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  1. Achelous

    Falling Fauna

    18000 cows have been killed in an explosion in Texas. Never before have so many cows been killed at once.
  2. Achelous

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Death (x2) by enraged camel at Tennessee petting zoo.
  3. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    Man attacked and killed by possibly the angriest water buffalo in Monmouthshire.
  4. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    Well, stranger things have happened...
  5. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    There are numerous recent reports bovine thuggery on the excellent Killer Cows website (required reading for those who take an interest in this sort of thing - although this thread was here first ) RECENT POSTS Three near misses September 22, 2019 Mike’s Story – charged by a cow September 17, 2019 Abigail’s injuries September 16, 2019 Abigail’s story: pushed from cow to cow September 12, 2019 Andy’s story: knocked down on a walk September 10, 2019 Lucy’s story: Butted and trampled August 24, 2019 Scramble over barbed wire August 18, 2019 Steven’s Story: a terrifying encounter July 23, 2019 Janet’s walk along the South West Coast Path spoiled by ‘inquisitive’ cattle July 18, 2019 Tragic death of an experienced cattle farmer July 4, 2019 Jude’s story: butted and trampled June 27, 2019 Andy’s story: Frightened by a rogue cow June 25, 2019 The law, cattle injuries, and no-fault compensation. June 13, 2019 Welcome! June 13, 2019 Dog trampled and walkers injured June 10, 2019 Be careful out there.
  6. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    Twelve people have been killed in India after a bus collided with a buffalo and careered off a bridge.
  7. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    If you could read properly, you would quickly realise that this is not what I am arguing. Please keep your moronic, puerile and infantile posts off this thread. Many thanks.
  8. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    Cows are statistically more deadly to walkers than cyclists are to pedestrians, reveals the totally unbiased Cycling Weekly. Seventy four deaths caused by cows in the UK in five years and not one of them a celebrity. At least we have this thread ready and waiting when it happens, which it surely will.
  9. Achelous

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Chinese tourist Chang Ming Chuang, 66, bitten and killed by an unobliging hippopotamus he was trying to photograph, at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. The Kenyan Star reports that this is the sixth hippo related fatality in the area this year.
  10. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    One eyed matador Juan Jose Padilla has survived his latest attack by a bull, although he did need his scalp stitching back on to his head afterwards.
  11. Achelous

    Chirac's couple

    Great thread. (I'm just posting this because I can)
  12. That's right. And this mod is watching, if not moderating. Or posting. Actually, I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make here, so may have to warn myself for going off topic. @Boudicca, don't we make a great team?
  13. Achelous

    Jim Bowen

    Jim Bowen dead, according to BBC news...
  14. Achelous

    Bovine Attacks

    Queen of the South's reserve goalkeeper injured by runaway cow.
  15. Achelous

    Animal Antics

    Escaped Polish cow found living with a herd of bison.

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