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    Stranger Than Death

    Okay so there I was checking the local obituaries which is what I often times try to do oftenly on afternoons often even in the morning and at other times mid-day or just around midnight. Now as some of you know or noticed (or did not) I recently mentioned Ronald Del Rosario a little known lottery winner who kicked off while on his way to buy more lottery tickets.....his luck ran out. Then there was Paul Boylan who owned funeral homes (2 to be precisely exact) and I was wondering where the funeral was being led from.....the article did not say. Well, today was a real humdinger of a winner when I saw that the sweet and lovely Rose D'Anna had died and as I read the obit, I saw the name of one of her daughters, Jean who had the married name of Trimarche. I raced backwards then forwards and then approached again and there it was!!!!!! Trimarche! On the same day as Rose died, her son-in-law died. Younger by 19 years Vincent Trimarche was dead, and low and behold he was married to Jean, maiden-name D'Anna! Well this got me to wondering, how often are there moments of this sort? And what of poor Jean D'Anna Trimarche who lost both her mother and husband on the same day? Now I am not looking for accidental deaths, like in car wrecks or train overpass collapses....no, I am searching for a person who loses two or more family members on either the same day or within the same week. Come on guys....and gals.....and others......put on your detectolating hats and capes and search and find more of these deathly oddities. And here's a brief summary of the two obits.... VINCENT TRIMARCHE, 70 Firefighter and Korean War veteran Friday, November 24, 2006 Vincent (Bubby) Trimarche, 70, of Dongan Hills, a retired firefighter, died Tuesday in Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze. A native of Dongan Hills, Mr. Trimarche moved 1995 to New Dorp in the 1960s, before moving back to Dongan Hills about a year ago. An avid golfer, Mr. Trimarche also enjoyed spending time with his family. He was a parishioner of St. Ann's R.C. Church, Dongan Hills. Surviving are his wife of 48 years, the former Jean D'Anna; his three daughters, Linda Siciliano, Diane Palumbo and Sandra Simoncini; two brothers, George and Santo; two sisters, MaryLou Petosa and JoAnn Caggiano, and five grandchildren. The funeral will be Monday from the Colonial Funeral Home with a mass at 9:30 a.m. in Our Lady Queen of Peace R.C. Church, both New Dorp. Burial will follow in Moravian Cemetery, also New Dorp. ROSE D'ANNA, 89 Garment worker a 60-year resident of New Dorp Friday, November 24, 2006 Longtime Staten Islander Rose D'Anna, 89, a former garment finisher from Dongan Hills, died Tuesday in Staten Island University Hospital, Ocean Breeze, of cancer. Born Rose Montalbano in Brooklyn, Mrs. D'Anna 2003 lived in New Dorp for 60 years before settling in Dongan Hills in 2005. She worked for 30 years as a finisher in the garment industry, retiring in the 1970s. Known to her family as "Mema," Mrs. D'Anna liked to dine out, see movies and take long walks with her friends. She was a parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Peace R.C. Church, New Dorp. Her husband of 40 years, Fred, died in 1980. Mrs. D'Anna is survived by her son, Anthony D'Anna; her three daughters, Jean Trimarche, Rosemarie Caparimo and Frances Scandaglia; 17 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren. The funeral will be Monday from Colonial Funeral Home, New Dorp, with a mass at 9:30 a.m. in Our Lady Queen of Peace Church. Burial will follow in Moravian Cemetery, also New Dorp. Notice how convenient things will be though.....both are being taken by Colonial Funeral Hime then to Our Lady Queen of Peace Church (both at the 9:30 a.m. mass) and then interrment in Moravian Cemetery.....
  2. BrunoBrimley

    Harry Reid

    Not a real biggie but what the hey. I realize that for the British clientele of this most esteemable forum this person may seem to be small potatoes but Harry Reid the Democratic Minority Leader has had a mild stroke. Word is that he will survive and his fellow Democrats are using this health scare to launch their 2016 election platform (they like to plan ahead that way they have only the best candidates ) of course looking at photos of Senator Reid I would have thought him dead a long while back. Anywhoople the only link I could locate was through Voice of america, if it fails use the google engine okay? Harry Reid ready to say goodbye
  3. BrunoBrimley

    Abdelaziz Bouteflika

    I predict that he will die and that many will be surprised. Glad to see he's on thee list
  4. BrunoBrimley

    Death Of An Architect

    Breaking news (well it was breaking a few days ago but nobody noticed): Lt.-General Jagjit Singh Aurora the architect of the 1971 war with Pakistan which led to the birth of the nation of Bangladesh has died. Sad to see him go at such a young age. A nation mourns
  5. BrunoBrimley

    Death Not By Choice

    Okay now here's somehting which is puzzling me this very day as I look over the list of various characters who are slated for death this very year of 2006. If a person is on the list but doesn't go in a natural manner does it really count? What I am trying to figure is does a suicide count? Accidental shooting? Terrible car crash or train or plane wreck? How about a an AssasssinatioN I mean I understand the idea of old folks and sick folks making it to the list but what if it happens in some way that isn't of the normal calibre? Does that negate the listeeees death and they get replaced by anothere or do they get an extra bonus for getting to be knocked off more rapidly than originally expected. Like I indicated I am just curious about this........ And is suicidal allowable if it turns out the listee knew they were on here and they did it for our benefit?
  6. BrunoBrimley

    Hillary Clinton

    Great news! Hillary Clinton is closer to death! Perhaps now is the time to give her a slot on next years list. Hilary Clinton recovering from concussion
  7. BrunoBrimley

    Funeral Directors

    Okay, I was sitting here waiting on the UPS guy and it occured to me that some years ago on a similar sort of evening I found myself waiting. Back then though I was waitng for my latest romantic interlude who happened to be the owner and die-rector of a funeral parlor. Now while sitting here trying to decide whether to eat the side of beef or a few pears I got to wondering if any of you fine folks around here were ever involved in a romantic way with someone in the funeral or burial industry? It could be anything from one simple date to all out matrimony. Come on folks open up and give the gory details........
  8. When visiting this place it always saddens me that there is not a special place for certain people of the living who are in grave danger of sticking their finger down their throat one too many times and then going blllllllllllllusggggggggggggggggghhhh for the last time. I mean of course that annoying thing known as Jane Fonda. Least talented in the family compared to brother Peter and niece Bridget and father Henry Slaw, Jane is to be 73 this year and all those years of over exercise and fingering her throat must have taken a toll. So here we have it a special place for the Janes and Jaynes and Jeans and Jeannes and Joans who are looking mighty close to death these days. We have Joan Fontine born in 1917 Joan Sutherland born in 1926 Joan Plowright born in 1929----time to plow a place in the field for her to be placed? and both Joan Riivers and Joan Collins born in 1933 Actress Joan Leslie who was in the Cagney classic Yankke Doodle Dandy born 1925 Joan Ganz Cooney who gave us Sesame Street born 1929----children could have 2 hours of a special devoted to how to properly grieve. Jean Stapleton born 1923, I mean what has she done since her Edith Bunker character died nearly 30 years ago? Jean Simmons born 1929 Jeanne Moreu appeared on Earth in 1928 Jane Russell born 1921 Jane Powell born 1929 Jane Withers former child star and later Josephine the plumber for Comet born in 1926 (not as far as I can tell related to Georgette "Googie" Withers Jayne Meadows sister of Audrey and widow of Steve Allen born in1920 (her sister born 5+years after her has been gone since 1996 as has their brother Edward) and as I said earlier, Jane Fonda born in 1937.
  9. BrunoBrimley

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Now that Sue Grafton has left for the mortuary one last time, maybe that wannabe writer Lawrence Block can follow suit. He is nearly 2 years older than Grafton was and his health just hasn't been the best since his near fatal fall some months back in which he cracked his hip, followed by less than successful surgery.
  10. BrunoBrimley

    4. Bob Barker

    Oh am I back? How did I get here? Oh that's right, it's new year's eve and frozen solid outside so here I am. Must find the soon to be dead authors thread, I have a possible for it. (Or do they need to be truly, most sincerely dead first?)
  11. BrunoBrimley

    Our 2018 deathlist

    I figure to make my picks as they croak. It increases my odds of getting a full 50. Some might think that's a form of cheating, to which I'd possibly agree depending on which way the cake is tilting on the veranda.
  12. BrunoBrimley

    4. Bob Barker

    Terrible is putting it nicely. Didn't tuck in his shirt, griping the wall for support and looks bored and annoyed. Surprised he didn't drop to the ground and start digging away to join his late love. (though she might not have stayed too well preserved in there....could have given home a deathly shock.) Disappointed he didn't do the gentlemanly thing and vanquish himself to eternity yet. Oh well.
  13. BrunoBrimley

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Hopefully Dick Van Dyke will kick off before then,but if not perhaps he could time his departure for the first day of 2019. ...and anyone still living from Keeping Up Appearances.
  14. BrunoBrimley

    The 15th death of 2017

    I decided to check off Bob Barker. I'm almost confident that he'll take another fall and crack his head, leading to an inevitable coma and his demise. He ruined life for many by abandoning The Price Is Right. Why just today our health secretary, Tom Price was forced to resign. Coincidence? Not likely. Besides, other people born on December 12 are already dead...and at younger ages.
  15. BrunoBrimley

    The Dead Of 2017

    Quite alive apparently, unlike many of the corpses which have been popping into crematoriums, funeral parlors and cemeteries this month. By the way folks, less than two days to my birthday--- September 31, be sure to mark it in on your calendar or car wax. Hope all of you are well as well.
  16. BrunoBrimley

    The Dead Of 2017

    Is there a dead boxers thread somewhere? If there is, then maybe a kindly...or even not so kindly moderator could move this there. Otherwise it can stay here... The Raging Bull, boxer Jake LaMotta is dead. Dead, dead, dead! He's dead, I said. He was 95. https:www.nytimes.com/2017/09/20/sports/jake-lamotta-dead.html Cause of knockout: Dysphagia pneumonia. Ring of knockout: Palm Garden Nursing Home in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
  17. BrunoBrimley

    Bernard Fox

    At nearly 78 (born May of 1927) I was surprised beyond recognition to learn this man was still alive. He does not look particularly healthy from photos and some randoms searches show his work load has slowed considerably in the last decade. Is it nearly his time?
  18. BrunoBrimley

    Law And Order

    Actually, quite the contrary. Mr.Scalia was an extremely intelligent man. He knew and understood the Constitution and that was how he formed an opinion and ruling. Even the more liberal minds of The Court found this to be the case. At any rate, he will be missed. May his replacement on the bench be at least half as fair-minded and wise.
  19. BrunoBrimley

    George Bush Senior

    In late breaking news related to former President George H.W. Bush, it seems a one time rescuer of his from back in the days of World War 2 has succumbed to death. http://www.silive.com/obituaries/index.ssf/2015/11/staten_island_ferry_captain_micha.html In part it reads: "...Michael Hnatowicz, 92, a retired Staten Island Ferry Captain, World War II veteran and family man has died... ...served in the U.S. Navy during World War I I FROM 1941-1945...stationed aboard submarine USS Guavina in the South Pacific, and one of the crews primary tasks was to rescue pilots who had been shot down. One of those rescues was aviator George H.W. Bush, later 41st President of The United States. ...survived by his wife and 2 sons and 4 daughters..." As to the former President, he continues to live.
  20. BrunoBrimley

    The 14th Death Of 2015

    I was tempted to select George the first as he has been both physically and mentally off in the outfield lately. Then my remaining (occasionally delusional) common sense took hold and I selected Ken Kercheval. It just feels right.
  21. BrunoBrimley

    The Dead Of 2015

    Taken tragically too early! At least he seemed to have stayed busy up to the end, has some projects in the works so maybe he's only partly dead and not most sincerely dead.
  22. BrunoBrimley

    Paul Prudhomme

    The mention of the King of Tonga got me to thinking and I realized another large (I mean really large) man still living is the Louisana chef Paul Prudhomme who hit 64 last year. Do you think maybe those magic spices Chef Paul sells are what keeps him going?
  23. BrunoBrimley

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Date taken. Do tell. Anyhow it matters not to me as I know that his departure will only be in body form, as his legacy shall remain, and those living in Habitat For Humanity homes will always recall him. So, is September 31, of 2016 still available?
  24. BrunoBrimley

    Kirk Douglas

    There are a number of us that just plain don't believe in funerals. Seems like a huge amount of dollars to be shelled out for a quick service where somebody or a few folks dressed in their most somber attire, yammer on about how they respected, loved, nay...adored, the now deceased person in the casket. Meanwhile they hadn't had 3 good words to say on them in the last 40 years. Seems much more proper and honest to hit the memorial service a few weeks or months down the pike. There we find those who truly cared and will relate tales of the departed, both funny and sad and will even tell of feuds they may have had with the person who kicked off. If it's a good memorial service there'll be some vittles and liquid refreshments. And possibly even the corpse now in ash formation following a toasty cremation. Regarding Kirk, it surprises me each time I read or hear that he's still alive. It would be nice to have him hang on another five to ten years.
  25. BrunoBrimley

    Yogi Berra

    Far too young it seems for him to have caught his last game. I suppose Whitey Ford will be next........

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