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  1. Alphonsin

    Song Shout-outs

    Including "horsemen" etc, I get... All The Dark Horses The Trash Can Sinatras All The King's Horses Aretha Franklin Aria of Vanya - The Poor Horse Fell In The Field Glinka Black Horse And The Cherry Tree KT Tunstall Bring On The Dancing Horses Echo & The Bunnymen Coachman, Spare Your Horses Rada & Nikolai Volshanino Country House (Do You Want A Horse Riding) Tycoon Tosh Dark Horses Piano Magic Dead Horse Robin Holcomb Dirty Horse Gram Rabbit The Dogs & the Horses The Divine Comedy Fast Horse Tori Amos Fine Horseman Anne Briggs For The Horse Of Pharaoh Bostridge, Chance, Gritton, Varcoe; Cleobury: King's College Choir, Cambridge The Four Horsemen Aphrodite's Child Four Horsemen The Clash Four Horses Hockey Fetwell Gift Horse Black Box Recorder Gillian Was a Horse Damien Jurado His Rocking Horse Ran Away Betty Hutton Hollow Horse The Icicle Works Horse 'n' Boogie Abe Lyman Horse and I Bat For Lashes Horse Drawn Carriage Sixtoo A Horse In The Country Cowboy Junkies Horse Latitudes The Doors Horse Tears Goldfrapp A Horse with No Name America Horseheadedfleshwizard Devendra Banhart Horsepower Rave Signal Horses The Be Good Tanyas Horses Bonnie "Prince" Billy 'Horses Champing At The Bit' - Alfio, Chorus O'Neill, Miricioiu, Joll, Montague, Bainbridge; Parry: Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra Horses In My Dreams PJ Harvey Horseshoe Man Neil Young Horseshoes And Handgrenades Green Day Horsey Hem I Chose Horses Mogwai I've Gotta Horse Billy Fury If Wishes Were Horses Lucinda Williams Judy And The Dream Of Horses Belle & Sebastian Little Seahorse Bruce Cockburn Looks Like We're Shy One Horse Colourbox The Masks / The Hobby Horse Paul Giovanni Monkey Heart And The Horses' Leg Preston School Of Industry Nail And Horseshoe Dolukhanova (Mezzo-Soprano), Svetlanov (Piano) The Next Horse I Ride On Vesta Victoria No More Workhorse Blues Bonnie "Prince" Billy On My Horsey Moloko Pantomime Horse Suede Part One Song #1 From Iron Horse Philip Glass Part One Song #3 From Iron Horse Philip Glass Ride A Cock Horse Various Artists Ride A White Horse Goldfrapp Seven Horses Deep The Icicle Works Sun Smog Seahorse Mark Eitzel They Shoot Horses Don't They? Racing Cars Whipping The Horse's Eyes Calexico White Horse Taylor Swift The White Horse Various White Horse Inn Selection Harry Fryer And His Orchestra White Horses Cerys Matthews Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses U2 Wild Horses Karen Souza Wild Horses The Rolling Stones A Wooden Horse British Sea Power Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser's Song) Suzanne Vega
  2. Alphonsin

    Death List Convention

    I've only just recovered. I only had about eight pints during the evening, but I hadn't had a drink for a week or two so the 2 litres of WKD and most of a bottle of wine right at the end landed me with a hangover on a scale that I haven't experienced for a long time.So apologies for my absence from the further festivities the next day, but I really couldn't do it. It was a pleasure to meet some of the people I'd met at DC1 and, of course, to meet those who hadn't been at the inaugural meet-up. Next time I'll ensure I'm there earlier in the day. My bicycle transported me very swiftly to the Indian. Fortunately, Westminster cops have better things to do than the bored City of London police who have an irritating habit of arresting cyclists they deem to have enjoyed themselves too much. So there was no repeat of the incident that I regaled/bored delegates of DC1 with re a brief stay at Bishopsgate Police Station and my trying to convince the arresting officer that, despite being tipsy, I could perform more or less *any* task, still more ride my bicycle and, anyhow, couldn't they simply rough me up a bit and just send me on my way?... Heigh ho. Until next time...
  3. Alphonsin

    Death List Convention

    Oops, silly me! I'd put the wrong date in my diary. No harm done, as I'd planned to be in the area earlier in the day and I had a wander around instead. But the place really is awful, hence my assumption that people had been there a few hours and decided to move on. If one visits in in daylight, it might not appear *too* terrible, but once it's dark elsewhere you can really see how much like a motorway service station -- including being brightly lit like one -- it is. Additionally, while there were complaints last year about how expensive the place was in its former incarnation, I expect that it's now still more expensive. So... I for one will be lobbying RA that we meet somewhere else in the same vicinity. I have a good place in mind which I'll PM him about and which with luck he will agree is better. A more genuine boozer, cheaper and plenty of room but no more than 4 minutes' walk from the original place. The first place had an apt feel for DL-Con, but now that it's bright and cheery (and generally rubbish) I think it would be silly to stick with it just out of some kind of sense of tradition. Hopefully others will agree*. Alphonsin *Also not a traditional thing on this forum, I know.
  4. Alphonsin

    Death List Convention

    Well, that was a fcuking waste of time. Perhaps it had finished by five? Because surely *somebody* might have had the initiative to leave some kind of message if things were moving on so early. But given how shti the newly done-up bar was, why even bother starting off in a place like that? Particularly when somebody had pointed out it'd gone crpa. Heigh ho...
  5. Alphonsin

    Is The Deathlist Dying?

    I expect the above is tongue in cheek but, regardless, I should humbly acknowledge that your English is far better than any of the foreign languages I try my hand at. Your non-native grammar is, more or less, to be applauded so don't feel slighted by my earlier post. And I'm sorry if if you did. The intertubes were designed pretty much for just two reasons: a) for people to let their friends know whenever they ate an orange or had a poo (via Twitter, etc) and for people to argue about whether it's "Achilles' heel", "Achilles heel", "Achilles' tendon", "Achilles tendon", and so on [the first and fourth are, of course, correct]. Thus grumps like me find it difficult to engage usefully with people like your fine self who concern themselves with putting forward constructive posts. (Particularly since my job means that it's not a matter of my putting on proofreading glasses or not — the lenses have become cauterised to my eyeballs*.) Aaanyway. This was just a fleeting visit to the site, I think, for now. I may resurface properly in December when I've got a certain project out of the way. But I couldn't let Godot's passing go unremarked. (I shall hound him in the real world, however.) Vaagheid, if you make it to Deathcon III, I look forward to buying you a pint. Aw, and Tomb Raider, you know I don't claim to be a know-it-all. There are lots of things I don't know. I expect. I've just yet to discover what. Which, er, proves my point . I can't be bothered to trawl through the thread on Deathcon III, so may as well just mention the following in this post: If there's anybody who's thinking of travelling from afar for Deathcon III but is put off by problems of accommodation (too broke for a hotel or whatever), my bachelor [but, um, straight and fulfillingly exercised] existence is such that I can put somebody up on my sofa or in my study [that term makes me laugh, given that the only things I study nowadays are bus timetables] if they want. Obviously, only somebody that others can vouch for on the basis of chat room conversation or whatever. (And clearly any relative newbie would want to ask around some of the old-timers as to whether I'm an axe-wielding maniac or just a maniac). Just a thought, but however. * Although, yes, I'm sure I've typed lots of mistakes here.
  6. Alphonsin

    Is The Deathlist Dying?

    Maybe I should post on some Dutch forums and destroy their, um, beautiful language. Oops, the South Africans have already done that. Yes, yes, I know that the guy is Dutch. But the moment DL gets fluffy and kind at the expense of rigour is the moment... that one of its finest posters, Godot, sods off. (But he'll be back, I know it. DL is like herpes — a present/ce for life...) So, anyhow, Vaagy: I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day.
  7. Alphonsin

    Is The Deathlist Dying?

    Mmm, OK. Here's some constructive advice [with a "c" as I, indeed, mean the noun, rather than the verb advise]. Learn the difference between "too" and "to". Learn what a comma splice is and why it should be avoided. Learn the difference between "your" and "you're". Learn the difference between "a" and "an" [while we're there, I'll point out that anybody who says "an hotel" *and* pronounces the "h" in hotel is a dickhead]. Learn to appreciate that caps have a value that is degraded by idiotically capping things like "hot topic". Learn that as often as not instead is preceded by a comma rather than a full point; and that, if you choose to start a new sentence with the word "instead" you'd still do well to stick to the convention you hopefully learnt as a child of starting every new sentence with a capital [which that one wasn't, anyhow.] Learn that only morons use the words "random" and "randomly" without really thinking about whether the thing or action they're talking about really is "random". edit: And, jeez, "oftenly"...? I'll hold fire before I start looking at any other things you post and spend the rest of my week clearing up your interwebs mess...
  8. Alphonsin

    Death List Convention

    I hope I didn't mislead by saying I'd definitely turn up but not doing so -- I *think* I probably indicated that I was definitely looking forward to it but that I might not manage to make it. As it was, the events of the 24 hours from about 6pm on Friday onwards would have prevented me from getting there even if there was free money on tap [an odd image] or, better still, the promise of chatting with Windsor about, um, whatever crazy thoughts were going through the boy's head. So I hope I don't fall into the "suddenly-gone-quiet" camp. However, the fact that several of the people who *did* make it journeyed from afar suggests that maybe an out-of-London venue might work fine. Perhaps the casualness of the M25 area people would have been offset if they'd had to go to the lengths of getting a Ryanair flight etc. But, yes, I generally feel the same about people not showing up to things they've said they would. [insert here 1,500 words of Banshees-style idiotic rambling about how I've just realised I'm a hypocrite after the above (but that the realisation is "real", albeit given our "reality" is only "real" to ourselves...) and.... Jeez... I should sleep.]
  9. Alphonsin

    Death List Convention

    I really hoped to make it but a slight disaster -- involving an unfortunate combination of girlfriend issues, alcohol and transporting a piano across London -- made it impossible. A real shame [for me, if not for those present], as I'd been very much looking forward to it. I'm glad, though, that it was a merry bash, despite the lowish number of people who managed to attend, and look forward to the next opportunity.
  10. Alphonsin

    Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    Would you? Or would you prefer it if this thread weren't shut yet? Guest Conditional Tense, I assume you know that there's no such thing as the "conditional *tense*". Actually, I assume you don't, as you're evidently a moron. Getting a life is clearly beyond you, but hopefully getting an English grammar textbook might not be. A
  11. Alphonsin

    Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    I don't think BS is bright or resourceful enough for the kind of skulduggery that might erode my edge. I don't feel anywhere near strongly enough for a fight in the car park [although I'd give myself pretty good odds on that, too]. I'd happily open a book on such a good old fashioned scrap, though, if anybody else fancies some hand-to-hand with what I imagine is a pretty scrawny and anaemic sample of half-masculinity. [um, how did I get drawn into all this....? ]
  12. Alphonsin

    Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    I haven't voted. BS, I have a suggestion. Some while ago you posted -- or tapped out in a chatroom conversation -- some drivel about being a bigshot winning poker player. You later PM'ed me with the suggestion of playing some hold 'em online, having made some big win or other. I replied with the suggestion that we play a series of games, perhaps at $100 a pop or something like that, but heard nothing back about it. I don't know what your motivation was with the whole deal [maybe you are indeed a sharp card player and reckon that playing me would be financially +EV, or maybe you're happy to make a losing bet in the hope of getting lucky and getting some minor ego kick out of it], but however. As I made clear, I'd be happy to play you. But we could make it a little more fun than it just being for cash. How about we play a series of games sometime over the next few weeks. I'd like it to be somewhere in the region of ten [but an odd number, of course] games or so at, say, $100 a game (and certainly no less than $50 a game, as I might as well otherwise being doing a paper round.) Of course, we could just sit down once for a grand or whatever, but given that I consider myself the likely more skillful player, I'd like to iron out the [fairly high, since I'd only give myself a 60-40 edge (feel free to disagree, natch)] probability that you just get lucky in one game. So anyhow, the fairly predictable addition to this game would be that the losing player undertakes to leave the forum. If that seems too much of a wrench, we could settle on an undertaking to leave the forum [and chat rooms, of course] for, say, six months. What do you reckon? We could play a game an evening [uS time, UK time, I'm not fussed] over 11 days or so sometime towards the end of next month. (I'm fairly tied up with things just for the next while). It could also provide some minor entertainment for any DL'ers who, for want of any paint drying in their vicinity, might fancy watching online. Cheers, A
  13. Alphonsin

    Kate And Gerry

    Not yet quite "I told you so", but it's looking likely that the mother was, indeed, fibbing. Her body language and, more importantly, the odd things she said in press conferences while Shannon was missing, really didn't ring true. We'll see.. Edit: Shannon's mother charged

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