Ford was on the day of Ronald Reagan's death on June 5, 2004 when Ford was just a month shy of his 91st birthday. In other words Carter is like Ford was, 90 years old and still not yet the oldest living President.

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