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  1. Canadian Paul

    The Dutch

    Don't worry, it's in my will to let Deathlist know when I drop dead.
  2. Canadian Paul

    Winter Olympic Deaths

    At least I got him on the list: https://www.olympedia.org/athletes/900189
  3. Canadian Paul

    Winter Olympic Deaths

    Sorted. Thanks!
  4. Canadian Paul

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Saddos, the lot of them.
  5. Canadian Paul

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    I am, just busy with a lot of projects, but thanks for the update!
  6. Canadian Paul

    Dying Off The Radar

    We also had a French contact work on this and the 2014 Veste is a person with the same name who happened to be born near the same time.
  7. Canadian Paul

    Deathlisters who are dead

    I very briefly had a reference at Encyclopedia Dramatica that made this point and I've been trying to get rid of my internet nickname ever since. By the way, maybe I'm missing something that I'm not supposed to be sharing, but Anubis is definitely still alive as well.
  8. Canadian Paul

    Deathlisters who are dead

    Chatting with the person who helped resurrect me has brought back some good memories, but also drew my attention to this thread. Alphonsin and I communicated a few years back so probably safe to mark them as alive on the list.
  9. Canadian Paul

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    At least when the traffic to the blog tells me that the largest referrer for the day is "deathlist.net".
  10. Canadian Paul

    Shove Off, Eh?

    As far as Canadian picks, I only have brave ones (ie. ones that will never, ever get a UK obit). But if you're in some other pool, Morley Byron Bursey is 101 and Yves Fortier (the geoligist) is in a rest home at the age of 99.
  11. Canadian Paul

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Don't know if this is any good, but David Bond got an obituary here: http://www.thisisannouncements.co.uk/25343713?s_source=clsw_tiwk.
  12. Canadian Paul

    The 6th Death Of 2013

    I used to be good at this, but now I'm utter shite. Whatever; I've thrown my hat in with Mubarak just because Egypt is my thing!
  13. Canadian Paul

    The Canadian Paul Deadpool

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. On a whim, I opened my own CPDP email address and had a message from DDT pointing to me this thread, so I thought I'd pop my head in and let everyone know that I wasn't dead, physically at least. I haven't posted in a while due to real-life commitments but, rest assured, every time someone truly famous pops off, I think to myself "I bet the Deathlist got him" and stop by.
  14. Canadian Paul

    The Dead Of 2011

    That link did not work for me but I'm on the warpath to find a further source of this news. Miami Herald have it... San Francisco Chronicle have it... Bloomberg have it... And now AP... Slam dunk... Guardian has it.
  15. Canadian Paul

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Perry turned 100 the other day. Maybe this thread can be merged somewhere else, but I figured it might be the best place to mention it. By the way, that post was almost three years ago and, out of all of them, Eaton-Travis, Lane, Kent, Perry, Bartlam (at least according to IMDb), Allan (ditto), Rainer, Stuart, Laemmle, Page, and Ros are still alive. Claverling, Oldland, Baring, Boyd, and Grey were already dead at the time of the discussion too. I just happened to be thinking about this and it happens to be exactly one year since my last update (barring the leap year) so, out of all of them, Eaton-Travis, Kent, Bartlam (apparentely she was alive at least as recently as March 2007), Allan (same caveat as last time), Rainer, Stuart, Laemmle, Page, and Ross are still alive - we only lost Lane and Perry over the year, perhaps a good survival rate given their ages. One year later and there were even fewer casualties: in fact, only one: Anita Page. A bit late, but it doesn't matter - same story as above: only Eaton Travis died within the year, although I heard rumours that Bartlam is gone now as well. That leaves Kent, Bartlam (maybe), Allan (maybe again), Rainer, Stuart, Laemmle, Page, and Ros. Not bad considering they'll all be 100+ by the end of the year. Well shit, I had planned to come back to do this right on the day, but I messed that one up. Oh well. Anyways, Dorothy Bartlam died in 1991, Marguerite Allan may still be alive, Gloria Stewart carked it in 2010, which means that that Kent, Rainer, Laemmle, and Ros remain. Yippie. Back to my cave...

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